Winds of War and Lunar Transitions – Week of September 6-12 2017

The Full Moon phase reveals the hidden results of the soli-lunar cycle, revealing the depth of the tragic outcome of hurricane, severe contamination of the environment, threats of nuclear war and poverty of refugees. It is a time to get our act together as a community, a nation and a world. With Mars now ingress to Virgo, work forces are made ready. Human endeavors can overcome times of destruction. Mercury turns direct now, and returns to Virgo on the 11th of September, so plans for the future can be more readily laid. That is why we are here, to work on our karmic paths to better the world and humanity.

Summary of major aspects of the week

Wednesday September 6thSaturn in Sagittarius is trine the midpoint of Mercury and Venus in Leo. The two fire signs are working in harmony. Much can be accomplished at this time, with the backing of establishment and the efforts of community.  Encouragement for development is at a peak. While we are also limited by Saturn’s laws, as the restrictive planet moves off its station at 21 deg Sag, it will be more flexible and more adaptable to the current situation. The Moon in Pisces conjunct to Neptune gives more awareness of the conditions of the accumulation of tragedy of the season. The depths that we feel or find ourselves in today, while affecting the mood, can also help to map the future. For some individuals with an aspect to Saturn, Uranus and Mercury, feel the effects of the grand trine operating, generating an ease of movement, either a downward pull or an upward lift, so pray that you are lifted to greater opportunities. Use positive aphorisms to guide you on your way.

Thursday September 7thJupiter in Libra has begun already the interaction with Uranus retrograde in Aries, magnifying Uranus’ input, be it positive or negative. The Moon ingress to Aries today, gives initiatives a boost. Libra prefers balance, but is so often out of balance, seeking balance, yet unable to easily right the ship. With Uranus in opposition, that effort is quite hopeless, unless there is a long-term and steady power to maintain the balance. Russia’s president Putin, for example, seems more able to keep a balance under his control. With a natal Sun, Saturn, Neptune and Mercury in Libra, he is adept, perhaps a master at political balance. Move over Stalin!  Trump, by contrast, with a natal Neptune, Chiron and Jupiter in Libra, has much to learn about balance in political life.  Uranus in Putin’s natal chart is in a square (90 deg, harsh) aspect to his planets in Libra, while for Trump, Uranus in Gemini is conjunct his Sun and trine Jupiter. The Impetuousness that is his hallmark is magnified by Jupiter. His sense of spontaneity is ego-centered, while for Putin self-control enables him maintain a disciplined power center that reaches beyond him. While I am not a fan of Putin, this contrast in personality is notable. 

Friday September 8th – Ceres plays an important role this week in the focal point of a developing T-square configuration striving for balance, promoting a return to normalcy, protecting children and young women from harm. Sorrow, grieving over loss of life, but able to move on, Ceres imparts wisdom and practical knowledge to overcome adversity. The square aspect (90 deg, harsh) to Jupiter in Libra from Ceres in Cancer, with the balance of many in Houston, for example and around the globe, upset by conflict or natural disasters, the struggle for life at any reasonable degree of sustainability is constant. Many people, citizens of Houston and other areas are in a crisis mode. Uranus in a retrograde phase will meet Ceres in the square aspect by the 15th, and that may come into effect this week as well, as we attempt to moderate that Jupiter-Uranus conflict.  A soldier of fortune against the fate of circumstances and violent forces finds some protection and advocacy amidst the ongoing turmoil.  The Moon is trine Venus in Leo today, as our sense of community and dignity returns to some degree. With the Sun in Virgo trine aspect to Pluto in Capricorn (earth signs) and semi-square to Venus in Leo, we gain support for work on the ground (as opposed to work in the water).   

Saturday September 9th – The Moon’s transit of Uranus early today, could ignite déjà vu as the Mercury in Leo is within range of the trine aspect to this emerging pair of tricksters. The Moon’s opposition to Jupiter occurs prior to the conjunction with Uranus, giving her some boasting power, and with Uranus this may be not only highlighted but be in the realm of the trickster, the manipulator or magician. International exchanges with on-going power struggles are likely. Venus in Leo in a quincunx aspect (150 deg) to Pluto is also an aspect that could test power, or trigger reactions. The Sun trine Pluto can give more confidence to powerful players. Meanwhile, Mercury returns to Virgo for a more cautious approach. Then, the Moon ingress to Taurus occurs later in the day, for more emotional stability. With a trine between the Moon and Mercury, there is greater compatibility and personal affection as Mars in Taurus helps create the energy in relationships. There is a cautious optimism and working together for repairing damage and building a future life.  

September 10, 2014

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Sunday September 10th – The lunar sphere is sextile (60 deg, likable) to Neptune in the morning or early afternoon (depending on location). This may be inspiring or dreamy, but not very well focused emotionally.  A smoother trend develops later in the day, with the Sun trine to the Moon and Pluto, a grand trine develops. We could be ready to participate in a grand scheme, although in earth signs, not much adventurous action is produced. It may not be a prelude to active duty, but rather a loyalty stirring moment. The winds may pick up, but with the Sun, Mars and Mercury in Virgo, the day revolves around with speculative talk, building personal relationships critical for future action. Guard against a rush to unwise acts you will regret later (always good advice).

Monday September 11th – Advancing your agenda could be difficult today, unless you include some escape, like humor or universal love. Critical comments could be rejected by a sensitive audience (Neptune in Pisces in opposition aspect to Sun and Mars in Virgo).  Think globally and with open-ended possibilities.  It is tempting to exaggerate (Moon quincunx– 150 deg –   to Jupiter), although later in the day the Moon moves into Gemini, as you retell the story at home, Mars in Virgo adds some critical energy for a lively conversation.

Tuesday September 12th – This could be a challenging day, as the Sun is squared (90 deg aspect) by opposing forces: status (Saturn in Sag) and changing reality (Moon in Gemini).   Mercury approaches a conjunction with Mars in Virgo, so there is a temptation to speak rashly.  By keeping a cool head and remaining adaptable (mutable signs) you will arrive at the end of the day satisfactorily.  The Moon trine to Jupiter in Libra promotes a kind reception with flexibility (Moon in Gemini) and charm (Venus in Libra). 

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September 5, 2017    



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