Week of November 5-11 2014 – Individual Out-Reach


When the day dawns each morning and we bless the day with hope, praise the Lord, and we know that the time is yet to be created. We, as co-creators are etching our future with every breath. We chose to live by standards we have set, and habits we have made. Yet, each day is an adventure. We can let it unfold in the best of our abilities. Planetary indications of energy focused into lives adds to the social structure. Eventually, we are able to blend the energies in our own lives to create a successful, unique individuals.


Highlights of the Week


Wednesday November 5th – The upsetting results of the polls can promote new policies. Victories are announced, and proud winners speak their way to office. A transformation is underway. The Moon in Aries opposes Mercury today, as we reflect and debate our future. More inflated personalities gain the stage. Entertainment media continues to capture the minds of millions. Personal stories gain in exposure through media, local and international causes are created.

Thursday November 6th – The Moon in Taurus will help us build our dreams. With a trine (favorable) aspect to MarsPluto conjunction in Capricorn, our bucket lists can be exceptional. Many are concerned with the state of the world and with climate changes brought out by global warming. Others with the fate of humanity in a war-torn era. Funding charities to help the needy is highlighted. The Moon opposes the three planets in ScorpioSun, Venus and Saturn. The Sun-Venus conjunction can polarize or transform our innate energies. Making demands for positive change attracts the attention of the world.

Friday November 7th – As the Moon continues in Taurus today, a square aspect to Jupiter and an opposition to Saturn is created. As political factions, or groups for causes to highlight injustice grow, the limitations and controls are also encountered, necessitating further development or structural changes in the groups themselves, or limiting their power.

Saturday November 8th – Thinking over plans, perhaps reorganizing priorities. New goals are set and greater needs are targeted. Thinking through a hierarchy of needs helps to identify where cuts in budget can be made. Joining with like-minded groups can increase impact. Avoiding pit-falls is also a concern, as the Moon squares Neptune and Chiron. Universal needs, and the planning for future generations, the wold of children and grandchildren motivates us to take care of the environment.

Sunday November 9th – With the Moon sextile to Jupiter, you can expand on your ideas, even share with your family and friends. Social settings are productive, although some arguments develop it adds to the spice of the day. Mercury returns to Scorpio, increasing communication between close friends, finding shared attitudes and ideologies. Mars advances to a degree with a conjunction with Pluto, igniting a tinderbox of concern of and by a large segment of the population. It may be a time of political grand-standing, or humanitarian concerns.

Monday November 10th – The Moon moves into Cancer this morning, where it will trine Neptune in Pisces and Mercury in Scorpio forming a grand trine configuration later in the day and continuing on Tuesday.. This will certainly get our concern for humanitarian work (Pisces) combined with home (Cancer) and relationship issues (Scorpio). Again this could easily bring in funds for humanitarian work. Now that elections in the US are over, the wheels of progress can start moving again. Idealism, or group action as a community or nation are favored by the Mars-Pluto conjunction in Capricorn as well. We are concerned about political correctness, as well as preserving the rights and obligations of a democracy dedicated to social justice.

November 11, 2014

November 11, 2014

Tuesday November 11thJupiter is square the Sun – Venus conjunction in Scorpio. A vital relationship becomes stressful, but has increased importance. Issues of family and home are involved in misfortune or possibly in motivating a rescue for humanitarian concerns. A sudden turn of events could result in a release from hardship. A winning move is, however, up to chance and fate. Group action can be spirited, although violent actions may also be triggered. Much depends on the nature and motivations of the people involved.



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4 November 2014

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