Week of January 26-February1st 2014 Luck and Power Opposed

If Justice has Power, we might always expect Justice to prevail. With the continuing astrological configuration of Jupiter (justice) opposed to Pluto (power) and Venus -(peace) we can apply this to the push for peaceful resolutions of conflicts and potential in the world today. The attempts to defuse the Iranian threat, to solve the Syrian conflict and promote economic understanding and cooperation, are the evolutionary goals of the democratic nations. The the conflicts in the Ukraine and Thailand cannot be ignored.

However, we cannot err by saying that there is equality in any other nation. There are indeed inequities that have stressed the concept of a democratic nation and an economy that allows for individual justice.

My intention was to write about Luck as opposed to Power. In the realm of probability, a question remains. Is luck pure chance or is there an element of justice that determines outcomes? Certainly we cannot oppose power of the nation’s laws as individuals and succeed, unless there is a great deal of truth and justice to the cause, and also consequences that seem overwhelming. Yet, claims involving relatively small amounts will never be heard or given justice. The individual has reason to stay clear of legal problems, as they are costly and in the end, the often end disastrously.

Nelson Mandela, a superb example, had intelligence, education and luck on his side. He overcame adversity, a ruthless government power and 27 years in prison, and became victorious, obtaining freedom for his people and all minorities in the South African nation with a government for all.

Pluto and Venus combined can produce a kind of cunningly corrupt power. Power that has charm, but none-the -less be despotic and oppressive. Jupiter in opposition, however, will try to draw out the truth or the reality behind a hidden, corrupt power. This is what I see happening today, in the world’s reactions to Syria’s civil war and the power assumed by Iran to control nations with the threat of nuclear bombs.

Sunday January 26, 2014 the conference in Davos has concluded, and Geneva II is underway. The plea for humanitarian rescue of civilians could be successful. The congress of democratic nations seeking to avert war has not yielded results. Patience is advised. Saturn, the planet most demanding of patience, is now in the 23rd degree of Scorpio. As Pluto rules Scorpio, astrologers say that Pluto is the despositor of Saturn. While patience may increase Pluto’s power, it could also lead the way to controlling the powers that are causing chaos.

Monday January 27, 2014 President Obama addresses the nation and the world. According to tradition, he will announce executive actions, rumored to be concerning environmental issues and the economy. Jupiter in Cancer gives precedence to the home and concerns of protection for parents and families. The charm that goes with the power (Venus and Pluto) may make this a remarkable address. The Sagittarius Moon is ideal for oratory.

Tuesday January 28, 2014 As the Moon enters Capricorn today, and will be transiting the Pluto-Venus conjunction as they reach a climatic 1.5 degree separation, before Venus turns direct on Feb 1st, the outcome of negotiations, interactions and power plays should come into focus. A lens held over the relationship of power and victim, or power and pleasure will be revealed in some respect. This should be a moment of truth on many levels. I pray for the release of innocent victims and justice in the courts of humanity. At 10:00 pm EST the Moon transit conjunction with Venus. If there is a victory, it is certainly not without cost. By the way, the issues of power and sexuality are certainly in vogue.

Wednesday January 29th, 2014 During the day we may all have moments of grief as well as joy and satisfaction. The release of pent-up energy could drive us to new levels of creativity or perhaps community togetherness. Mercury in Aquarius can give us thoughts for human achievement and pride.

Thursday January 30th, 2014 The New Moon in Aquarius is late in the day in Europe and the Middle East, while early morning on the 31st for the USA. This could be a moment to reflect on progress for the past month and hope for a better future. Plans may be made to bring about a better, more just system of government, and perhaps we are witnessing a new era dawning.

Friday January 31st 2014 Power holds on strongest just before it is forced to relinquish its hold on the innocent victims of greed, may cast its last shadow over its prey. Overcoming the force may still be a struggle and the magnification of the conflict is at it’s peak. We can rejoice and also many will mourn on this day. It may take the form of new laws (Capricorn) or new sanctity at home (Cancer) to finally set the path clearly ahead.

Saturday February 1st 2014 As the Moon enters Pisces, it also transits Neptune, and Mercury opens the door for communication on the suffering as it also becomes a sojourner in this sign of universal suffering and redemption. We may see at last what has actually been the horrors of a war-torn nation.

Peace and Blessings,






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