What are you developing this month? – Week of April 5-11 2017

As the lunar cycle gets past the 1st quarter phase your work on yourself or in business gains momentum. Are you able to overcome a crisis? Do you experience a setback or inertia instead? The Moon in its fundamental meaning is your inner self. This may mean your emotions, your relationship, or your will and focus in your work. You made those choices and are working something out, consciously or unconsciously.  While you may not be entirely in touch with your own emotions, past experiences and direction, the Moon’s placement in the zodiac, its relationship to other planets and the Sun, now and the placements in your birth chart, are sign-posts about what you are now developing in your life. The 1st quarter phase is a challenge to overcome, or perhaps some development, even a victory, can present challenges. Our competitive natures are always at work, and if you win, someone feels at a loss. Correct actions take thought and strategy. The crisis could involve personal initiative (Sun in Aries) in conflict with social acceptance (Moon in Cancer).

Summary of major aspects of the week:

Wednesday April 5th– As the Moon moves into Leo, where it is trine aspect (120 deg) to the Sun in Aries (fire signs) we can feel more ambitions, more in the flow and eager to demonstrate our talents, or creative self assertion.  The Sun is doubly approaching an opposition aspect (180 deg) to Jupiter retro in Libra.  While an opposition aspect is viewed as problematic, with Jupiter and the Sun, a simultaneous involvement in personal and social issues could spur achievement and add to self-satisfaction. Mars trine Pluto in earth signs indicates a reservoir of strength that can be tapped now. Venus in Pisces doubly approaching a square aspect (90 deg) with Saturn in Sagittarius (stationary, turning retro) helps with selection of action, while restraining emotions in the performance field, adds grace and charm.

Thursday April 6th – About mid-day, the Moon trine to Uranus is complex, could help in promoting creative ventures, also inventions and impulsive actions, while the Saturn involvement from Sagittarius is likely to curtail the efforts, put them in context of legal or philosophical ethics. The Sun in Aries opposed (180 deg aspect) to Jupiter in Libra at the same time, seems likely that there will be a scientific or political breakthrough announced that benefits all humanity. Your personal goals are propelled although limitations and structure need to be involved as well. 

Friday April 7th – The Moon in Virgo is trine aspect (120 deg) to Mercury in Taurus (earth signs) shows an opportunity to express more details and address critical remarks on your proposals and developing projects. Is everything organized, is there financial backing, are your bills paid? Hopefully, all goes well at this time.  Attend to details, assess your product, does it suit the proposals to fulfill your mission?  The Moon in Virgo opposes (180 deg aspect) Neptune in Pisces later in the day. Issues can be resolved or, if the work is incomplete, the project could be sent back to the drawing board. (Saturn turns retro).

April 8, 2017
Grand Trine in earth signs

Saturday April 8th – The Virgo Moon will be in trine aspect (120 deg) to both Pluto in Capricorn and Mars in Taurus today, to form a grand trine in earth signs for few hours in the afternoon, depending on location.  It may be morning hours for you, or later in the evening, depending on the latitude of your location.  Certainly earth signs are materially and practically oriented. Pluto in Capricorn may help generate energy for accomplishing your goals. You may experience a transformative event that will affect your work and environment.  An increase in profit is possible now.

Sunday April 9th – Radical changes may now be equalized as the Moon moves into Libra. Accepting the social contract (Moon and Jupiter in Libra), or a new personal contract with partners in business or marriage could stabilize the conflict. Venus retro and Saturn retro are in exact square aspect (90 deg). Conflicts may arise in the area of authority. Saturn energy deals with conformity and authority, here gains a legal power through dispositor Jupiter. Venus in Pisces seems to accept or form a strong political group in opposition.  Underlying causes may disrupt assumed leadership.

Monday April 10th – You may feel uneasy today, or conversely find inspiration. The Moon in Virgo forms a quincunx aspect (150 deg) to Neptune in Pisces; this could disperse old prejudices and assumptions. However, we gain more credibility as the Moon transits Jupiter as there is more of a consensus on pending actions or decisions. The pending Full Moon has an aura that gathers strength today. Pluto in Capricorn is at the focal point (or midpoint) of the opposition between the two luminaries. Power in government matters (Pluto in Capricorn) faces conflicting (opposing) ideologies. Personal conflict may also be at a stalemate. Agreeing on rules and limits helps to resolve issues.

Tuesday April 11th – The Moon in Libra is quincunx to Mars in Taurus and opposes (180 deg aspect) Uranus in Aries today, as sparks begin to fly. Unexpected results, creative initiatives can produce acceptance or continue to empower an undercurrent of discontent (Venus square to Saturn).  Windom may lie with resistance as Chiron and Venus are conjunct in Pisces. Mercury in Taurus turns retrograde, slowing communications.  Reversals could now take place as the Sun nears the conjunction with Uranus.

A fascinating week, although may be beyond any previously held assumptions.

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April 4, 2017  
Jerusalem, Israel

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