Week of March 4 – 10 2015 Full Moon Follies


Incidents of abuse of women and children have escalated, and are more often brought into public awareness than anytime in the past. In addition, the strong-arm domestic police and world-wide conflicts are challenging democratic nations around the world. Uranus, a harbinger of revolution and transformation in conflict with the super-power planet Pluto, relates to this gathering of forces in conflict. The question remains as to whether we are going to resolve some of these conflict, or the conflict will resolve us. We could become “locked in” as they say to the cultural values we have developed, and seem to be subjected to, or will the conflict alter our values or world view significantly.

Wednesday March 4th – The Moon enters Virgo today, as we drift into adaptability and quiescence rather than buck the tide. The opposition to Neptune in Pisces further drains our sense of individuality. We may mourn, we may feign insanity, however, we know we are “locked in” to the system of universal processes and group identity. Saturn in Sagittarius holds the keys to our reticence, and could unleash our power, if it was desirable for the stability and control the forces maintain. We therefore, cannot dissolve ourselves or absolve ourselves. We too are “locked in.” Yet, there is a child or young woman who can bring a measure of ease, or overcome some issues through her modesty and delicacy. This inspiration can bring us to an increased understanding of ourselves. This muse can open the doors to success, releasing the hold of time and the centuries of power the bear upon us. Venus (the muse) may influence our day, may bring unexpected, or sudden increase, however much it may have been anticipated. The Moon transit opposing Neptune is an indication that this change may be used unwisely, or could be absorbed quite readily. For instance, to repay debts. Therefore, whatever pattern you are locked into, may not result in significant over-all transformation, but could be a step in the direction of change.

March 5, 2015 Full Moon at Greenwich, England

March 5, 2015 Full Moon at Greenwich, England

Thursday March 5th – Today we can draw reassurance that individually we can once more emerge from issues that seem to plague us. The Full Moon, at about 6 PM GMT will be before noon US times. Revealing what has been hidden or denied is an important aspect of any Full Moon, The Sun in Pisces reflects its true nature on the Virgo Moon. This is an even that is overwhelming in some cases, and results in the need for psychiatric treatments. It can reveal characteristics that are not in evidence most of the time. It can, therefore, be significant as loss as well as gain. What we gain is a greater understanding of ourselves, or the hidden psyche of others. The Moon in Virgo will trine Pluto at the Full Moon phase. Pluto is also sextile to the Sun in Pisces,.and square to UranusVenus in Aries. A re-evaluation may be in order, although the over-all situation remains Some influence may be achieved by a personal appeal, yet the outcome may still be in question with the over-all picture remaining unchanged. The Sun also in semi-sextile aspect to Uranus-Venus can have a more subtle influence on defusing a situation that could produce dramatic results and consequences.

Friday March 6th – With Uranus in Aries forming a trine aspect (easy aspect) with Jupiter and doubly approaching a harsh square aspect to Pluto (does V. Putin embody this element?), we might think that a creative release, a spending spree on pleasurable pastimes is in order. While Jupiter retro in Leo is a significant influences for personal gain, the potential effect on Uranus in Aries ( a compatible fire sign) is greater than the quincunx aspect or influence on Pluto in Capricorn (ultimate power or the Big Bear). However, this influence may be recognized as a reverse or negative effect, as Pluto is under pressure from Uranus. Jupiter may increase the Uranian power, and thereby increasing Pluto‘s dis-comfort. If in the end, revolutionary measures are to be implemented, after the full impact of this configuration is felt, perhaps later in March, we may see a phasing in of change rather than a decisive conflict and victory for one side. Benefits for the dispossessed of the world, the underdog in any situation, can be modified as a result of the impact of Jupiter in Leo, the sign ruled by the Sun.

Saturday March 7th – The Moon in Libra today opposes the three planets in Aries, bringing a measure of sobriety. Legal rulings may be implemented, as Pluto stands at the focal point of the developing t-squares of the oppositions to the Moon. Fear of revolt may cause power to refrain from action at this point. Fear of exceeding legal limitations (Saturn in Sagittarius is sextile the Moon in the morning hours) or the power of public opinion can repress actions. Rash actions have consequences, and must be dealt with accordingly. Enlightened views are only effective if the authorities involved can accept such views.

Sunday March 8th – The Sun and the asteroid Chiron are conjunct in Pisces today, many sympathetic views of victims are presented in efforts to promote an atmosphere for therapeutic change. The suffering of the victims of discrimination and warfare addressed, to promote healing the ills of society. The Moon opposes Venus, drawing out more direct (Venus is in Aries) appeals for cases of abuse and victims of economic or psychiatric distress. The use of power, in efforts to control disturbance, has resulted in an over-reach as punishments for court appeals. Punishments for appeals are an abuse of power.

Monday March 9th – The Moon will enter Scorpio in the morning hours USA. Now we can commiserate with our inner selves, in the aftermath of weekday events. Deep meditation can help overcome difficulties. As the Moon with be in trine (120 deg) aspect to Neptune Sunday night, or in early morning, sleep, dreams and welcome relaxation are advisable. As a conjunction with Mars and Uranus closes in today, activities and exceptional work loads prevail. If you don’t give up, you may achieve something beyond your dreams.

Tuesday March 10th – You may want to slow down, like put on the brakes today. So much is happening. The Moon squares (90 deg aspect) Jupiter, and Jupiter is trine (120 deg aspect) Mars and Uranus. You can find community support, or simply watch it happen on the TV. If you have an impulse to get involved, (Mars conjunct Uranus) you may be inspired to join a political movement or sign petitions. As Uranus is a significator of democracy, fulfilling a role in your community election campaign might be the best choice now.

Thank you for reading, and have a great week!

March 3, 2015


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