Week of March 16-23 2014 Flight Plans Altered

As the Full Moon climaxed, the Crimea citizens have gone to polling places, to decide the fate of their land. There are International Observers from news reports, but also a strong armed presence from the Russian military. Putin has become popular in Russia (opposition voices are blocked) while unpopular in the Europe, the US and the Free World in general. The forecast is for Russia to obtain Crimea by vote.

Meanwhile, the Malaysia flight MH370’s disappearance has added more twists and turns as the search operation continues and the families missing loved ones are overcome with anxiety. I cast a chart for the flights time of departure from Kuala Lumpur March 8th at 00:41 am. The most startling thing is Neptune smack dab on the Nadir – the fourth house cusp. Key words for Neptune include drifting, dispersion, escapist, melancholy, vulnerable, debauchery, self-sacrifice, illusion and psychosis. There is indeed something mysterious about the flight from the start. The 4th house cusp, the nadir is the 4th most important location on a chart, representing the home base, the guiding principle or intent of an event. At 1:22 am, the communication to the ground were cut off, and the flight went off the radar. A chart for that event shows the Sun at the nadir, a much stronger and more intentional, more conscious center, as though the intent of the flight itself had been taken under control. The Sun is in Pisces, which is ruled by Neptune. Therefore, the Sun’s action would be relevant to Neptune. The Neptunian purpose would be such that the intent of the flight is being fulfilled by the new energy, the Sun, with a conscious and intentional plan, subservient to the original energy of dispersion. There was an intention to take the plane to an undisclosed location, to subvert the flight plan entirely. That there was foul play on board is becoming increasingly evident.


March 8 00:41 AM

  March 8 00:41 AM


Sunday March 16th – the Full Moon aspect dominates today as a conspirator, a nebulous force  opposed to practical or secure livelihood. The capacity for change is at its height. Letting go of the past and working to build a secure footing is the essence of the opposition of the luminaries in Pisces and Virgo. The background, the planets Pluto and Uranus in square aspect and configured with Jupiter in square and opposition, creates a sense of being a hostage to forces beyond control.

Monday March 17th – the Moon entered Libra at 00:47 time GMT. That would be 7:47 pm evening of the 16th EDT and the earlier for the rest of the US. The Moon shifts modality in Libra, a positive sign, and searches for balance, advancement of legal issues or contracts and partnership issues. This is the Cardinal Air sign and will push for communication. The Moon reflects or modifies, and here there is a chance to advance needs that were not met in the lunation cycle so far. As the vote on Crimean independence is likely to be announced, counter measures taken by the interests abroad can be immediately set forth. As the Moon will be opposed to Uranus during the day, it will enter the configuration as the fourth wheel, squaring the Jupiter-Pluto opposition. This may give a momentary sense of achievement, as sides are taken and confirmed. There is tension among the four planetary symbols involved. The Moon takes the side of the victims, ruling Cancer and Jupiter is located in Cancer. The hostages in the sky-jacking and the civilians in the Crimea whose lives have been torn apart. It is disconcerting that Jupiter is at the same location as it was on September 11, 2001. That, however is not conclusive as far as resolving this mystery. Today’s situation is similar to the 9/11 aspects, although not involving the same planets. There was a t-square then with Pluto opposing Saturn and the Sun in square aspect to the opposition in September 2001.

Tuesday March 18th – As Mercury enters Pisces, there is a greater chance of distortion and misunderstood communication. The situation everywhere remains tense, while hope of a peaceful resolution remains, it is less likely, and hope gives way to grief.

Wednesday March 19th – the Moon enters Scorpio, where mysteries can be revealed. Jupiter is slowly moving forward, and if the power of the collective energy for resolution can be found, the Moon trine to Jupiter can expand on the feelings of the social network involved. There is an outpouring of emotional relief or expansion of the grief to meet the resolution of the crisis. The Sun, now in the last degree of Pisces, is ready to move into a new cycle in Aries. The suspense could continue, despite the efforts to placate or sympathize with the victims.

Thursday March 20th – The Spring Equinox. A powerful message from authorities can draw together forces that oppose the victimization of innocents, yet sympathy is not enough to overcome the opponents of freedom or liberty. The Sun enters Aries, a new sense of awareness, a new voice awakening with the change of times and seasons.

Friday March 21st – At 3:40 pm GMT the Moon enters Sagittarius. That is before 9 am in NY or Washington, DC. The Moon will square Mercury and Neptune, and this is a hard aspect that can trigger reactions to events. As the trine to the Sun in 1st degree of Aries occurs prior to the aspect with Mercury, this could be news following events that have happened overnight.

Saturday March 22nd– the Moon will be in a trine aspect with Uranus today. This is an indication of unexpected revelations or startling announcements. Political moves involving force and perhaps the forced moves of populations or governments. With Uranus and Jupiter moving lock-step exactly one degree from a square aspect, revolutionary trends can be awakened during this time. Youth movements are on the rise. A new generation steps forth.

Sunday March 23rd – A catharsis is underway, as we try to bridge gaps, or reach new understandings. Mercury transits Neptune. Later the Moon enters Capricorn to form the last quarter phase, square to the Sun in Aries.

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