Week of February 3-9 2016 Old Brain – New Program

Many of us can see a transformation in life related to employment and career (Capricorn) at this time. Mercury denotes the power of mental process and in Capricorn (the I can power) it is in a trine aspect this week to Jupiter (expansion) in Virgo (practical skills).  Therefore, many who are getting this aspect in contact with natal planetary positions can see opportunities for an increase in responsibilities and advancement in the employment field. This could include a change of attitude on the part of employer or co-workers, opportunities to take a new job, or advance in the current employer’s office. With Mars in Scorpio, an increase in effort towards gaining earned or shared income.  Your life partner could see advances at this time which benefit you as well.  You can gain by economizing and reducing expenditures which over time has resulted in savings. On the practical and material level, things seem to click.

Summary of major aspects of the week:

Wednesday February 3rd – The Moon Sagittarius, is sometimes flirtatious, however, the Saturn conjunction turns toward a deepening relationship, limited in scope and focused on choice and inherited benefits, or traditional views.  This could be a habitual sort of response, lacking real personal initiative, following a commitment to a particular political view. As the Moon progresses to a square aspect with Jupiter, a break with tradition is also possible, but Jupiter in Virgo is more of an every-man’s sign, not a flamboyant millionaire.  Yet, Pluto is a generational type, and a business mogul is easily cast in the role. As Venus progresses to a conjunction with Pluto, more power becomes consolidated. While Mercury is soon to form a trine with Virgo, alliances may be shifting, getting down to analysis and brass tacks. Donald Trumps’s Natal Moon is in Sagittarius, so this is likely to be the time that tradition will play a role in his campaign, and he will have to limit his approach, and become more focused on issues. His Full Moon personality is afflicted by Saturn, and he either has to own up to the role or renounce his bid.

Thursday February 4th – With three planets in Fire signs (Moon, Saturn and Uranus), political grandstanding continues.  The rise and fall of candidates, is underscored by the transits of Pluto in Capricorn (Earth sign), as well as Uranus in Aries (Fire sign).  The credit to the system of democracy, and the power of the average man and woman, is marked by Jupiter in Virgo, which is retrograding, and therefore doubly approaching the Mercury in Capricorn to form a trine, or compatible aspect, and a victory.  A victory for the rest of the world as well, as radical elements that have corrupted governments and disregarded human rights and the sanctity of life, are on the decline (outcomes unrelated to the US elections), as a celebratory mood sets in. Mars in Scorpio, sextile the Capricorn planets this week, shows a greater effort to overthrow the ruthless, or corrupt, persons and institutions in power. The Sun in Aquarius, with no accompanying support from the planets or Moon, is linked by aspects to Mars and Uranus, as the individual with freedom has more power to transform the system.  

Friday February 5th – With the Moon in Capricorn, and Venus conjunct Pluto in the same sign, more attention is given to the victors, nominated by a fleeting sign of choice, to push forward the campaigns of the candidates. While Mars, the aggressive and goal oriented energy is graciousness embodied for the day, while the longer lasting quincunx aspect to Uranus leaves open the complexities of further achievement. The Moon will transit to briefly sextile Neptune in Pisces, to involve the undercurrent of disenfranchised in a quest for support, before going on to meet with the power energies in Capricorn.

Saturday February 6th – The Moon’s transit of Venus and Pluto, enthrones victory of the feminine (Venus conjunct Pluto) and goes on to meet with Mercury trine to Jupiter, making it a day of solidarity.  Cruz’ victory is an upset for Trump, and a reversal of polling projections so far. However, the race is still tight, and later polls may vary in results. The ambition (Mars in Scorpio) to unseat the top candidate (Sun in Aquarius) is underway, while the Sun enjoys the favorable outcome (sextile aspect to Uranus in Aries), and a jump forward in political and business or government.  Independent work is favored.

Sunday February 7th – The opposition between Jupiter and Chiron is closer today (doubly approaching), while the Moon enters Aquarius, and Venus sextile to Chiron, highlights the power of a wounded healer. Making amends in the political and universal realm is a top priority, as new potential leaders are enshrined. Hillary’s strong support elevates the possibility of a woman in high office, a potentially ground-breaking achievement.  The face of the future as a revolutionary era (Uranus in Aries) continues to unfold. Venus sextile to Mars in Scorpio denotes a day of compatible relations between the sexes. It is a victory for humankind.

February 8, 2016 New Moon in Aquarius

February 8, 2016
New Moon in Aquarius

Monday February 8th – The New Moon arrives with a sextile to Uranus and a square aspect to Mars in Scorpio. Secret deals may be exposed, opening up new avenues of conflict. Venus is in a semisextile aspect (30 deg) to the New Moon, and sextile to Chiron, brings about a deeper sense of purpose. Venus moves ahead of the sextile aspect to Mars, empowered, and awaiting the crowning trine with Jupiter, an appeal to a social affair, a glamorous, exultant party is held.

Tuesday February 9th – The Moon plunges forward into the troubled waters of Pisces. The emerging network of intrigue is possibly exposed and a deep sorrow is there to contend with. Neptune in Pisces ensnares our world of celebration, perhaps more than a headache or a hung-over morning, into a delusionary state. Leave rational thought for another day, as feelings run deep, and reactionary actions or statements are ill-advised.

Have a great week, and thanks for reading my notes. To comment please send email to: comment@shoshanawerbner.com 

February 2, 2016  
Jerusalem, Israel


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