Week of September 3-10 2014 Polarity of Individual Awareness and Universality


While sad to see the summer’s end, I am looking hopefully to the future. The theme of the next few days seems to me to be a contrast between the individual and the collective. To be affected by the forces beyond our control, and many have been the past few months, we can see that life is not always about one’s choice, but about accepting fate and working to live according to our inner values. Whether that brings us comfort or not, is another matter. Hopefully it would.

The first quarter lunar phase occurred on Monday, awakening us to the challenges that lie ahead. We can try to smooth the path, make life less difficult for the individuals who are somewhat challenged with physical or intellectual handicaps. Meeting the challenges for others is part of the fabric of community.


Highlights of the Week


September 4th 2014  First Quarter Crisis

September 4th 2014
First Quarter Crisis

Wednesday September 3rd- How do you or I fit in? That could be the question of the day. After the holiday, and for many around the globe, it’s back to school. Ponder for a moment your new routine, and how you are actually going to make it work. The Sun is trine (easy aspect) to Pluto. That is the individual (Sun– conscious self) in terms of the collective (Pluto). Jupiter 9expansion) is semi-sextile the Sun (individual)and quincunx Pluto (the collective)! This will make the adjustment socially important, and make you feel like you’ve expanded your awareness to an elastic reality. Later in the day, the Moon in Sagittarius trines Venus in Leo, as we explain to our family and friends our enhanced schedule or new experiences. For students, teachers and parents, as well as merchants, this is the start of the year. A crisis generally is highlighted at this phase of the lunar cycle, as the Moon squares the Sun‘s position at New Moon.

Thursday September 4th – The Moon enters Capricorn today, meeting with Pluto early in the day. An awakening of power or a change in policy is likely. The Sun in Virgo is in trine (120 deg) aspect to Pluto, giving individuals more satisfaction in the collective realm. We can experience feelings of alienation or disconnect as well as the ability to analyze unconscious connections. Some may be overwhelmed by unconscious awareness. Too much of the universal mind can overwhelm. Look closely at causes, and do not resort to drug use. There aspect has enhanced sensitivity for drug or alcohol use, as the Sun opposes the mid-point of Neptune and Chiron in Pisces. Neptune is a significator of drug or alcohol use. As ruler of Pisces it is in a strong position. Be mindful of dangers. The Sun in Virgo will tend to analyze, and this could be obsessive.

Friday September 5th Pluto in Capricorn can make us feel restricted, yet empowered. Now, as Jupiter in Leo is quincunx aspect (150 deg) to Pluto, the creative urge to transform the boundaries with dramatic appeal, to capture that glow in the current age of our cultural experience. We can feel captivated, as well as enjoy many presentations that are distractions, but add to our sense of enjoyment, and well-being. Multi-media experiences are especially strong now. Enjoy now, for soon Venus moves into more earthy Virgo, seeking practical measures, viewing comedy and pleasures with a more critical eye.

Saturday September 6th – The Moon in Aquarius will set the balance and scales for weighing in on critical work, or just on every issue of importance for the time, trine to Mercury in Libra in the pre-dawn hours USA. Dreams of success and evening the score, or finding a soul mate during these slumber hours, and could be refreshing. Later, the Moon’s opposition to Jupiter some may actually see the dreams materialize. Opportunities can come your way. Illusions can derail the progress or there can be creative moments of inspired repositioning of your self-presentation.

Sunday September 7th – Self-healing or enjoyment of times with like-minded souls can bring rewards of an immeasurable or non-quantitative sort. The Sun in Virgo opposes Chiron in Pisces. Redemption or reward for life-long battles can be realized today. Ignoring the signs or the call to reform can bring further entrenchment. Uranus retro in Aries is quincunx the Sun. Flashes of insight can lead to productive working plans. Unexpected reversals can also occur here.

Monday September 8th – The Moon combines with Pisces and Chiron in a strong call for redemption, healing and forgiveness. The Sun in Virgo is opposed to Chiron, so the will is to respond and work with the healing energy or in the worst case scenario, refuse to recognize the need. Jupiter continues quincunx to Pluto, the universal power expanding the reach of the destructive force, be it a war zone or a disease.

Tuesday September 9thMercury in Libra is in orb of an aspect with Pluto in Capricorn, a 90 deg “square” aspect,  a developing T-square, as Mercury will oppose Uranus by the end of the week. This is a sign that communication will become effective, and can begin to resolve difficult issues of power and responsibility. Balance can be sought or off-balance negotiations can further harm the entrenched victims of a power’s reach. The voice of the individual, whether through the ballot box or public opinion, needs to be activated in order to temper the power of the collective, to transform the radical elements and find a common ground.

The hope is for peace and a more collective balance of power.

September 3, 2014
Jerusalem, Israel


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