Who is in Control? — May 10 – 18 2023  

Note: This week Gimelstar Newsletter covers an additional day, as I will be away for the next week. Next week I will begin with Thursday the 18th of May.  


The eclipse at the Full Moon represents sudden reversals that may occur within 2 months on either side of the date of the eclipse. This is especially relevant on a personal level, if the eclipse degree, either of the luminaries, falls on a planet’s position in a natal chart. The coronation of Charles III on May 6th following the eclipse, elevated the status of Prince to that of Monarch of British Commonwealth Nations. It is not surprising that in his natal chart (Mercury, Sun, and Chiron in Taurus) [see chart insert] Mercury and Sun are equidistant from the eclipse degree. Venus in the coronation chart is doubly approaching Charles natal Uranus retro in Gemini, with a 1-degree orb of influence, and opposition aspect to his natal Jupiter in Sagittarius. Transiting Sun in Taurus supersedes the position of Uranus thereby highlighting the change in status and the order of ascension. Individual personalities gain in stature in the fixed earth sign of Taurus. The Moon in Capricorn makes a conjunction aspect to Pluto at the ingress to Aquarius late Wednesday. Venus transiting the sign of Cancer makes a trine aspect to Saturn in Pisces late Thursday as the Moon makes a square aspect to Uranus and the Sun. Mars in Cancer makes a trine aspect to Neptune in Pisces on Sunday and Monday, with the Moon ingress Aries. Ceres in Virgo makes a trine aspect to the Sun. The stellar kaleidoscope is constantly changing. Major shifts in our relationships to power and control are underway.

Charles III Natal Chart
14 Nov 1948
21:14 London, UK
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Summary of Major Aspects of the Week

Wednesday May 10th — The Sun in Taurus supersedes Uranus, allowing more individual freedom of expression even as AI chat becomes ubiquitous. The civil trial allows for women to testify against alleged rapist, gives women encouragement to come forward with sexual assault claims. The Moon in the last decant of Capricorn ingress to Aquarius where it is in a conjunction aspect with Pluto at 02:07 UT. That is early to late evening depending on the US time zone, early morning in Europe and the Middle East. This indicates a transformational phase that will have a general effect on the quality of life we all experience. Electronic devices that mimic life and intelligence have potential to reduce ignorance with the availability of information. Mercury retro in Taurus makes a close sextile aspect to Saturn in Pisces. Support is offered to aid universal suffering. The limitations and consequences of AI technology are explored.

Thursday May 11th — The Moon in Aquarius makes a square aspect to Mercury retro in Taurus signaling the need to investigate the applications and dangers of AI for the general public. New AI chat programs are developed to suit the needs of specific populations or sub-cultures. The Moon is also semi-sextile aspect to Saturn in Pisces, with Mercury retro in a sextile aspect to Saturn, as Saturn in Pisces needs to place limits on boundless or unexplored impact of technology.  

Third Quarter Moon Phase
May 12, 2023
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Friday May 12th — The third quarter Moon phase [see image] represents a crisis in dissemination, as the issues of this cycle reach some sense of resolution, doubts may be expressed or dismissed. We have gained more insight concerning the uses and non-uses of technology, for example. Personal issues may also start to be resolved as a greater understanding is achieved. The New Moon is a week away, as elements of the old are being recycled to generate another phase.  With regard to the developing issues around the next elections for a new term of government, events may now set the stage for concerns in the coming months. There is a sextile aspect between Ceres in Virgo and Mars in Cancer, although It does not reach partile. The Moon in Aquarius will be quincunx aspect to both Ceres and Mars, forming a Yod configuration. This could be a vital time for learning in the field of technology, especially for the younger generations who will find new uses for old platforms, or new platforms for old issues. Pluto retro at 0 deg Aquarius is in an out-of-sign square aspect to Jupiter in Aries. Innovation is a key for a new era that is now dawning. Mercury retro and square aspect to Saturn persists, giving an extended time for research and development.

Saturday May 13th — The Moon in Pisces makes a conjunction aspect with Saturn, trine aspect to Venus in Cancer and sextile aspect to Mercury retro in Taurus. Saturn trine aspect to Venus in water signs is good for establishing friendly limitations in relationships. Mercury retro in earth sign Taurus effectively keeps the interaction well grounded. A focus on creativity in interactions promises an enjoyable time with your loved ones. Greater depth in understanding and emotional intelligence can overcome a tendency to a rigid or too limited a viewpoint.

Sunday May 14th — The Moon in Pisces is sextile aspect to Uranus in Taurus early today, and semi-sextile aspect to Pluto retro in Aquarius. Mercury retro in Taurus is semi-sextile aspect to Saturn in Pisces. The Sun in Taurus is trine aspect to Ceres in Virgo, an indication of vitality, promoting health regeneration with care in diet and natural healing resources. The Moon makes an opposition aspect to Ceres followed by a conjunction aspect to Neptune in Pisces. Intuitive skills are at a high point. Concerns about the health of the community and nation prompt call for healing. Mars in Cancer is in a trine aspect to Neptune as the message hits home and calls for implementing laws become more vocal.

Monday May 15th — At the Moon’s ingress to Aries early today, it makes a sextile aspect to Pluto retro in Aquarius. Initiatives are confirmed and impulses are galvanized. Plans need clarification to avoid mistakes. The Moon makes semi-sextile aspects to Saturn in Pisces and Mercury in Taurus. Mercury is at a stationary degree, preparing to turn to direct apparent motion. In the evening (US time zones), the Moon is square aspect to Venus in Cancer. Stronger measures are needed for protecting lives. There could be some long-delayed actions taken to prevent mass carnage. The Sun is in a trine aspect to Ceres as a rescue mission is launched.  

Tuesday May 16thMars in Cancer supersedes the trine aspect to Neptune in Pisces as the Sun in Taurus approaches the sextile aspect to Neptune. Vilification is needed to convince the electorate of the need for implementing practical laws to reduce gun violence. The Moon in Aries transits to the conjunction aspect with Chiron, as a search for a deep understanding is needed to overcome the national debt crisis. The Moon’s semisextile aspect to Uranus in Taurus gives an edge of urgency to the negotiations.

Wednesday May 17thJupiter ingress to Taurus at 0:29 AM (EDT) with the Moon following Jupiter to Taurus at 12:29 UT (8:28 EDT), and a stellium is formed in the fixed earth sign of the bull. In addition to the two luminaries, Mercury, Jupiter, and Uranus are in Taurus, as practical and profitable solutions to crisis are sought. Taken together, Jupiter and the Moon seem to be expanding the issues to find common ground, and to avert a shutdown. Mercury in Taurus is in a sextile aspect to Saturn in Pisces. Mars in Cancer supersedes the trine aspect to Neptune in Pisces and approaches the sextile aspect to the Sun in Taurus. With concerted effort, illusions are shattered, and progress toward a solution becomes possible.

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May 9, 2023
Jerusalem, Israel

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