Week of February 16-23 2014 Re-invention to Meet Challenges



If you have thought about re-inventing yourself, or getting a new career off the ground, now might be the week to get started. Uranus in Aries is again in aspect with Jupiter and the aspects with Pluto are weaker now. This is a slightly one sided formation, giving more energy to initiative. Pluto will become more dominant in a few weeks, but for now, some of the obstacles are removed. Transformations and especially with solid backings are favored. The beauty of the snow in abundance transformed appearances, but underneath is the same reality.

Sunday February 16th – A romantic affair continues over the week end. Valentine’s Day for a 3-day week end, or why not make it forever? The attraction may be fatal! Or on the other hand, life enhancing, With a Virgo Moon today you find your have practical and modest maneuvers you can capitalize on. You are eager to show off your skill. In a few days, however, you may change to a more cautious approach as things get serious.

Monday February 17th – As a holiday follows the weekend, President’s Day, you might use the time revving up for the tough week ahead. Mars trines the Sun-Mercury conjunction, a good day to get your planning done. Physical activity is less favored than mental fun, maybe because Baby, it’s cold outside. Talk away, that’s where the action is, and get to know one-another again. Marriage may be revitalized during the holiday. Get away from it all, if you can.


February 19, 2014 New York, NY 6 PM

February 19, 2014
New York, NY 6 PM

Tuesday February 18thThe Sun transits into the sign of the fish today, Pisces is a water (emotion) sign, while the Moon goes into Libra. The Full Moon was in the air sign Aquarius, and now we are either feeling a let down or working to minimize emotional extremes. Holding back a bit? not surprising, as Saturn is square to Mercury retrograde. Past experience adds a cautious note. Whatever transpires may set you up for the next few years. It is a choice, not easy to make, and you could decide that the time is right to reach for the next station in life. The Moon in Libra seeks to balance opposing forces. A new partnership or marriage engagement is underfoot for many who fall under this configuration. Time to seize the moment. Let’s heed the warning, however, if your steps lead you to conflict. (see the note for Thursday).

Wednesday February 19th – Did you ever think the Egyptians can’t make up their minds? Do they want a fundamentalist Muslim dictatorship, or democracy? They are not the only ones who can’t make up their collective mind. They are, however, working it out more violently. Democratic rule may be unwieldy or alternating conservatives and liberals in consecutive terms, but at least we agree to a democratic forum, or at least a form of democracy, not exactly perfect. Libra is fomenting dissent, (Mars in Libra) or is the Uranus transit of Aries provoking chaos? It is still a moral dilemma present in day to day life for may around the world. Life in Syria must be absolutely terrifying. Jupiter, the planet of justice and wisdom, seems to be only intensifying the mix. If you can’t make sense out of the world, don’t worry, it is a transitory stage. Stay safe, wherever your are. (I wrote this before hearing about the mine disaster in S. Africa or the bus blowing up on the Israeli-Egyptian border.)

Thursday February 20th – You should pause before aggressive actions, especially where life and limb are in question. Anger can be tipped off as the Moon transits Mars in Libra, as much as you would love to even the score, take time to think it over. Solitary is a lonely place. Thoughts can be lightning like, following instant judgments. Actions follow.

Friday February 21st – Tensions can still be high, and some excitement will add dimensions to your world view. A tamer weekend, and you may take your work home today. Being the boss very useful now, as Venus in Capricorn is in a mello sextile to Saturn in Scorpio. This 60 degree angle involves some effort to make the harmony happen.

Saturday February 22nd You’ll most likely benefit from prayer and introspection, as Mercury continues Retrograde until the end of the month. The Sun is conjuct to Neptune this weekend, so plans may go awry if they are too structured. Let the week end flow, as forces without are assembling for round 3, or is it 4 by now?

Do take care friends,




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