Winter and Closing Bids Week of December 22-29 2013


Capricorn Sun marks the Solstice

The Sun is in Capricorn with the Moon waning in Leo. Life should be enjoyable, not a weekly grind. There are conflicts and challenges to deal with, and that is part of life. There may big large tasks waiting on your plate, but don’t confuse them with your holiday meal. There may be pressures at work or personal situations, especially partners in marriage or business. This may be a time to transform those conflicts into new arenas or a time for starting anew.

I’ve noticed a few issues coming out in the past week, such as a change in the NSA spy scandal and Edward Snowden’s revelations. We can see a shifting in attitudes toward these long-term issues, such NSA spying on private phone and Internet conversations. The agency and Snowden are like two opponents locked into an international controversy and scandal, Snowden being accused of treason, and the NSA of violating rights of privacy. This will not go away soon. Snowden would be an individual accused of violating contract (mars in Libra) while the NSA represents governmental officialdom and Public institutions operating over Internet services. More details will be disclosed, and more embarrassment and threats. Another issue that is facing opposition is the Affordable Health Care act.

The Internet is central in these issues, and in astrology, that brings out the planet Uranus, ruler of the sign Aquarius. If there will be one American health fund, to deal with public and private health issues, it becomes a truly Aquarius-like institution. (My spell checker doesn’t like the word Aquarian) Is it the Age of Aquarius yet? We seem to be still involved in working out practical and tactical issues for the dawning of the new age.

Capricorn is good at that. Capricorn has excellent analytic capabilities, it is ruled by the planet Saturn. It can be both cold and calculating, and still have a soft luster, as it is, after all, a feminine sign. It is necessary to play by the rules. While the Uranian character will break boundaries, Saturn will impose punishments. Saturn is currently transiting Scorpio, which allows digging deeper below the surface, bringing out the hidden or secret in relationships.

Retrograde Pleasures

Sunday 22 December, 2013, the week begins, with Venus turning retrograde. This even, while quiet and unheard as falling snow, keeps the planet of love in the Saturn ruled sign of Capricorn for another 2 months -until March 6. It is a time for personal and private concerns taking center stage in life. We celebrate the holidays with family and close friends, greeting our colleagues and neighbors more congenially as we turn inward toward the family, closing out controversy and bringing in warmth and cheer. All the same, those conflicts can affect our lives even as we try to close them out. As this is a prolonging effect on matters that concern our relationships, we do well to keep them in order. We should know the limitations of time, and respect the rules of nature and society.

Turning retrograde for a month, Venus allows us to impress and internalize the complex situations facing the world. This can change basic attitudes about relationships and legal rights of spouses, who have just become defined as belonging to one’s own gender or the opposite sex.

Jupiter is still retrograde in Cancer the opposite sign, and finds comfort in home and family life. The two will come into close opposition on the 1st of February. Until then, while it is very friendly, it is a game of touch and go. Flirtatious, or sometimes attracting, sometimes repelling. With Uranus and Mars in lock-step as well, squaring the love couple, there can be enormous opportunity for keeping conflict at a distance. Yet sooner or later, the game is up, the spending spree is over and the cards are on the table, and the debts start to come in. the credit card scam at Target is a perfect example.

Later in the day on the 22nd, the Moon enters Virgo, as we turn our thoughts to the details of the coming week. This is good for working on technical issues. As Neptune resumes its forward motion in Pisces, the Moon briefly opposes that slow moving force, causing may be some emotional or psychological issues to surface. Best to take things slowly, maybe get a broad view of the weeks planning so as not to fall into an endless pit of anxiety. Lets sober up, however, as there is much to be done.

Travel may be hazardous this week, and on Monday the 23rd plans should be confirmed and patience is required.

On the 24th, all should be well, as Mercury enters Capricorn, to give everyone self-confidence. By the 29th, Mercury closes in on a conjunction with the Sun, as satisfaction and an after-glow set in. On the 25th, the Moon enters the sign of Libra, where we are prone to seek balance and settle outstanding issues. However, as mars will be encountered later in the day, depending on location, there could be a bit of action. Drive carefully in stormy weather. Stability may be upset on the 25th and 26th, so keeping the peace is a priority.

On Friday the 27th, Mercury and the Sun meet, and then march on to confront Pluto by years end. An instant preview of January 1st, when the three planets in Capricorn are ignited by mars in Libra, opposing Uranus, a primary actor in Aries.

The the Moon slides into Scorpio for a quiet weekend, immersed in thoughts and reflections.


Have a good week,








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