Week of October 1st -7th 2014 – Revolutionary Road


The slower moving planets Uranus and Jupiter are in a relationship. This aspect reached a degree of exactly 120 in the zodiacal scheme, that is a trine aspect, reached a week ago, on September 24th , with Uranus moving in an apparent retrograde motion. The pair will meet again when Jupiter is retrograde and Uranus in direct travel in fire signs, and at the same location as they meet today, with Uranus retro. On March 4th 2015 and the final meeting will be played on June 22nd 2015.

Uranus is the tougher of the two symbols, and as this is a long-term interaction. Uranus can and certainly will, when involved with the slow moving contacts, display its dual nature:there is a destructive and a creative side to this largely unconscious energy. Issues brought forth now may involve significant reversals and exist under the surface for the next nine months. The build-up to the exact aspect interaction can be several weeks. Events may be triggered by the faster moving bodies, like the Moon, Venus and Mercury, as they form aspects to the planets or to the midpoints of the planets.

Jupiter is considered the greater benific planet, as opposed to Venus as the minor benific, and often brings abundance. It’s energy to increase or magnify influences can also increase the significance of unfavorable results of conflicts. Jupiter is an energy that works toward justice, involving expanded concern and often draws in community support. A situation that is triggered by violence, say like what happened in Ferguson, MO, is then magnified to have a greater impact, both good and bad events that follow, can be traced to this seed event.

Mars moves along at a more rapid rate, 1-2 degrees a day, in Sagittarius, and exactly trine to Jupiter in Leo and trine to Uranus in Aries. This signature continues for most of the week, with a grand trine in fire signs. Mars – Uranus trine is strong until Oct 3, and then Mars transcends Jupiter‘s aspect and becomes more closely aspected by Jupiter, which has moved ahead to the 17th degree of Leo, Mars catching up and thus the trine to Uranus is weakened. Uranus retro is moving away from the aspects with the other two planets in fire. Certainly, a goal to calm the situation is desirable, while Mars is the goal oriented action planet, now in Sagittarius, the fire sign ruled by Jupiter. An appearance of justice must be achieved. The trine is an easy aspect, and facilitates agreement. Hopefully the situation in Ferguson, as well as in Hong Kong, will be eased in the coming weeks. The danger of surface appeasement is there, and the underlying issues must be addressed, and that would take a long term view of change.


Highlights of the Week


Wednesday October 1stThe Moon is in Capricorn, and will reach the first quarter phase, as well as a conjunction with Pluto. While authorities are trying to find a way to deal with the violence, every move seems to create more unrest. Understanding the issues of inequality is not enough. Action is needed. Old wounds are opened as mars squares Chiron even as it is trine to Uranus. Instant responses on either side can inflame passions. Repression will be used by the police forces, and that will likely balloon out of control.

Thursday October 2nd – The Moon in square aspect to Uranus can also be a kicker, although the sextile to Saturn can bring out old resentments, and hopefully work for reaching a better understanding with authorities, or administrators. Applying firm but non-violent tactics seems to be the only way out in this combustible situation.

Friday October 3rd – Venus is on the horizon this morning in the US, and trine the Moon in Aquarius. Pleasant gifts for the morning’s activities, anticipating the weekend ahead. Private time, and time with family and friends is needed to confront the problems that will be manifesting in the coming week

Saturday October 4th – Social gatherings occupy the day., as the Moon in Aquarius opposes friendly Jupiter in Leo. This combination can open avenues of relationships, or alienate friends, Saturn in Scorpio can put limitations and conditions on venues or programs that were desired. Frustrations can be expressed. Individual actions (Mars in Sagittarius) tend to have a motivation with religious or philosophical beliefs. This can be a productive time, as the grand trine in fire is strong now, and also have the power to destroy, as the Uranus trine Mars trine Jupiter is a free flowing energy, can gather power and group actions can increase. Sporting events are favored, keeping on the friendly side. It can be an exceptionally successful day.

October 5, 2014

October 5, 2014

Sunday October 5thThe majority will gains power by controlling and upsetting the social balance. This can be seen in the the T-square of Uranus opposing Sun-Venus (the populace) and Pluto (the dominant power). As the populace demonstrates for demands of equality and freedom, it creates a reversal of order, and thereby threatens revolution (Uranus). The police powers (Pluto in Capricorn) would have to exert a lot of force in order to over power popular demonstrations (Sun and Venus in Libra). The individual (Sun) naturally wants greater freedom when there is too much oppression by the Powers (government agencies). The Moon in Pisces meets with Neptune today, invoking universal empathy. Mercury in Scorpio turns retrograde, as though seeking more time for study. The thrust of the movements on the streets press for universal change in legal systems and economic control (democratic system change). It is interesting to note that the French Revolution occurred with a Jupiter-Uranus -Venus conj in Leo ( July 12-14, 1789) and culminates in the storming of the Bastille. There was also a grand trine in air signs during that upheaval.

Monday October 6th – Individual rights and grievances about the system that oppresses, gains more power and universal understanding is invoked, through a movement led largely by students (in Hong Kong and also in Ferguson). The FullMoon on Wednesday morning is an eclipse. This is a revolutionary sign for successful, if not entirely peaceful change. The power of the eclipse can influence affairs up to two months on either side of the eclipse date.

Hong Kong at the eclipse time

Hong Kong at the eclipse time

Tuesday October 7th – The Moon in Aries adds weight to the fire signs grand-trine, involving us to take sides in this revolutionary fervor. The student demonstrations in sympathy with the Hong Kong uprising may take place in occupy movements world-wide. The financial center that Hong Kong has become universalizes the movement. The tentacles of the big business wind around the world. The possibility of a crack-down by authorities remains. Uranus is opposed by the Sun and Venus in Libra, and trined by Mars in Sagittarius. Venus is a ruler of Libra, and therefore is strengthened. The opposition aspect has a no-win effect with a tug and pull syndrome. Jupiter and Mars trine Uranus, and thereby volatility is increased. Uranus has the advantage of being part of the major configuration (the grane trine) The Moon is in Pisces, just before the Full Moon eclipse in Aries on the 8th. While able to absorb opposition, the demonstrators need a way to accept an agreement in terms of promised action. They need to find a resolution before a crack-down occurs. A leader with bargaining power could help resolve the stand-off. The situation is very dangerous, and the eyes of the world are on them.

Hope for peace in the world depends on greater economic opportunity and less class division.

Note: The total lunar eclipse on October 8th will be visible in the western half of the US and the Far East nations. It will be seen as a partial eclipse in the eastern half of the US. Times vary as to location.

Thank you for reading my astrological work for the week

September 30, 2014

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