Week of November 19-26 2014 Transcending Death in Scorpio


The Moon in Libra has opposed Uranus in Aries for the 24 hours, and with Pluto in Capricorn and Mars transiting the Pluto position as well, this is a turning point for issues of significance to government, violent conflict and legal standing of current importance. That individuals are affected, perhaps seem singled out for victims, indicated by Mars, an energy of individual self-assertion or leadership, opposed by Uranus, perhaps acting in contravention of normal. The beheading of a humanitarian worker by ISIS, the hanging of a bus driver in Jerusalem are a couple of the most obvious examples. These acts can trigger more violence or increase motivation in conflicts.

Wednesday November 19th – With Saturn conjunct the Sun in Scorpio, and their position squared by Jupiter in Leo, it is hidden power that is being expressed, and affects the group social attitudes (Jupiter) as a result of death (Scorpio). The triggering of a reaction is part and parcel of the motivation for the murders. The core of the conflict itself is being brought to light, as Saturn conjunct the Sun gives meaning to death. These deaths are more noteworthy, as in the case of the humanitarian worker, and the bus driver, both were civilians fulfilling a social calling, the bus driver was a family bread winner, and actively participating in the economic system of the state of Israel, and contributing to civilian life. If it was a murder, the perpetrators must be apprehended. Pluto-Mars in Capricorn is significant as well as the T-square formed with the Moon-Uranus opposition.

Thursday November 20th – The Moon enters Scorpio, giving us just four planets in that sign, and preparing for the New Moon on the 22nd, at 0 deg Sagittarius. Energy is building to push for a better cause, a higher ideal, a new start in this changing world. Mercury in Scorpio sextile to Mars in Sagittarius should get those wheels turning, Deep thinking can be put to productive use. Venus in Sagittarius is in square aspect to Neptune, although Venus has a compatible vibration with Neptune, the square aspect can lead to revelations, unexpected finds in the realm of the nebulous sea or sky. Perhaps even in the inner cosmos of the human mind. The Moon will also be trine (easy aspect) to Neptune during the day, eliciting joy or sorrow.

Friday November 21st – As the Moon joins with Mercury today, and the other planets in Scorpio, discoveries are likely to continue to astound. Given the times, it could be the gathering of an international coalition to combat ISIS and the rise of radical Islam. Pluto and Uranus are closing in on a square (harsh aspect), which by Dec 22nd, with a stellium (5 planets) in Capricorn, becomes exact. So we are building toward a more active militant, winter season. The favorable aspect (sextile) of the Moon to Pluto in the morning hours sets the tone for the day. Plan for a transforming day under pressure, or completely stressed out. By 4 PM EST or 12 noon PST, decisions are made for overcoming difficult group demands, be they personal, international or national concerns. A few hours later , perhaps sooner than expected, a test for endurance or standards are challenged.

November New Moon

Saturday November 22nd – The New Moon, at 12:33 GMT. The occurrence of the New Moon is significant at this time in Sagittarius, the mutable fire sign, for implementing new goals. Ideals are put into practice, armies are ready to move. Mercury is now in square aspect to Jupiter in Leo, nudging us along to action. The square from Uranus retro to Pluto is very close now, and continues to form the basis of the conflict between forces the world finds itself in this year. Authoritarian group actions, increasing violence and threats of more violence continue to abound. Some may find enjoyment in their personal worlds, find their cocoon comfortable, and need not worry about the fate of the social or political world, or even the economic consequences. Many will feel the harshness of the times in a limited access to free movement or basic needs.

Sunday November 23rd – As the Moon transits into Sag today, is meet by Venus at 8 deg Sag, we can feel self-satisfaction and pride in our world. With praise and encouragement from the pulpit or political pundits, we are sure of our success and salvation. The ideal is to save the world from oppression and abhorrent mob-like factions. The Moon also trines (easy aspect ) Uranus, increasing access to communication (Uranus rules television and the Internet – all things electronic) and joining in the war on absurdities. Mars, the despositor of Uranus, in Capricorn, is sextile to Mercury in Scorpio and quincunx Jupiter in Leo. Mars, Uranus and Mercury are agents of coalescing forces and preparing for actions, while Jupiter expands the influence to include social, media and creating an enhancement of the effects. The ingredients are set and the brew is heating, under the eye of the ruler (the Sun in Sagittarius rules Leo).

Monday November 24th – The Moon in Sag trines Jupiter in Leo today, gathering fire energies for an exhibition. We can feel the warmth build, the fires stoking for that Thanksgiving turkey or omelet. There is a unique quality to the celebration this year. You may be dining with strangers or in some other off-beat or creative milieu. The military also serves the obligatory turkey dinner. The Moon enters Capricorn, as sign of traditional organizations, bringing out all the service and humanitarian workers to help provide for the needy.

Tuesday November 25thVenus in Sag trines Uranus today, as the Moon transits Pluto in Capricorn, giving a little glitter to the day, continuing on Thursday, to enhance spontaneous enjoyment, entertainment of an unusual nature, likely to help ease the worry of the PlutoUranus square aspect. The lunar transit of Pluto could bring out some deeper qualities inherent in Pluto, the influence of a group psychology (Pluto)on the individual (Moon).

Thank you for reading, and hope your week progresses smoothly.


November 18,2014


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