Week of November 26-December 2014 Planetary Symbols of War and Peace


The goals that are really long-term, that seem elusive oft times, are now beginning to shift. The argument you’ve been using to maintain a balance, are growing old. Or maybe just not what you really believe today. Truth itself seems at times not so absolute. The developing soli-lunar cycle, the seed moment at 0 degree Sag, can mean a new philosophical outlook, or horizon, as it were.

As the Moon transited Pluto in Capricorn, violence erupted in Ferguson. Pluto is symbolic of the group identity, a cultural entity. The actions under this sign erupt in a volcanic-like action, and the lunar transited triggered this. Of course, we know that the Michael Brown verdict was made public, and the response was not totally unexpected. We know that this volcano exists. There was nothing to do but let the jury decision be known. Either way, withhold the decision or publish it, the volcano was set to go off.

Wednesday November 26th Saturn and Mercury are conjunct in Scorpio, the fixed water sign. And that can mean frozen deeply within. We are challenged to examine those strongly held belief systems that we have carried around for eons. The Moon transits Capricorn, the home of Saturn, and forms a sextile to Saturn and Mercury later today. This can help make some technical changes, open the windows just a crack, to begin to view the world on a new basis. Time and mineral supply may challenge the way we have operated in the past. With Uranus and Pluto edging closer to an exact square (harsh ) aspect, we have a greater sense of urgency, a sense that it is all of humanity, and the natural abundance that we rely upon, that is undergoing a transformation, and is at risk. Chiron turns direct motion (apparent motion) and this planet-like asteroid suggests that a more active role in healing social ills is needed. We have been back-sliding in our obligation to ourselves, and the future generations on the planet. Venus is trine Uranus today, easing some of the pressure of the worst of our ills, perhaps some find the release of pleasure in participating in violence. the Sun in aspect to Neptune can reawaken sensitivity to the suffering of others, the square aspect can harden hearts to the reality. While the Moon enters Aquarius later in the evening hours, it is ruled by Uranus which is igniting a powerful fuse in its harsh aspect to Pluto. There is some calming in the sextile aspect between the Moon (instinctive actions) and the Sun (conscious awareness). Leaders call out for non-violent demonstrations.

Thursday November 27th – Symbolism emerges awakening us to hidden truth. With businesses in the US closed for the holiday, radical actions are intervened, as the Moon in Aquarius stands between the Venus trine to Uranus in fire signs, Venus may trigger more violence, but there is a greater sense of calm today. It is wiser to stay with legal actions rather than battle in the streets, destroying the community itself. The Moon can bring a sense of calm by its relationship to home and maternal care.

Friday November 28th Mercury moves into Sagittarius today, working to set up some judicial order, and communicate a philosophical or religious message to the injured masses. The square aspect to the Moon in Pisces now meeting with Neptune, may set up an argument, a harsh assessment and call for reflection if not absolute acceptance of the present situation.

Saturday November 29th – the Moon transits Neptune, and will be at the first quarter stage, a conflict in the cycle reaches a turning point. A biting tongue is blunted, early in the day, with the Moon in Pisces square aspect to Mercury. Later the Moon is conjunct to both Neptune and Chiron, which inclines to inner commiseration, and soul searching (Neptune)on the part of the minorities (Pisces) involved in conflict . The rallying power of the leadership may seek to strengthen the group, and chart future actions. Hidden motivations can be revealed now, plots and intrigue world-wide. The whole world is watching to see how this is handled, it will be a message heard round the globe. Universalizing the events can bring greater pressure to bear on the authorities.

Sunday November 30th – Transcending the conflict, universalizing the lessons can lead to a stronger nation. If the US wants to export it’s values and form of democracy, it has to show that it is relevant and responsive to issues such as race relations. As Mars (action) in Capricorn (order and power) approaches a sextile aspect with Saturn (structure, authorities) in Scorpio (combustive power), there could be more of an attempt to reach agreement among the parties in conflict. The Moon‘s ingress to Aries after 8:15 pm EDT, can bring new resolve. The trine to Mercury in Sagittarius by midnight, may bring new announcements for plans or demands on either side.

Monday December 1st – the Moon‘s trine to the Sun in Sag this morning will bring more hope and ease of action, hopefully the violence will subside, although both are in fire signs. The Moon‘s approach to Uranus retrograde, and a doubling approaching aspect, unpredictable actions, and of course the stock market will react, as violence may again erupt. The Mars-Saturn sextile is also still operating, and authorities try to adjust, to quell the violence. As the trine to the Sun may ease actions or inflate the situation if it is not yet calm. Working to adjust to the situation, preventing violence in response to the rioting or mayhem, is the way to return to a quiet atmosphere.


Grand Trine in Fire Signs  Dec 2, 2014

Grand Trine in Fire Signs Dec 2, 2014

Tuesday December 2nd – The Moon in Aries will trine Venus. This would contribute to peace, if calm was achieved. If, on the other hand, violent actions continue, they will be augmented by this aspect. There will be a grand trine in fire signs for a few hours, with Jupiter in Leo, trine the Moon and Venus. This will give a time of continuous free flowing energy, a rainbow after the violent storm. Let’s hope it’s not mayhem in Ferguson, and that peace and mutual forgiveness become the way forward. The Moon will square Mars in Capricorn later in the evening, which may ignite more backlash. The tensions remain for weeks, until the end of March 2015 when Uranus moves ahead and past the square aspect with Pluto.

The world as a whole has seen an increase in violence this year. We still have to learn to live together as one planet. Planetary influence do not have to ignite violence.

Have a peaceful week.


November 25, 2014

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