Week of Nov 11-17 2015 Goals and Allies- Shifts and Re-Alignment


Our New Moon occurs, in our geocentric location, at 18 Deg Scorpio on Wednesday this week, the 11th of November at 5:48 GMT. Mercury is close behind, and therefore involved in this New Moon, as we call the soli-lunar conjunction. We are thinking things through in depth! This cycle of lunar travel around the earth will also be bringing experience to us through the location of the planets and signs it traverses.





New Moon               November 11, 2015

           New Moon              November 11, 2015


Those in a committed relationship, or have some possibility of forming such a relationship are related to in the sign Scorpio. This could mean a marriage, while it could also be a financial or even a business relationship. This could be a significant commitment to a path of worship. Saturn is the planet that is cool and ringed. Rings denote boundaries. A ring describes a relationship, or sometimes a vow. The physical planet, known for its rings, has developed into a symbol of identity, restriction and definition or the ego responsibilities and limitations. Saturn transits Sagittarius, as we become aware of personal philosophy and adherence to a social or religious identity. This could extend to a political academic field where there is a sense of belonging. There is a tendency to narrow or refine interests and associations.

Wednesday November 11th – In the New Moon chart, we can see that the lunar orb will form a conjunction with Mercury, a sextile to Jupiter and a quincunx to Uranus , as well as a trine aspect to Chiron just as the degree of the Sun is reached, at 18 deg Scorpio. Mars, in the final degree of Virgo, will be making a more aggressive stance in the coming hours and days. The intense and intricate connections leads me to think that a response to the plane attack in the Sinai is about to take place. More aggressive actions, more involved alliances and political allies are also indicated. The quincunx aspect from Jupiter on the one hand and Mercury on the other, could show an opportunist at work, using novel approaches, technology and communication such as the Internet, to take actions. Spontaneous and independent actions are part of the new guerrilla warfare techniques used by terrorists to attack more powerful targets and nationalities. Venus in Libra trine Ceres in Aquarius, gives access to electronic devises for the insurgent, organized groups of like-minded individuals, and could involve women and children in the warfare.

Thursday November 12th – As the Moon continues in Scorpio, it will form a favorable aspect with Mars before its ingress of Sagittarius. Mars, is moving on to ingress Libra, where it will be transiting until January 3rd. Focus is shifting to the LibraSag spheres of influence, such that legal issues, are debated, as more justification is sought for actions. As the Moon transits Saturn in Sag, legal limits are reached. Venus then is sextile to Saturn, submitting pleas for justice.

Friday November 13th – The Moon’s transit of Saturn continues to bring new limitations or legal decisions into actuality, with a square aspect to Neptune, this is unsettling in some quarters. Reversals in alliances and legal rulings can have an effect on large segments of the population. Some protests are ignited, with square to Jupiter and an inflammatory trine to Uranus. More debate and changes in legislation are underway, and unlikely bedfellows in the political realm. Venus in Libra sextile aspect to Saturn, can help modify a too rigid a stance, taking into consideration issues that need to be balanced according to circumstantial events.

Saturday November 14thSaturn remains committed to the power and word of the law. Giving up ground now would undermine Saturn’s authority. Saturn here represents the Man. You must have respect for the Man in the USA. The power figures are backed by tradition. As Saturn, the ruler of Capricorn is an arm of the State, citizens must comply. Attacks on authorities in other countries take place under other circumstances. Lone wolf attacks such as the individuals (Uranus in Aries) attacking IDF soldiers and border Policemen (Saturn in Sagittarius) with knives or vehicles, understood with nationalistic motives. For the individual, recognizing personal ego boundaries, and the philosophical underpinnings, makes this a valuable time to progress in self-development.

Sunday November 15th – The Moon in Capricorn today, encourages us to seek perfection in professional life, or status. The square (harsh) aspects to Mars and Venus in Libra, could weigh on the psyche, as a message is delivered to the higher courts or power figures. Mercury is in conjunction with the Sun in Scorpio, so that deeper sentiments can be expressed, more clearly communicated. Marital relationships could be the subject of inquiry, depending on personal charts and agreements with partners. A magnetic figure at the center of a community can help resolve differences.

Monday November 16th – Authority (Saturn) at last seems to give a nod to the role of protector and nurturer of the people under the rule of tradition and authority with Saturn’s sextile aspect to Ceres in Aquarius. The leaders of civil rights groups especially are able to receive the promise of greater support for the underdog citizens. With Mercury and the Sun combined in Scorpio, the announcement of a legacy is at hand. The Moon in Capricorn trines Jupiter in Virgo, bringing more joy than sorrow.

Ceres - Moon Conjunction Trine Mars-Venus Conjunction

Ceres – Moon Conjunction Trine Mars-Venus Conjunction


Tuesday November 17th – When awards are given for social work, justice is, at least symbolically, served. With Saturn (in Sagittarius) in a square aspect (by one degree) to Neptune (in Pisces), more restrictions can be issued to deal with corruption. Neptune is about to turn to a direct motion (apparent reversal) so there is a greater awareness of the mechanisms needed to rescue those with lives at risk. Mars is often a trouble maker. In Libra, the sign of the scales, where action is delayed as the pros and cons are debated, Mars is not well adjusted. Mars wants action toward a goal, so delays are an impediment to that end. As the Moon trines Mars, bringing it closer to the trine aspect with Ceres, a new awareness is evolving. A sextile aspect (working trine) between Saturn and the mid-point of the the two planets in Libra, Mars and Venus, and as there is a sextile aspect also working from Saturn to CeresMoon in Aquarius, achievements bring a measure of satisfaction. The democratic elections in Myanmar, for example, come to mind. Ceres in Aquarius is a protector and guide, extending concern and a social and legal umbrella to the downtrodden.

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November 10, 2015
Jerusalem, Israel

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