Week of June 11-18th 2014 Overwhelming Evidence

Sagittarius Full Moon  - June 12, 2014

Sagittarius Full Moon – June 12, 2014

This week has the Full Moon in Sagittarius as a highlight. The Moon will be full on Thursday night in the US. Mars is again approaching an opposition aspect with Uranus, as unacceptable levels of violence are rising again in the US, while continuing violence by militants and mob actions, where that is the particular means of conflict, in many Middle Eastern countries. The friendly fire deaths in Afghanistan are sadly a recurrent phenomena In this final opposition between the two volatile planets, fiery Mars and unpredictable Uranus, for at leasttwo and a quarter years, and in the cardinal signs, we have seen enough to make us all want to puke. Even the most ardent gun owners are likely to view their firearm with a different set of eyes. Is it an instrument of fun, power, and security or is it a horrendous instrument of crime and insanity? Mars will face-off against Uranus on the 26th of the month of June, although until then, the power of the aspect can be felt ever more strongly. At this third passage, third rendezvous, since July 2012, we should already be guarded and well-versed in what to expect. Unfortunately, that doesn’t always seem to be the case.

School children have drilled for a lock-down, but it still doesn’t seem to prevent the occurrence of tragedy. The same and the onus rests on society which has allowed the firearms to be such a staple of the household. While threats to security in some cases may warrant the presence of the weapon, we have gone far above and beyond what is necessary. The Constitution (the law is recognized by Saturn, however the document itself by Uranus) does not stand in the way of the right to children to have security. The nation will have to come to terms with this. Children have grown up watching violence on TV and movies, have been fed a diet of fast moving, fast changing life styles, with an eroding sense of values that culminates in senseless violence for too many. While it is predictable that Obama would speak out at this time, a watershed moment, like that in Isla vista Calif just days ago, the nation is like an addict that thinks this time he has hit bottom, only to find himself once again experiencing the consequences of another bout.

That’s my rant for now.

Highlights of the Week

Wednesday 11th June – With Pluto claiming the midpoint between Mars -Uranus opposition, the mood for transformation is taking center stage. Authority will be not only speaking out, but affirming actions to prevent further violence in schools and neighborhoods around the country. The threshold has been reached. The enemy has been located in the midst. Logical steps need to be taken. Saturn (authority) in Scorpio opposes Venus (pleasure or whim) in Taurus. Saturn can also take the initiative in moderating behavior. Pluto is also at the mid-point opposing Mercury and Jupiter in Cancer. The strength of parent collective voice is increasing. Demands for sanity are crying out.

Thursday 12th June – Tonight in the US, the Full Moon in Sagittarius is seen across the nation. This can be a time of increased incidence of psychiatric disturbances. In mutable signs, Sagittarius and Gemini. There can be dissipation, the Moon in the 12th house for the West Coast time. On the East coast the full Moon chart is the Moon on the cusp of the 2nd, and the Sun on the 8th House Cusp. As the East is the nation’s political power center, concrete steps should be enacted with the Fixed signs, however, there could still be some foot-dragging. The West Coast may have suffered more school mad-men shootings than the East. Saturn and Venus opposition is also exact at the time of the Moon’s full strength. As action from the electorate is rallied, the wide semi-sextiles from the Sun and Uranus to Venus, indicates support for demanding action, passing stronger legislation, from the law makers. We’ve seen many watershed moments, Columbine shootings were 15 years ago. The wake-up calls were not heeded. On that day, Mars in Scorpio, opposed Saturn in Taurus. Jupiter and Mercury were in Aries. It was said that revenge for bullying was the motive. The internalized anger was vented through the murders and suicides that followed, becoming a symbol and a model for later shooters to invoke.

Friday 13th June – The effects of the Full Moon are manifested in the morning today in the Eastern Hemisphere. If adequate measures are taken during the waxing phase of the Moon-Sun aspects, the Full Moon will represent an achievement. All too often, and for reasons of a strong Saturnine structure, there is a lake of flexibility in some nations and populations. Ont he other hand, some nations have too little structure, or are just developing a more democratic legal edifice, and therefore there is more turmoil. While radicals try to force change, the slower development and evolutionary social changes for greater humanitarian justice can be molded under the Veunus-Saturn opposition.

Saturday 14th June – Today,  Jupiter and Mercury are in Cancer, and represented by the Moon, as it confers with Pluto in Capricorn. The nations lawmakers are appraised of the President’s goals, it would seem. A political goal of stronger law, stronger big-business (gun manufactures are included) and can no longer justify the proliferation of lethal weapons throughout the nation. The Moon represents a possibility of change, of softening of a hard stance, and perhaps a reversal, as Mercury is retrograde, as is Pluto, Saturn and Neptune.

Sunday 15th June – the Moon enters Aquarius this afternoon. Thus, along with the Gemini Sun, and Mars in Libra, both air signs, and three planets in water signs, air and water prevail (talk about your opinions with enthusiasm). Venus moves away from the Saturn opposition, venturing from the protective shelters, to enjoy the summer air. Pluto and Mars are still in a harsh aspect, and Uranus is weakly included in a t-square structure. Stronger forces prevail.

Monday 16th JuneMercury stays in Cancer, moving slowly retrograde in the 29th degree, and will only re-enter Gemini in the afternoon on Tuesday. as the Moon will ingress Pisces at about the same time. The lunar travel is about 2 hours for one degree of the 360 deg circle of the zodiac. It will quickly move on the Pisces, after the brief trine with Mercury. However, communication can be rapid, at the 29th degree of the air signs. Hopefully this will help to bring back abducted teens in Israel, as well as give a start to solving communication problems around the world. Cancer is the sign of caring for young, for family and home life. Mercury moving very slowly now gives an elongated time to review and enjoy our blessings. Happy Father’s Day.

Tuesday 17th June– today the Moon is trine the Sun in air signs, which usually brings harmonious relations and actions. We feel in the flow, and speak without pressure to our friends, and family. Jupiter, the sign of abundance can give us plenty to talk about, as it is in a minor aspect, relating to the two luminaries, just before they combine forces in an easy relationship. Blockages can be released as Mars transits beyond it’s difficult aspect with Pluto. Easing again the conflicts of the week.

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