Week of October 15-21 2014 The Struggle and the Battle Plan


As the world becomes more unified by communication and travel, inter-regional strife increases, and fearful health issues emerge. Exposing fraud and corruption will lead to the opportunity to repair and re-think current policy, and hopefully lead to a re-emergence of goals for equality, for choice and opportunity. Once a crisis level is reached, the development of solutions can pave the way for improved prevention measures. Recognizing the underlying problems, the basic root of the matter, will open up the struggle to address the issues and find solutions for the developing world social consciousness.

Pluto , the outermost body of our solar system, represents those root problems. Here we recognize the power to of destruction and regeneration. Pluto has been stationary at the current location since September 23rd, and is now very slowly moving forward. Chiron and the two other trans-Saturnian planets are retrograde, moving very slowly toward a station where they will return to a direct motion – Neptune on November 17th and Uranus the last week of 2014. On Dec 22nd, at the New Moon in Capricorn, there are five planets, a stellium, in that sign. All planets, except for Jupiter are then in direct motion. A venture, involving a unified goal, begins before the year 2015. Shoring up defenses, unifying policy and gaining the will those who are involved, be it nation, company or family, in order to meet the challenges and promises underway, will be necessary for any measure of success.


Highlights of the Week


Wednesday October 15th – The Moon transit in Cancer today will trigger the ongoing opposition, or perhaps seek to balance the tensions, the malfunctions and thereby access in a different light the nature of the conflicts. The quick passage of the Moon opposes Pluto in Capricorn, perhaps unseating previous judgments. With the Sun, Venus and Mercury in Libra, opposing what may be seen as a representative of a population, a large number of people in any nation or political entity, Uranus retrograde in Aries, clarifies issues while answers are sought. Answers are delayed, indicated by the retrograde motion of Uranus and Mercury (both planets deal with communication, Uranus with electronic devices as well). Natural security fears, as well as questions of national interests are expressed. Problems are brought to the surface, and more research needs to take place before answers are found. Redefining relationships and all manner of contracts and legal agreements are in process at this time. The concept of marriage has gone through a revolutionary change during Uranus’ transit of Aries. Individuals demand more freedom in marriage or semi-permanent employment contracts. These are long-term changes that have been going through a metamorphoses for some time. Uranus in Aries redefines contractual arrangements, although Venus as the ruler of Libra, the sign of relationships, is also involved here. Renewing or transforming the contractual relationship, to create a new standard, is assigned to the influences of Pluto in Capricorn.

Thursday October 16th – The Moon ingress Leo early US times today. Leo is ruled by the Sun, so the Sun‘s placement in Libra has great significance, as legal issues seem to be out of balance, and the system broken down. Mars in Sagittarius demands action on the moral issues facing the nations. The place of the UN and the lack of US leadership in the international arena are also seen as problematic. The greater unconscious force, Pluto, may pose the threat, as Pluto has destructive as well as reproductive connotations to it’s symbol. Will ISIS dominate, and capture the world’s political, legal and moral systems? This is, in fact, the ideology they aspire to. In order to compete effectively, the Western Nations need to improve the economic and legal systems to live up to the claim of free nations. A system that hamstrings the middle and lower classes cannot acquire the moral force or even a military force equal to the power of political and economic theft of the evil forces.

October 17, 2014

October 17, 2014

Friday October 17th – Oratory can bring back a measure of national pride, as changes are implemented to achieve goals, with Mercury and Venus conjunct in Libra, semi-sextile to Saturn in Scorpio, some plans begin to be laid out. The Moon trines Uranus as it also conjuncts Jupiter, bringing increased power to bear on the implementation, the removal of out-worn modes of doing business in the government or legal systems. New standards are called for that can replace those that are harmful to the best interests of the people. More power to the homefront, as the Moon seeks renewal of democratic power. The highest level of Uranus’ significance is for universal justice and equality. Uncovering corruption can be the role of Uranus at present, as it is opposed by the planets in Libra.

Saturday October 18th Uncovering abuses has the goal of universal brotherhood, the Aquarian ideals the Uranus stands for. Punishing offenders is necessary, and a measure of revolution, to remove the powerful figures of corruption. Exposing a banking cartel or economic abuses are necessary for recovery on a universal level. The Moon becomes emboldened with the contact with Jupiter, and goes on the form aspects with Venus and Mercury retro that  remain conjunct in Libra today, and at the same time, a trine aspect to Mars in Sagittarius. Momentum is gained in the campaign to uncover corruption, punish offenders, thus releasing power to the greater population, such as was done in the French Revolution. Hong Kong protesters gain more prestige. Reversals of trends in power and wealth are gaining in popularity. Political figures would do well to join in the trend.

Sunday October 19th – The Moon in Virgo pulls away from Neptune in Pisces, leaving us obsessed or empathetic for universal suffering. Health issues (Moon in Virgo), and the possibility of widening epidemics take the attention today. On the other hand, attraction between Mars and Venus (male-female energies) is high, with the semi-sextile between these two personal planets reaches the apex. A semi-square aspect between Moon and Sun can leave us feeling on edge. Finding release through more pleasurable pursuits, friendly games or sports are the ideal attraction.

Monday October 20th – Preserving good energy while working toward resolving issues takes careful technical proficiency. Finding answers or solutions to persistent problems may not win a prize, as it is all in a days’ work well done. The Moon opposes Neptune today, helping to draw out the health issues and prepare for possible wider infections of epidemics Parents dealing with childhood issues, raising children in a complex society, receive satisfaction in seeing their children continue to thrive despite the parents’ agony. A turning point in the health crisis can avert a wider spread of disease, Mars in Sagittarius is in square aspect to the Moon as efforts show promise of success.

Tuesday October 21st – As the Moon ingress Libra today, tensions are building, although a day away from the full crisis leading up to the New Moon in Libra. Venus and the Sun combine energies to fortify the power to overcome the impending conflict. Important revelations can help to ease the situation. A realignment of forces can take place as a result of new information gained. By the end of the long day, in the farthest reaches of the globe, the opposition is gathering strength, although a weaker force physically, arming with intellectual prowess, damaging information or simply truth. A new cycle is about to begin as well, with the Sun entering Scorpio‘s intense field.

I hope this gives more inspiration for the days ahead. Some help in working out persistent problems is at hand.

Thanks for your continued readership.


October 14, 2014
Jerusalem, Israel

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