Week of July 16-23 2014 (Un-) Ending Conflict


The conflict between Israel and her neighbors makes headlines again. Other concerns continue to be hot-spots, the Ukrainian crisis, the Syrian conflict Iran and Pakistan elections, are all vital to the progress of world peace.

Assuming peace is the goal, striking at neighbors is not an acceptable notion today.

The World Cup has a winner, a more glorious way to meet your foe. Sporting contest such as Football (soccer) matches have much the edge over warfare in a peaceful world. They promote health and acceptable competition in the populations.

Highlights of the Week

Wednesday July 16th – The very close quincunx aspect between Uranus and Saturn narrows to less than 1/10th of a degree this week, as an asymmetrical conflict continues. The quincunx is asymmetrical, and can inspire creative solutions. Jupiter enters the sign of Leo today, where it can bring out more verbose glorification… claims of victory in battles yet unproven. The disparity in the battle can be taken up as a winning point in the media war, appealing to sympathetic responses for the underdog, the civilian victims. The Moon in Pisces transits Chiron – symbolizes the wounded healer  (a comet that I have added to my charts) and will make a square aspect to Venus and trine the Sun late in the day 4-6 pm US time zones, to bring an extra glow for face saving measures. The Moon, in Pisces and combined with Chiron, becomes more sensitive and dedicated as a healer.

Thursday July 17th – Early morning the Moon enters Aries and trines (easy aspect) Jupiter. This fire sign trine can make an easy win, or a pre-emptive strike that could disable the power of retaliation. Affairs might be settled in an amicable spirit. The Sun square (hard aspect) to Mars could bring about a verbal assault. Be cautious today, and stay within acceptable limits.

Third Quarter Moon        July 18, 2014

Third Quarter Moon July 18, 2014

Friday July 18th – The Moon conjunct Uranus in Aries and Mercury trine Neptune in water signs early today. Quick action can save lives in times of upheaval. News of mis-fortune are easily distorted, rumors persist. Venus moves ahead with a quick harmonious aspect to Jupiter to join Mercury in Cancer. Sympathy and assistance are needed to combat suffering. Chiron is trine Saturn, an indication that suffering is lengthy. Imperative to find assistance. The Moon squares the Sun for the 3rd quarter Moon phase by 8:00 pm PDT.

Saturday July 19th – The super-charged Full Moon was on July 12th in Capricorn, and this is the 3rd quarter Moon, opposing Mars in Libra, with the sun in Cancer, has a quality of very focused energy, perhaps a counter-offensive. The time of the phase is mid-morning in Asia and Europe, just past midnight PDT. And of course, we have multiple situations throughout the world where this may apply. The prevention of collateral damage, loss of innocent lives must be considered, and Chiron – trine Saturn – may favor the healing or preventative effort. Earthquakes and natural disasters could also take place at this lunar phase, due to the intensity indicated. Weather issues aside, tolerance of your friends and family may be needed. Work on issues that come up, and try not to over-react. By mid-morning, the Moon moves into Taurus – more of a comfort zone – and sextile to Venus. Friends are willing to assist.

Sunday July 20th – While negotiations are underway, with the Sun square to Mars in Libra, you may be able to work out difficult issues. The Moon in Taurus opposes Saturn in Scorpio. This could be a time that needs are met from outside sympathetic sources, alleviating pain. The right solution, the right medication can be found. The dead are buried.

Monday July 21st – As the Sun moves about one degree per day, it is leaving the square aspect to Mars in Libra and approaching a conjunction with Jupiter in Leo. The conjunction is felt stronger, the pull increases, however, over the cusp of Leo. This out-of-sign aspect is weaker, and so it only gains strength and full power once the Sun also leaves Cancer and joins Jupiter in Leo on July 22. today we seek vital energy from the Mars in Libra, a Venusian sign, working to find solutions to issues that seem insurmountable. The Moon in Taurus, also disposed by Venus, and what is common is a willingness to relate and value participation in the process.

Tuesday July 22nd – The Moon is in Gemini, and the Sun enters Leo at 21:43 GMT. Translated to US time zones that is 4:43 pm EDT – 1:43 PDT. Jupiter is just one and a half degrees ahead, enjoying the summer sun. How nice to join in the party, make yourself at home. Leo is the natural home of the Sun. The Gemini Moon makes this a chatty time as well. We can bounce back from hard times, and worry later about the state of affairs. Enjoy the day, wherever you are.

With positive thinking, look forward to a  successful week.  The Gimelstar forecasts can be taken as a general overview.  Gimelstar does not take responsibility for the outcome or for any implied advantage for actions against others.  Thank you for readership. Please click to show that you liked the page. Send messages to Gimelstar by clicking on the like in the menu bar.  Thanks.





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