Week of January 21-27 2015 Je Suis Charlie – State of the World

New Moon   January 20-21 2015

New Moon
January 20-21 2015


New Moon at the gate of Aquarius, with Mars and Neptune conjunct in Pisces (opposing energy types) and Venus opposed to Jupiter (complementary energies types), all happening tonight or early tomorrow morning, depending on which side of the globe you refer to. The New Moon coinciding with the 0 deg of a new sign over the past few months, and continuing  through March, is also an indication of the shift in consciousness of this era, opening a new gateway, as it were, to the future. While tomorrow is always the gateway, we can see at this New Moon, that there has been a jolt in awareness. The backlash of the extremist attacks on Jews and Free Speech in France has resulted in a phenomenal surge in popularity for a minor publication, and exposing the tolerance for satire to greater scrutiny. The same terror group launched an attack on a police officer and a Kosher Market in Paris, on the following two days. While the subsequent security alert recalled 9-11 fears in the US, heads of states from around the world marched in solidarity, bringing more focus on the triumphs of democracy and the right to free press and free speech.

The Charlie Hebdo headline that followed the attacks reversed, in an Uranian sense, the attack intentions: first by offering forgiveness, and second by the monumental sales and fame the publication achieved. The intellectual stance is firm, in trying to extract extremism from the practice of religion itself. Uranus in Aries is widely trine Jupiter in Leo and Saturn in Sag, completes the fire sign arrangement persisting, as Saturn and Uranus are slow moving. Jupiter (retrograde until April) is slower than its average speed, and will stay in Leo until August 2015. Thus the events that ignited the world’s passions this month, stand as a symbol of the fight against extremism. Uranus and Jupiter move closer together in mid-March, when Pluto again is in a close square aspect to Uranus, combined with a lunar transit, becomes and a possible trigger as well.

The events in the Middle East, in Europe and elsewhere can be seen as synchronistically evolving through the prism of forces symbolized by the astrological significators in the spectrum of the Earth’s solar system. In pointing to a few, I will not comment on the outcome of the actions or the merits of any of the actors in the scenes.

  1. The issue of Freedom of speech/press/art opposed to religious sensitivities was opened

    by a terror attack in Paris, resulting in 12 deaths

  2. A murderous attack on a Jewish Kosher shop in Paris resulted in 4 deaths

  3. A dramatic missile attack on Hizbollah military commander operating in Syria resulted in the deaths of Iranian military, an unintentional target according to new reports

  4. The murder of Argentine prosecutor Nisman who was about to expose the cover-up the role of Iran in an attack on a Jewish site in Argentina.

  5. Other stories yet to be written ….

Wednesday January 21stJupiter opposes the Moon, Venus and Mercury in Aquarius, gathering the forces, in a sense of support or opposition to prevailing events. Reversals are in the works, as Jupiter makes a reverse from retro to direct motion in April. Power in the hands of a few, can give way to revolutionary power in the hands of x-number . We hope the selective club of like-minded millionaires will see fit to consider the rest of the world.

Thursday January 22nd – The Sun is approaching a sextile aspect with Saturn today, power and authority are cooperating, legal issues are discussed in media. Jupiter is the dipositor of Saturn in Sag, and therefore the media is the messenger, and adds color and content to the strict rule of law and its applications. Jupiter is opposed to the midpoint of Venus and Mercury, while Mercury moves in retrograde motion for the next 3 weeks. This could be a time of rethinking our alliances, our membership in social or political support groups. The issue of how to have a greater affect on media, on financial and political currency is contemplated. Where should the money go to have the greatest positive impact? Who owns the steering committee? The Moon enters Pisces, creating more empathy for the suffering of others.

Friday January 23rd – As a new US Congress is formed, a new emphasis is created for legislative decision making and power sharing between the Executive, Legislative and Judicial branches of government. The Moon, Mars and Neptune in Pisces show that there is an increased focus on poverty and social injustices, including the institutions of correctional and educational services. Standards (Saturn)for education (Sagittarius) are under review. More social research is needed, with more attention to implementing findings. Pluto is the power structure, and in Capricorn, that structure is strong. Saturn is the dispositor of Pluto, and therefore implements the laws according to the goals of the institution it serves.

Saturday January 24th – The Moon enters Aries by 10am EST, and trine to Saturn in the morning hours. Initiating new projects is favored with the Moon in Aries, and Saturn can add stability. Constructive criticism is also acceptable now. While restrictions on movement can be in place, study time can be productive with Jupiter increasing mental activity, even as it is in opposition to the free roaming sign of Aquarius.

Sunday January 25th – The Moon transit of Uranus can be unsettling, a reminder of the attacks, a reassessment, with the sextile to Mercury retro in Aquarius, or a new concern can grab attention. Certainly, with a renewed attention on preventing or detecting terrorist activity, the containment of such is a priority. The Moon will trine Jupiter later, offering the benefits of relaxation or relief from danger.

Monday January 26th – The Moon will complete its transit of Aries and enter Taurus later in the day. Activity is at a peak, as preparations are made for implementing new policies. Structural (Pluto in Capricorn) innovation (Uranus in Aries) policy decisions that form a future basis of law (Saturn in Sagittarius) and social reform (Neptune in Pisces) change views our social contract. A broadening and reshaping of the platform for the future decades is gradually taking place.

Tuesday January 27thVenus enters the sign of Pisces today, a generally compatible position for Venus, inclined to musical dissipation. Venus seeks harmony and in Pisces is disposed of by Neptune, the ruler of Pisces and posited in the sign. The Moon in Taurus takes a position perpendicular to Jupiter in Leo and Mercury in Aquarius in opposition (at least on our chart formation!) in what we call a T-square formation. This gives the flexible lunar energy a position of strength, although only there is enough will to maintain the point. The Moon is also moving into the celestial hemisphere that is unoccupied except for Jupiter. The square aspect to Mercury retro is before 10 am EST, and the square aspect to Jupiter is about 10 hours later. Here we have a window of opportunity to consider how best to respond to the proposals or demands of the day or of our future time. While we may be inclined to a generous allotment, with the aspect to Jupiter, there is a need to balance goals with other commitments. Indecision can be would leave the issue up to the two extremes in a tug-or-war over resources. The Moon will trine Pluto as well, bringing to the surface suppressed emotion or hidden resources. This can enrich our lives with greater understanding.

I hope all my readers have a great new soli-lunar experience.


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January 20 2015

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