Week of September 17-21 2014 –Summer’s End and the Solar Equinox


In the final week before the Fall Equinox, in the third quarter of the solar-lunar cycle, we are at a final stage for setting policies and the expression of world-wide decisions. While the individual governing bodies, already know what their policies are, few have expressed the willingness to follow the lead of US to combat the threat of ISIS. It is a web of interconnected organizations making up the block of a threat to western cultures and values. What we have seen of the values of ISIS and their ilk is extreme and repulsive.

The isolationist mood, citizens wanting to get their own house in order, has once again been diverted by world leadership to world conflict. The rise of ultra-extremism is, of course, the root cause. The world systems of governing are deteriorating. This may be the call, a final call, to get the world political, economic and cultural visions for the future into scope or sync with one another, to forge a coalition to combat the threats of extremism that is brutal at it’s core and ideology that threatens the future of world peace.

America is in a position similar to Israel before the Gaza conflicts. Are two American deaths worth going to war for? Of course, the correct answer is that the Americans and English citizens who were beheaded in such a brutal and barbaric manner, were offered as a warning, intended to inflict pain and terror on the nations. It was successful in that ISIS was thereby able to draw out the enemy, to galvanize and gain attention on the world stage. The spread of their ideology, the terror they inflict on populations in order to enslave them, are similar to that of Hamas, while Hamas has not engaged in gruesome public beheadings, they have engaged in public hangings of so called “spies” in order to discipline the citizens. Dragging the body of a dead spy through the streets is a warning and a show to what happens to those who are even a suspect in disagreement with their rule.

Unwillingly, the western nations are dragged back into war. Looking forward to the end of 2014, there will be an astrological alignment of planets in the sign Capricorn in December at the New Moon. Five planets or more in a single sign or house is a major configuration, called the Stellium. This moment of renewal of the lunar cycle as well as for the major powers, the US and allies, as well as opponent powers, and the forces will be aligned. Uranus in Aries squares Pluto in Capricorn exactly on that date. While most citizens will enjoy a holiday, the heavy forces may interrupt, and bring startling news.


Highlights of the Week


September 23, 2014 Fall Equinox

September 23, 2014    Fall Equinox

Wednesday September 17thMars is the goal-directed energy, and in Sagittarius, there is courage to develop an issue, a point-of-view or philosophical theory.. The Moon in Cancer, trine Neptune and quincunx Mars today indicates that there are sticking points that need to be worked out, and that a general lack of enthusiasm to follow a given course of action. Initiative will be questioned and many angles of security issues discussed, and still the opposition to Pluto which follows later in the day, could align the two sides, and emotional appeals made. Venus in Virgo opposes Chiron, seeking to express suffering and find and workable solutions. The outcry, or the controversy has begun in earnest.

Thursday September 18th Mars is adventurous, and while maybe a bit more cautions in the mutable sign of Sagittarius than in Aries, a Cardinal sign, none-the-less the bow, quiver and arrow is the archer’s mode of expression. He will seek a target and his aim is generally unequivocal. The square aspect, developing with Neptune in Pisces, could force out the deepest mysteries, or the hidden enemies. Mars square Neptune is a sign of misfortune, however, if misfortune falls to the right person, it can become a means of advancement and greater power.

Friday September 19th – The Moon enters Leo today, with an opening trine to Mars. Those with planets in Aries natally will be emboldened. Personal enjoyment is gathered as a new season approaches. With ease we reach out to family and friends. Our points of view are expressed. Yet, this is in the vein of nothings gonna change my world, (at least for now).

Saturday September 20th – The Moon in Leo transits Jupiter early today. We can feel especially strong about our loyalties, our loved ones, and personal place in the world. Even traditionalists (Saturn in Scorpio) may see the practical side (sextile to Venus in Virgo) of a cooperative venture. Personal advantage (Moon in Sun sign Leo) is not as important as a just outcome ( Jupiter in Leo) , salvation (Neptune in Pisces) of the economy (Saturn in Scorpio) and world stability.

Sunday September 21st An humanitarian mission may be successful today, victims may also become , sadly enough, exposed to violence and therefore lack rescue. The arrows of hope (Mars in Sag) may fade into a sea of forgetfulness and despair (Neptune in Pisces). Later in the day, the Moon leaves Leo and enters Virgo, as we prepare for the new work week.

Monday September 22nd – The final day of the Sun in Virgo, the Moon and Venus, also in Virgo, impel us to be diligent in our work, our health and prepare for the new cycle. Jupiter trine Uranus in fire signs, increases urgency, and requires accommodation of abundant energy. Astute attention to details, as well as awareness of major changes in political and universal arenas, focus our minds, although ultimately personal needs predominate. The Sun enters Libra at 2:30 am GMT on September 23rd. Depending on your location and time zone, that may be late night on the 22nd.

Tuesday September 23rdThe Moon confers with Venus before the fated meeting with the Sun at 0 deg Libra, close to midnight US times, early morning on the 24th GMT and Europe and Asia. Anxiety is likely to be the mood of the afternoon, with Venus and the Moon in Virgo, a sign ruled by Mercury. Mercury for his part is on lookout in Libra, and is maintaining a balanced view. Communications are clear, but tend to vary to extremes. Pluto turns direct today, working behind the scenes, towards a gathering of forces in the next quarter year, before the winter Solstice.

Thank you again for sharing your time. Any thoughts or comments can be address to me at gimelstar@shoshananeshri.com

Have a successful week!

September 17, 2014


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