Week of February 23-March2 2014 Finding the Greater of Two Powers

Astrology is neutral in the sense that it does not take political or nationalistic affiliation. It does not belong to any religion or nation. It is abstract, on the one hand, and realistic on the other. It is also a valid personality theory, and those who learn its symbolism can pinpoint problem areas. A valuable tool in therapy.

The dominating configuration of the past few months, will again play a major role in shifting world power as a result of popular voice and the struggle for democracy without corrupt leaders. The Ukrainian revolution, against the President who was seen as corrupt, has forced him out of power. This has put a focus on the workings of democracy, and the hoped for elections in the future. Jupiter is the planet most associated with popularity in general, while Uranus is associated with democracy, and democratic systems of government.


Moon in Sagittarius today

Moon in Sagittarius today

Sunday February 23rd – The close aspect between Jupiter and Uranus, a square aspect of 90 degrees of the planetary band that the Earth and the other 8 planets (I exclude Pluto in this group as Pluto has its own elliptical path), are set in as they orbit around the Sun. Pluto is wide of a close aspect today, but will have a greater influence in less than two days time, as the Moon transits into Capricorn tomorrow, and will blend with the three planets in this configuration by aspect. This could trigger latent energy, and result in further violent conflict, as that has been taking place in recent weeks. The reigniting of the enmity and conflict could envision a future settlement, or seek to influence the future government, as the political powers rally for influence. As snow has been a feature in the the US, with usual weather in unusual places magnified, storms could once again break loose. Nations holding a fragile peace, a diplomatic strategy is needed to manage a balance between opposing forces. Drought as well as bad weather has economic and political consequences. Peace is still a fragile balancing act. The Sun‘s transit of the degree occupied by Neptune is completed today, giving more attention to the victims of economic and political strife.

Monday February 24th – the waning Gibbous Moon enters the sign of Capricorn today (10 am EST). It is a fair bet that folks in the US as well as Europe, will be heading back to routine activities after a weekend break. Not only are we ending the month of February this week, but we are resolving the activities of the Full Moon where we could see what was accomplished and what needs to be done still. Now it’s time to complete the tasks, and Capricorn is good at time and resource management. Efficiency will lead to saving energy, and thereby gaining power more easily. Capricorn’s planetary ruler is Saturn, slowly moving forward in Scorpio, where it has been inhabiting since October 2012. Here, it can bring hidden resources to light, thereby adding a measure of hope and security. It can uncover secrets and wisdom of relationships today, and those hidden for centuries. It has been a time of uncovering past civilizations and mysteries from the depths of the skies, the seas and the continents. We may dig deeper into our unconscious selves or discover nuances in dreams, discover who we are or who we can be. Saturn can give us the method as well, as to how to live and sleep better.

Tuesday February 25th – this can be the time for honors and awards, or the renewing of simmering protests. It can be the announcement of victory, but that may be also, a temporary victory, as Uranus is volatile, and likely to turn again, like a spike in the stock markets gaining and then plunging just as steep.

Wednesday February 26th – As the Moon ingress to Aquarius (14:56 GMT) we can feel less restraint from authority, and more independent in spirit. We can honor the individual and each recognize himself in fellowman. Mercury retrograde will turn direct at on March 1st , still in Aquarius. Scientific pursuits are favored. Uranus in Aries is empowered to claim victory over the opposing forces of corruption and the opulence that corruption enables. Everyman is the winner, as power struggles wind down, and despots deposed.

Thursday February 27th – speeches of an idealistic nature abound, ideal attractions are eclectic, keeping a respectful formality that avoids conflicts. Ceremonies can honor the self in the midst of the universal, keeping tradition ( Venus in Capricorn) and harmonizing discord (Mars in Libra is square to Venus). Uranus in Aries is disposed by Mars in Libra, so that the will for harmony prevails. Mars is disposed by Venus and Venus by Saturn. Pluto and Saturn combine to as they are in mutual reception, each rules the sign the other is posited in. This is a signature of the time, since October 2012 when Saturn entered Scorpio. Power sharing due to the deep divisions surface in the democracy of the marketplace.

Friday February 28th– the old cycle is coming to a close, as the Moon enters the water sign of Pisces, the universal solvent, with Neptune, the ruler standing just inside, emotions are awash, reducing experience to the shadows of another era gone by. After all, we are just human, and no one can withstand the forces of nature, or evade the powers that control life. We are in the end, all the same. Mercury turns direct with the universal principle understood.

Saturday March 1st– the New Moon at 2:01 AM EST, or 8:01 GMT, will be ushered in while the old is washed away. The shape of the new era is as yet formless. It will be rich in human understanding. Abundance is a state of mind. We can learn to compensate and share the future.


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