Week of May 6-12 2015 Full Moon and a Test of Power


Synchronicity is applies to events that appear related but are not a result of cause and effect. Carl Jung used the term in his writings, and perhaps invented it, to apply with natural events that correlate with human activities. As human beings endowed with intelligence and free choice, we, however, often depend on habit and role models for choices in life. When presented with overwhelming situations, escapism is a common result. In doing so, we deny ourselves the right of independent and free choice.

Astrology is a system that dramatizes the synchronistic nature or the universe. The movement of the planets that encircle the Sun, the Moon that provides light and protection to the Earth, and the relationship of the Earth in its orbit around the Sun, and the planets of the solar system, as they relate to the Earth in its orbit and rotation, are the basis of life and symbolically depicted in astrology. Our depictions are essentially two dimensional, but the trajectory of the moving spheres is scientifically verifiable, and thus predictable.

We can take responsibility for our actions, and seek to fulfill our human goals in alignment with the universal goals and the eventual betterment of humankind, or slide through life leaving choice to circumstances and pressure from others. As Mercury, Mars and the Sun transit in opposition to Saturn in Sagittarius this month, we witness a testing of our personal strength, our freedom of movement can be limited by natural or man-made forces.

Wednesday May 6th – As the Moon in Sagittarius opposes Mercury, we can have discussions and dialog with traditional power, officials, and international conferences. With the Moon in Sagittarius, close to the square aspect with Neptune, some underlying themes of emotional instability, fears, and a heightened awareness of paranormal activity are likely to surface. The Sun is trine to Pluto, the Moon is in trine aspect to Jupiter in Leo, the sign the Sun rules giving the configuration a more universal impact. The Moon then moves on to trine Uranus in Aries, thus forming a Grand Trine (as the three fire signs are connected) in Fire signs. The very nature of the dialog may be transformed. Revolutionary activity, already forming in the charged atmosphere, gain momentum. Speeches are made to crowds gathering, with a political intent.

Thursday May 7th – The Moon opposes Venus today, personal requests are likely to be heard, at last. Humanitarian concerns, personal freedom may be granted. Opposition exists, although kindness should be rewarded. The Moon enters Capricorn later, with a conjunction to Pluto and trine the Sun. Power centers can respond with a more humanistic approach. Reversals and reviews on cases that affect large numbers of people are likely.

Friday May 8th – The Moon, in conjunction with Pluto, allows for a decision on an individual appeal, such as Supreme Court cases of public interest. Saturn in Sagittarius (court rulings) is retrograde (review), and will be re-entering Scorpio (marriage and regeneration, ) The definition (Saturn) of marriage (Scorpio) and the regulations of laws pertaining to financial resources of marriage come under review. Earlier rulings of lower courts may be reversed or modified. Venus enters the sign of Cancer, granting the protection and comfort of home life to become more appealing. Creative home décor or gourmet treats entice the eye and the palate. Charming ways are on exhibit.

Saturday May 9th Mercury in a square aspect to Neptune can release some pent-up feelings, frustrations, and lead to more open communication. Secrets can be revealed, or hidden matters uncovered. False information can be discarded with assurance. The square aspect is activating as it produces a friction between the energies represented by the planets involved. Nebulous Neptune, lost in a sea of psychic illusions, can suddenly find traction, awakening mental agility. The Moon trine aspect to Mars provides more resources, more comfort to the lost and disadvantaged.

May 10, 2015 Moon in Aquarius opposes Jupiter in Leo

May 10, 2015
Moon in Aquarius opposes Jupiter in Leo

Sunday May 10th – The Moon will trine Mercury in the air sign Gemini, making communication a favorite activity of the day. In Aquarius the Moon in Aquarius will oppose Jupiter in Leo late in the day, binging more objectivity to issues brought out during the week. Are we able to take a more transcendent view of life? We can question our ability to continue living as normally as possible in the atmosphere of cultural decay. Today’s heroes are the creative people who can enjoy life, sharing with family, community their gifts of time and friendship. Knowing how to be a “normal” person is beneficial.

Monday May 11th Venus in Cancer shows satisfaction in conserving and caring for life. The Sun and Mars in Taurus can lead to over-indulging, yet enjoyment of food, drink and other physical pleasures. Limitations on excessive indulgence are always important; with the oppositions to Saturn coming along within a few days time, it is wise to start planning for a diet or exercise program. Substance abuse is endemic, but may come to a head now. Seek encouragement to stay within a moderate level on all matters involving compulsive behaviors and addictions

Tuesday May 12th – The Moon in Pisces today is trine Venus, as the truant soul seeks compassion or a bit of tenderness. Greater sorrows await with the conjunction aspect to Neptune, later in the day. Some means of escape or salvation is offered, although not all are able to accept. As Mars enters the sign of Gemini, opposing Saturn, there is work to be done. Activity may be blocked, so finding ways to work with limitations is imperative. Discussions with political foes take place, as conditions we are living under allow for mindless behavior to flourish. Economic and social pressures are needed. A political or philosophical stance that may undermines the freedom and security of many seeks dominance.

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May 5, 2015
Jerusalem, Israel

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