Week of June 18-25 2014 Power and Tensions Build



About the Highlights

The highlights of the week’s transits are general, and could apply to anyone. Also, they can be seen operating in the world. The effect can be a time-span greater than one day. The aspects can be triggered by transits, and personal charts interact with the current transits. For aspects operating in your chart write to me: Gimelstar

I am not a fatalistic astrologer. The hard aspects can be overcome when people become more aware of their personal interactions, and what can be called more evolved, so as to make an effort to deal with life as a learning process. When we find ourselves falling into the same trap repeatedly, it is a sign that we are not getting the lesson that we should. Measures can be taken if one is forewarned. While I don’t think it is possible to avoid the effect of a difficult aspect, being prepared means you are able to respond in an enlightened manner to problems, trying to understand the point of view of others, partners and family members, especially, thus minimizing negative effects.  We may not be able to avoid entirely a negative influence, however by working to transform, letting go of concerns and learn non-resistance.

Highlights of the Week

June 23 2014

June 23 2014

Wednesday June 18th – The Moon transits from Aquarius to Pisces today. Dreams can be vivid. Thoughts of power struggles dominate. Sympathetic responses to events prompt discussions and actions, followed by more discussions. Neptunian (both nautical and psychic) themes are highlighted with the transit.

Thursday June 19th – Restrictions on independent acts are increased, as security concerns about insurgent events, whether by radical groups with specific goals or spontaneous crowd actions, grow. The race is on to contain violence in regions under interests or influence. Universal sympathy is elusive.

Friday June 20th – Authorities are exerting more pressure on perceived rebelliousness, or actual conflicts that seem to be out of control. Gaining the upper hand, or quelling violence are major concerns of the week. The Moon in Aries increases urgency as actions are imminent. The most volatile moments are between 8 and 12 pm EDT, early afternoon in The European and Asian continents. The Sun is at 29 deg Gemini double separating Mercury at 27 deg Gemini. Less intent and more violence is indicated. The Moon triggers Mars (aggressive actions) by opposition before combining with the volatile Uranus’ energy. possible scenario: Police forces on hand are able to diminish and quell some of the violent effects of the opposing forces.

Saturday June 21st – The summer solstice is marked today.  There is a renewal of efforts to protect home and country.  The close opposition between Uranus and Mars helps to re-ignite passions for freedom. Conflicts become more polarized. A release, rescue attempts could be successful, with intelligence and special forces working closely. Some positive results are sorely needed now. Skill as well as diplomacy are required. Continued pressure is exerted on militant groups and terrorist entities.

Sunday June 22nd – A good day for time-out relaxing. The Moon in Taurus appreciates values of earthy nature, time with mate or recreation are in store. World Cup events could find you sitting before the TV with a beer in hand, if that’s your mode. The week ahead could be trying, as you may be called to duty in far-off lands. Mars opposition to Uranus is closing in for the last challenge between the two this year. For some, this is an intense time, so it would be good to stick to the relaxation mode. Finding enjoyment in the soccer match is conflict well processed.

Monday June 23rd – Power plays are underway, as the Moon trines Pluto in the morning hours (US time), and opposes Saturn shortly after. Efforts to defuse the situation in Iraq, as the Moon triggers the Pluto-Saturn mutual reception, or to bring the kidnapped teens back home to parents in Israel initiate strategic co-operation between power centers. Venus moves to Gemini, helping to develop working plans and alternative plans as situations change along with intelligence gathering, Mercury also in the sign of the twins.

Tuesday June 24th – The Moon enters Gemini, meets up with Venus, increasing flexibility and amiability. There continues a tense atmosphere, and necessity for well-planned actions on the ground remains. Being aware of the urgency to act, while gaining co-operation among friends and allies, can bring about a successful outcome.

Thank you again for viewing my highlights of the week’s preview. The “stars impel but don’t compel.” Enjoy your week. Please click on Like to show that you have read of this page. no tracking instruments are used on this site.




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