Year’s end – New Year Week of Dec 30-Jan 5 2014

It was an unforgettable week to end an unforgettable year of highs and lows. Mercury and the Sun team up with Pluto in Capricorn to start this week, encouraging us to look back and reflect on the turning of the calendar year, and at the individual in the center of the stage. This power house is squared by the Mars – Uranus opposition, so it brings a lot into focus. Action is either controlled or totally out of control with obsessions dominating.

With many homes in int US mid and eastern sections facing continued power outages, the season is indeed dreary. Hopefully they will have their power restored soon. New Years Day could be the tipping point, as more tension is maintained and maybe a balance restored, as the total conjunction of the three planets is made exact. The Moon transits to join the group on January first so that a stellium (defined as at least 5 planets in a sign or house) is formed in Capricorn. Another amazing day as the New Year is rung in around the world.

The events on and around #NYE are bound to be spectacular, so whether you go out to #TimesSquare or watch it on the telly, secure in a hopefully warm home, campaign or hot chocolate in hand, it could be even more intense, overdone and spectacular than ever. And security will, of course, be tight.

Times Square Ball for 2014

On Jan 2nd Jupiter in Cancer is opposing Mercury in Cap as the Moon moves on to the next sign, Aquarius. This increases participation in events, massive audiences at ceremonies, and jubilation to rise above limitations. Saturn, the planet of restriction and control is disposited by Pluto in Capricorn, a mutual reception, as Saturn is sextile to the mid-point of Merucry and Venus, bringing somber news to many, and perhaps more hopeful news with the celebration and timing of new possibilities. Pluto is also a planet imposing a process of regeneration. Now in the center of the stellium, and with the sextile and mutual reception with Saturn, work that has been hindered may suddenly burst forth in new growth. Pluto tends to operate in the subconscious, seeking a way to transform the issues, and reveal its secrets.




With Mars in square aspect to Pluto on the 30th issues hidden will be revealed and may shock in their ability to promote change, release of pain and transformation are rebounding and circling the globe. The possibility of profound change was never greater. The down side could be extremism and rebellion overthrowing of governments and force used to promote power. While violence and death cannot be ruled out, the emphasis should be on transformation and regeneration.

This is a continuation of the planetary configuration that has been developing over the past three months. The Mars – Uranus opposition reached an exact degree last week on the 24th with Pluto in range of a square aspect, holding the focal point of the T-square that it forms with the two planets opposing one another. Pluto, the farthest away from the earth, and newly defined as a non-planet, primarily due to it’s orbit as not complying with that of the planets in our solar system, remains as a distant form, and in our analysis in astrology, it will hold us captivated by its mesmerizing effect. It is largely reflects the unconscious and denotes the era, the times and the effect of social or gestalt thinking, a reflection of generational influence. Pluto in Capricorn would be the Millennials, the youngest generation, born under this transit. Digital technology defines this group, Gen Xers and Millennials were the first to grow up with computers in their homes.

Capricorn is a sign of science and technology, ruled by Saturn. Pluto, the planet of belonging to an era, in Capricorn would bring technology and science to the home, through parental responsibility (Capricorn). Safeguarding the child’s development while using the collective resource, the Internet has long been an issue for the parent s of this generation. As Pluto represents the collective power over the individual, this is the focus of the current configuration, as organized law enforcement and international groups become more efficient in monitoring corruption and enforcing shared values. Respecting the rights of the individual in the collective use of resources in the monetary system, and in social rights are at the crux of the issues. Protecting, rescuing and preserving the environment as well as right to peace and health care have come forth as goals for the future era.

Capricorn is a feminine and yielding sign, of the negative polarity, that is it has a yin quality and as a paternal tone it can represent parental authority, as well as established order. Order must always be able to deal with individual differences and needs. Thus, it need to have the quality of yin or yielding. This generation will be able to climb, like the mountain goat, and achieve by striking out for a higher ground, while preserving tradition and heritage.

While the Boomers (Pluto in Leo) paved the way for greater diversity and less materialism, and rejecting militarism, while promoting humanitarian values and universality, it is the Millenials, now reaching the age of 30 who will perfect the form.

On New Year’s Day, we have the Moon in Capricorn, moving through the day from the Sun-Pluto conjunction to Mercury, communicating a tradition, and passing the torch, as it were, between generations. On Jan 2nd, the Moon conjoins Venus retro and the farewells to the festivities of the season are made as the powers of governments are again warning and portraying the dissidents, who participated in violent actions over the last week, in Russia, for example. We again take up the tools of our trade and prepare to continue life, feeling more a part of a totality, in the celebration of a new year.

Cheers to all the generations,













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