Working for a Compromise — June 1-8 2022  


Mercury in the sign Taurus is retrograde until Friday, and stationary on Saturday, resuming direct motion on Sunday. Saturn in Aquarius also slows to stationary and begins retrograde motion on Sunday. The two are in a square aspect, although the partile square is not reached, they are less that one degree from partile until Monday, June 6th. This challenging aspect works to rehabilitate, or possibly reform the limits of law. Social media stands out as a communication tool, therefore represented by Mercury, while the limits of the electronic media is represented by Saturn in Aquarius. The chart of July 4, 1776 has Pluto retro at 27 deg Capricorn, less that one degree from partile conjunction aspect with transiting Pluto.  The conjunction aspect to natal Pluto will reach partile on July 13, 2022.  The third transit of Pluto of the US natal position is in January 2023, as the 118th US Congress is sworn in. The November 2022 vote is crucial. The eclipse on election day Nov 8 2022, signifies a transformation, a radical shift from tradition. It is indeed the citizens votes that count most in a democracy. Claiming the right to reinterpret or amend the constitution is the citizen’s right. These amazing coincidences seem too good to be true. The universe is in harmony with justice. Venus in Taurus is in a semi-sextile aspect with Mars in Aries, reaching partile on June 5th, each in its sign of rulership, as friendship and compatibility coincide.

Summary of Major Aspect of the Week

Wednesday June 1st — The Moon in Cancer makes square aspects to Jupiter and Mars in Aries, as well as a sextile aspect to Venus in Taurus, while in a conjunction aspect with Ceres. The hard angular aspect would be sharp, although the square aspect to Jupiter yields some benefits, as emotional integration with action that is cathartic. With the goal (Mars) to integrate (Jupiter) personal healing (Moon in Cancer) a healthier personality can evolve. Mercury retro in Taurus is in the range of influence (orb) to the square aspect with Saturn in Aquarius, although will not reach the exact (partile) square aspect this time, as Mercury returns to direct motion (now in the shadow) Saturday June 4th, while Saturn begins the retro phase also on Saturday, as internalizing events impacts the systemic powers. Ceres in a square aspect to Mars in Aries is an indication that protection of young is impacted.

Thursday June 2nd — The Moon in Cancer makes a square aspect to Chiron in Aries, promoting greater wisdom with insight and reflection. Adjusting life’s focus, or improving diet becomes a necessity, with the Moon in a sextile aspect to Uranus in Taurus in the next breath. Saturn in Aquarius and in a close semi-sextile aspect to Neptune in Pisces, reduces dependency, while paring down escapist ideologies. The collective influence empowers on a universal level.  The Sun in Gemini lacks strong aspects, as the individual Will becomes one with the collective.

Friday June 3rdMercury pivots to direct transit in the 3rd decan of Taurus, having helped to shape the dialogue through contact with a square aspect to Saturn in Aquarius and a sextile aspect to Neptune in Pisces, elevating to the universality of scientific and humanitarian efforts on a global level. The Moon in the 3rd decan of Cancer draws the elements of collective forces together, making aspects to Mercury, Saturn and Neptune. The Moon’s opposition aspect to Pluto in Capricorn follows, helping to consolidate gains made against the disseminating (or evil) forces. Controlling powers are eroded as gains are made to disperse unjustified gain. The Moon ingress to Leo late in the day, with trine aspects to Jupiter and Mars in Aries, and a square aspect to Venus in Taurus, advises to prepare for actions. 

Saturday June 4th 2022 Click on image to enlarge.

Saturday June 4th — The Moon in Leo makes easy trine aspects to Jupiter and Mars in Aries in the morning hours in Europe, Middle-East and, of course, the rest of the nations to the east, afternoon in Australia, although over Friday night in the US. The Sun in Gemini is the dispositor of the Moon in Leo. The power of the individual Will resurfaces today, becoming united with the energy flow. Creativity blends with community, strengthening and also uplifting the mood of the hour. There may also be an undesirable outcome, as Mars is focused on personal power, and fire power at that. The Moon trine aspect to both Jupiter and Mars renews the aggressive postures of adversaries. The Moon in a square aspect to Venus in Taurus follows, as friendships feel stress. The lunar sextile aspect to the Sun in the late afternoon is followed by the square aspect to Uranus in Taurus. The Sun in Gemini sextile aspect to Chiron in Aries denotes the use of intuitive skills that may promote deception. Mercury in Taurus is the dispositor of the Sun, and Mars the dispositor of Chiron, for deceptive communication for personal gain, or perhaps for comic relief. Saturn in Aquarius and Neptune reach the partile semisextile aspect as Saturn turns retrograde (apparent) motion. Ceres in Cancer makes a sextile aspect to Venus and a square aspect to Mars. The concept of protection of environment and families rejects the push for an all-out offensive.

Sunday June 5th — The Moon in Leo is in an opposition aspect to Saturn in Aquarius, as political strategies are reconsidered. The Moon also makes a quincunx aspect to Neptune in Pisces and a square aspect to Mercury in Taurus. Mercury is then the focal point of a T-square configuration, with the square aspect to Saturn. Mercury in earth sign Taurus denotes the preservation of land, property and honor. The struggle for superiority in power should not compromise basic human values. Mercury in a separating sextile aspect to Neptune is approaching the trine aspect with Pluto retro in Cap. Fears of a wider war advise a compromise solution, although the conflict continues to a more conclusive end point. The Gemini Sun in a sextile aspect to Chiron in Aries, seeks the wisdom of the ages.  Ceres in Cancer in a sextile aspect to Venus in Taurus and square aspect to Mars in Aries with prayers for peace.

Monday June 6th — The Moon in Virgo is quincunx aspect to Jupiter and Mars in Aries, as escalation of conflict is avoided. Following these aspects, the Moon makes a trine aspect to Venus in Taurus as more friendly overtures are accepted. Both the Sun in Gemini and the Moon in Virgo are disposed of by Mercury in Taurus, as an understanding between adversaries is tentative, the sides are exchanging demands. Mercury in Taurus stresses the goal of preservation of land and human life. Possible avenues of agreement are explored.

First Quarter Moon Phase Click on image to enlarge.
June 7th 2022

Tuesday June 7th — The Moon in Virgo is square aspect to the Sun in Gemini at the 1st Quarter Moon phase. Mercury is the dispositor of both the Sun and the Moon, putting all issues on the table for discussion. Ceres in Cancer and in a square aspect to Mars in Aries and sextile aspect to Venus in Taurus. The preservation of environment and humanity is given priority. The Moon trine aspect to Uranus in Taurus indicates a possible reversal, a plea to resolve the conflict. As a grand -trine configuration in earth signs is forming, some agreements are likely, involving land disputes and prisoner exchanges.

Thanks for reading, and have an good week.

Reminder: While lunar aspects are in effect only for only a few hours, the aspect of the outer planets can last days and weeks. I post a reading for a day in advance in order to give a preview, and also because the aspects may be in effect a day earlier.

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May 31, 2022
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