Week of October 22-28 2014 – Sounding the Depths


In an uncertain economy, threats to security of economic data can diminish if not reverse gains. Uranus is associated with Internet activity and all kinds of electronic devices. As this far distant planet shows its power, now moving reverse to a station in Aries, a sign noted for rash actions, and stands stationary for up to two months of very little movement, it can be a heavy force, penetrating mental activity, prompting new heights in complex notions of identity. The individual is challenged, possibly awakened to new levels of awareness.

This week churns up the old and awakens the unconscious motivations.

Highlights of the Week

Wednesday October 22nd – With Venus conjunct the Sun, and the Moon conjunct Mercury today, all in Libra, we are mostly concerned with self assessment and opinions expressed while trying to maintain a balanced outlook. Communication, catching up with correspondence or simply improving relationships could be on the agenda. If things go awry, it can be a sudden unexpected announcement, try to keep calm and find the good in all. Things that might go wrong can be upsetting just now.

Lunar Eclipse - October 23, 2014

Lunar Eclipse – October 23, 2014

Thursday October 23rd – Today can be action packed as the Moon sexitle to Mars in Sagittarius takes up the message and the mission. While health and security are an issue everywhere, prevention can help calm fears. The Ebula paranoia can continue as the epidemic potentiality continues, although Neptune turns direct in 3 weeks, indicating that the crisis begins to subside. The Sun moves into Scorpio, preparing for the New Moon partial eclipse at about 15:01 PST, 17:36 CDT and close to sunset on the eastern coast. The Sun, Moon and Venus are then all at 0 deg Scorpio, indicating a deepening of commitment, uncovering health resources, and medical discoveries, financial disclosures, or marriages can be strengthened at this time, as a renew of commitment is made.

Friday October 24th – With both Sun and Moon and Venus moving ahead in Scorpio, new discoveries or secrets begin to be uncovered, scientific confirmation of buried evidence can be the focus of attention. Saturn stands in the final decant, as the luminaries progress, its secrets will also unfold. As Scorpio is ruled by Pluto, and is by nature a field of the unconscious mind, psychotherapy can be reinvented. Publishing is highlighted with Mars in Sag, mystery thrillers, adventures, or new approaches to depth psychology can be introduced in print (or virtual print). Mars in Sagittarius favors travel, although the fear of epidemics can conflict. There is an out of sign sextile to the Sun and Venus in Scorpio, Mars in Capricorn will take security measures Neptune in Pisces is moving toward a station at 4 deg, while Saturn is sure to dig deeply into fear psychology, and find scientific methods to combat the epidemics.

Saturday October 25thSun and Venus present a meaningful day, full of personal fulfillment, while the Moon, speeding ahead to meet with the authoritative Saturn, reminds us of the limits and obligations that define our relationships. Mercury is at it’s station and turns direct, in Libra, preventing another exposure of ineptness. Improved methods are instituted. As the new week unfolds, with the trine of Sun and Venus to Neptune in Pisces and a direct Mercury can help communicate the procedures that bring an end to the epidemic.

Sunday October 26th – The Moon enters Sag while Mars relishes a move to Capricorn where it can proceed more directly to implement goals. In Sagittarius, the Moon adapts to the currents of the time. Mars and Pluto in Capricorn are disposited by Saturn, the task maker. Issues of marriage legality, and the inter-relationship of contracts, law, and court decisions are seen throughout Saturn‘s stay in Scorpio (since October 2012). The impact of rulings, extracted from social conflicts, can also affect the individual’s psyche as he s/he relates to the social and economic and legal systems. As we see religious institutions adapting to the change of legal status of gay marriage, as they have throughout the ages adapted to changes in the social and legal systems. For example, thousands of years ago, slavery and indentured servitude were a part of the accepted social ranks, today we have more advanced and enlightened social status structure. While the basis of the legal foundation (Pluto in Capricorn) remain firm, The application to conjugal and legal relationships has been redefined (Pluto in Scorpio) .

Monday October 27th – Reproductive rights, exploitation of women in the work place and home have been examined in the media and courts over the past two years. Rights and obligations are still being regarded as opposed to traditional roles. The announcement by tech firms just a few days ago, offering women employees the possibility of freezing their eggs to extend reproductive age, is the reach of organization (Saturn) into arena for reproductive concerns (Scorpio). While this may seem futuristic, it should also be viewed with caution. The Sun and Venus travel together in Scorpio this week, now trine Neptune in Pisces. The Moon helps combine Jupiter (expansion) and Uranus (reversals and sudden changes) in fire signs to form a grand trine. Religious leaders and politicians may inflate the progress, or combine it in their oratory, while practical issues are ignored for now. Mercury again in direct motion is sextile to the Moon today, as more interest in legal and legislative process is acquired, as to how we have narrowly escaped an economic disaster.

Tuesday October 28th – The Moon conjuncts Mars in Capricorn, moving on ahead to Pluto, hopefully to assess matters, to bring light into the power of motion and form. Processing change, understanding the applications for us as individuals, and for family and the future of our children will always be humanity’s concern. The mysteries can now be explored or exposed as the case may be, bring more awareness to the surface. The three planets in Capricorn are disposed by Saturn in Scorpio, a more intense time of discovery and enrichment could be the discovery of our time.

Hope your week is generously good.

Thanks for reading. Bye for now.

October 21, 2014
Jerusalem, Israel

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