Working for Balance and Promotion – Week of October 7-13 2015




Saturn in Sagittarius, a fire sign, is more committed to a depth of philosophical meaning. One can become more committed, with Saturn in this sign, to a religion or philosophy. Possibly placing limits on the scope of one’s view. However with great depth and a sense of the visionary, travel may be purposeful, and long distance, but limited to a practical goal. Status (Saturn) becomes important in one’s world view, and power can be achieved through opening new vistas. A more serious consideration of political and/or religious beliefs (Sagittarius). Narrow minded views can also be expressed under this transit. We begin to mold a personal identity around political and religious commitments for the transit of Saturn in Sag over the next two and a half years. Expanded business opportunities for skilled workers and entrepreneurs grows under this influence.

Neptune slows its motion in apparent retrograde, and will reverse direction in mid-November. Neptune in Pisces shows a lack of strategy and thus creates a void, for example U.S. presence in Syria. It is the same void, or lack of planning that results in domestic violence and distress in communities hit by storms.

Wednesday October 7th –The Leo Moon trines Uranus today, allowing for more unusual or even revolutionary views to be expressed. You may find time to try that new invention or creative ideas now. With the Sun’s approaching opposition to Uranus, a more balanced view is attempted. The radical elements are likely to again activate some concern for safety. While there are attempts to balance the situation, more incitement is produced, more disagreements, and back and forth again. Negotiations may succeed under the present signatures if it is in the interests of both parties to the conflict. Mars opposes Neptune, and could attract more tragic outcomes. On the positive side, work (Mars in Virgo) can overcome deep distress (Neptune in Pisces).

Thursday October 8th – A good working relationship can develop now, with Mars and Jupiter in Virgo combining, and the Moon in Leo meets Venus. Venus will ingress Virgo together with the Moon in the afternoon hours. The square aspect to Saturn could represent the turning point. The four planets in Virgo result in a working relationship or arena, with a possible critical component, with Saturn in Sagittarius. Arranging for an interview with a dedicated leader and a skilled technician. Jupiter as the leading planet of the Virgo transits is trine to Pluto today, indicating an expanded interest in the working agreement, that is now proposed. Mercury is now in a sextile aspect to Saturn, a working trine relationship, as agreements can now be made that will be profitable.

Friday October 9th – The Moon in Virgo is in opposition to Neptune by mid-day, a spiritual or mystical elements becomes predominant. Venus trine to Saturn can be an anchor, keeping the accumulating forces in order. Saturn is a stern master, and while in Sagittarius, it behaves with more flexibility, and, because it is also disposited by Jupiter, it has high- minded goals. Mercury at 0 deg Libra, reverses its motion to once more proceed in a direct motion, just exactly at the cusp of Libra. Reversals in trends are likely.

Saturday October 10th – The Sun in Libra (ego center) now directly opposing Uranus in Aries (director and inventor) is at a critical stage in deciding whether to go ahead with the planned project. The Moon’s transit opposes Chiron, the wounded healer, the force to energize and form the nexus of the plan is expanded with the transit of Jupiter, trine Pluto and quincunx Uranus shows that proposed projects now have a real possibility of success. Business ventures save the day for many this week.

Sunday October 11th -An accelerated release of thousands of prisoners was recently announced. Certainly this massive release falls under the current configuration of Jupiter with Mars and Venus in Virgo, trine to Pluto in Capricorn. While some measure of mercy and forgiveness is carried out on a large scale, Neptune, a symbol of massive groups, in opposition to the planets in Virgo. The signature is all over the sky. The Moon enters Libra and is conjunct to Mercury. Emotional expressions are captured by video and news reports.

New Moon in Libra October 13, 2015  Greenwich, England

New Moon in Libra October 13, 2015
Greenwich, England

Monday October 12th – The Sun’s continued opposition to Uranus shows that tensions are vibrant. Jupiter trine Pluto is an aspect of jubilation, on the one hand, and grief on the other, as families of shootings in colleges and schools are mourning victims once again. Neptune opposes the mid-point of Venus conjunct to Mars in Virgo, as there is a bitter-sweet happiness when reunion and loss combine. In the Western hemisphere, the New Moon in Libra takes place in the evening hours.

Tuesday October 13th – The major issues have been addressed. Social programs and government support are promised. Yet, we are totally alone with loss and sorrow. Saturn represents the process of individuation as one must rely on one’s inner resources essential for growth. Finding community support (Jupiter) is essential for life integration and continuity. At the New Moon in Libra today, Venus and Mars, the symbols of attraction and goal oriented energy, in Virgo are working together. While Libra represents an harmonious ideal, Mars and Venus are dedicated to preparing the way for Tikkun Olam.

Here’s hoping you find harmony in the week ahead. Please send comments to

October 7, 2015
Jerusalem, Israel

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