Week of March 25-31 2015 Sharing Grief and Joy


GS_seal.refillThe Winds of March have blown away a lot of dust of the crumbling political-economic edifice. As a result, we have a better understanding of where we as individuals are in the over-all scheme of things. We have been crunched beneath the hoof of the powers that be (Pluto and Uranus square aspect), and now may be able to recover some of our individuality., and build a new social-economic system.

Caution: When reading the following daily reports, you may be puzzled by the apparent lack of application to your life. In the case of extreme discord, please refer to your natal chart. Favorable aspects may be modified or negated by natal position of planets. The natal chart is always the strongest influence and the most significant for each individual personality. A complete natal reading by a qualified astrologer is necessary to determine the cycles that you are now following. Your reading can be done by astrologer Gimelstar, who would be pleased to write a well researched individual reading. If there are specific questions, they can also be addressed in the reading. Send birthdate, time (as close as known) place of birth and your area of greatest concern to gimelstar@shoshananeshri.com

Wednesday March 25th – The Moon in Gemini today awakens interest in the present process. We talk more, travel around the city more (or other distances near to home) and have a feeling that we are embarking on new projects. The Sun in Aries is in trine aspect to Saturn in Sag today. The fire sign easy aspect (120 deg) tends to deny, while some are reconstructing the past ( Saturn is retro), others are building a future. Finding a better way to deal with the present is the goal.

Thursday March 26th Venus and Jupiter in a doubly approaching square aspect today can lead to unexpected gain or friendship, meetings with old friends and family could also take place, where we sometimes compromise our own thoughts for the joy of the moment. The Gemini Moon in a trine aspect to Mercury in Pisces allows us to be flexible and still in a celebratory mood, reach out in acceptance or forgiveness.

Friday March 27th – With the Moon in Cancer, you can feel sympathy for others, but not at your own expense. With a Sun sign Aries, you work for No.1. The Moon opposes Pluto later in the day, so this could tie your goals in with community. Some events may shatter your world view, and challenge you to change plans and actually transform your life (Uranus in Aries is at the midpoint of this opposition). Revelations can be startling, even if you are not directly involved in the crisis, it affects major population groups.

Saturday March 28th – This is a day to take time out from normal routine. If you have planets in fire signs (Aries, Leo and Sagittarius), you could get caught up in a whirlwind of activity, enjoying friends and amusements with Jupiter trine Sun-Uranus and possibly Saturn could be involved here, calling for some caution or limitation on actions. If there are disappointments, they can be dealt with in good humor. The Moon trine to Chiron and Mercury taking time for empathy as well as negotiation by kindred souls can elevate you to compassionate friendship.

Grand Trine in Fire signs March 29, 2015

Grand Trine in Fire signs March 29, 2015

Sunday March 29th 2015 – Energy flows again today, as the Moon in Leo is trine the Sun, and with Saturn in Sagittarius completing the circle of Fire signs. The good energy and be infectious, although Saturn can narrow the experience, to a spectrum of discomfort. Venus in Taurus closes in on a trine aspect to Pluto in Capricorn, and this can leave some deep awakening or a deep sense of community. If the natal chart is also aligned here, a time of notoriety, or instant fame.

Monday March 30th – The Moon’s transit of Jupiter in Leo this morning will amplify experience, perhaps in the retelling of a good story, spending time with friends and neighbors. In this way, intimacy can be developed and friendship deepened. Sharing pain as well as joy can help heal the wounds.

Tuesday March 31st – The Moon in flamboyant Leo trines Mars in Aries this morning, awakening dreams and giving flights of fantasy, just hours before the Moon turns to practical matters in Virgo. Our visions must be given some reality to become tangible. Ideas can be creative, but the hard work of sculpting a craft to make work of art must follow. Hopes can be dashed with nervous energy as the sign of the Virgin rejects our efforts. The song remains unsung, the prayers unsaid. Virgo can make the dreams a reality.

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March 24, 2015

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