Week of February 18-24 2015 – Remove the Stumbling Blocks to Success


As the week progresses, there is a New Moon when the Sun enters the sign of Pisces on Feb 19th. With both luminaries in the Sign of the Fish, and we have an additional three planets in the sign, there is what we call in astrology a stellium. The New Moon occurring at the very beginning of each sign for the past several months, is significant in that it makes a for definite opening for each sign. In Pisces we may be shocked into a universal awareness, as we recognize that the condition of the environment and conflicts in the world affect us all. Pisces is a universal solvent, where personal differences are dissolved in the sea of conscious awareness and we can recognize universal suffering. We can learn a great deal about compassion in this sign of universal acceptance, and the dissolution of individuality.

As Mars moves across the vernal equinox point on February 20th, into the sign of its rulership and strength, we can expect new assertiveness, decisions which may involve aggressive actions out of the sea of universality. Life originated in the oceans, according to scientific theories of evolution, so awareness and here, concrete action, results from the gathering in the Sign of the Fish. Venus follows Mars into Aries within a day, and the two planets closest to the Earth are in a close conjunction for several days.

Wednesday February 18th Venus and Mars are closing the gap, an unusual strength of agreement between brothers and sisters, wives and husbands. Jupiter is holding a covert conference, searching for some grand scheme to fix universal problems. A sextile (60 deg) aspect (an favorable aspect, yet requiring some effort) as Mercury in Aquarius (universal brotherhood) is working on legal and structural solutions with Saturn in Sagittarius. The New Moon at O deg Pisces tonight kicks off the final month of the old world order.

February 19, 2015 New Moon in Pisces

February 19, 2015
New Moon in Pisces

Thursday February 19th – A stellium in Pisces is a portrait in patience. This patience seeks wisdom, and could be in the highest sense a time for meditation and deep consideration for future direction. There is a wealth of experience that can be conflicting and troubling. Some may feel a heavy burden, a sense of foreboding or uncertainty. Weather conditions may add the perfect scene, as we stay indoors, warming by the home fires. As the Moon in Pisces will be quincunx the powerful, benevolent Jupiter, and joined with Chiron, we could see a creative response to the popular sentiments of the day. Creative because of the unfamiliar combination of tones in the choir. A dissonance or a discord may result.

Friday February 20th – Bold steps are taken today; conflicts are coming into focus. Underlying or unconscious issues may force new actions. Mars enters Aries, as Uranus advances, closing in on the square aspect to Pluto, and denominate issues of the decade surface. If “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure,” now is the time to act. The means for a solution are within the grasp of our leaders. Public opinion molds to the future, as Jupiter closes in on a trine aspect to Uranus in Fire signs. As above, so below, and thus the intense energy is within layers of the community and world-wide issues. The sharing of wealth and expertise is essential.

Saturday February 21st – With the Moon and three planets in Aries today, action is no longer in doubt. The Pisces stellium is over. The formulation and initiating of a plan of action is nearing completion. However, there may be unexpected revisions, as the Moon transits Uranus and with a trine to Jupiter, intense, expanded action can be expected, or a surprise attack late in the day. This may trigger the latent forces into action. A move toward cease-fire, a just conclusion, is also promoted. The sense of a planned outcome, a desired goal is crystallized through action taken.

Sunday February 22nd Venus supersedes Mars, surpassing it in Aries at 2 degrees of the sign. Venus may be bold in Aries, although not as aggressive as her mate. Engaging the enemy or the opposing team, she can attract respect through logic rather than force. As the trine aspect to Saturn in Sagittarius is forming, there is legal backing and tradition on her side. With points well taken, the fires of war can be quelled with diplomacy. However, with the Moon in Taurus disrupting or deflating the communications with a square aspect to Aquarius in fixed signs, showing a lack of flexibility. Meanwhile, the Sun (leadership) in Pisces square to Saturn, stability (Saturn) then dissolves (Pisces). Difficulties again arise. Neptune also is semi-setile to Mercury and sextile to the Moon such that a sense of the escape (Neptune) from justice, or an erosion of will on the part of the opposing force arises before the agreements are signed. Inspiration is needed to overcome the negative forces.

Monday February 23rdVenus will try to patch up the fissures in the structural edifice, by sweetening the deal. This can be successful with the backing of the strong-arm of a partner (Mars in Aries follows). While the majority favors a decisive action, power and government are likely to demure and debate endlessly ( Pluto in Capricorn is quincunx Jupiter in Leo) With the Sun-Saturn square aspect (90 deg) reached tomorrow, more issues need to be resolved.

Tuesday February 24th – The assertive, passionate beginning of the 19th and 20th becomes bogged down. The issues may concern support, moral doubts or erosion of will, as the Sun transits Neptune‘ s position in Pisces. The necessary support for action is lacking. However, in a couple of days, fresh communication leads a way to continue. While the mission may seem at its darkest hour now, new resources or management is on the way.

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February 18, 2015

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