Week of February 11– 17 2015 Many Fish in the Sea


As Mercury turns direct today, we can implement those long debated changes with greater ease. An accumulation of broken systems, will eventually allow for change to be initiated. Hopelessness need not last forever. True, the world we once knew has changed. We need to let go of the past so that the new can take place. Accepted notions about humanity, sexuality, longevity, health, wealth and natures abundance can still be recognized as the temporary beliefs that they were. We are ready to take a step forward.

The Full Moon on the 4th of February represented hopes and individual identity. Beauty and wealth are flaunted. As we approach the New Moon in Pisces, independence seems to erode. With Saturn in Sagittarius, the justice of legal systems, and narrow world views are being challenged. Neptune at the New Moon will start disseminating some of the useless systems, and maybe prosecuting violators. Once we can have true empathy for humanity, for victims of poverty and the over-reaching social-legal systems, we can start to do the repair work required.

Saturn can help identify the specific issues that we need to address. Issues in political arena, or economic realm and in world leadership are made clear. Universal suffering in Pisces, awakens the limitations of the social justice system. Art forms innovate and mirror the social interaction and the motivation for change. Many questions remain unanswered. Is this change good? Can the changes proposed produce a better, more acceptable society?

We dare not let these issues sink to the bottom of the dung heap. We need to accept a new world.

Uranus is pushing steadily towards a harsh aspect,( 90 deg arc) to Pluto, as a framework that we are operating under for the past 3-4 years. As these outer planets are more attuned to large masses of people, and therefore indicative of international conflict, we can listen-in on the stew that ISIS has created in the area of Iraq and Syria. While al Qaeda and Syrian forces against rebel forces have been fomenting violence for several years, it is possibly coming to a head now. The Jordanian monarch has vowed to annihilate ISIS. This would indeed give us a whole new landscape in the Middle Eastern region.

Wednesday February 11th – While the opposition aspect between the Sun and Jupiter retrograde is doubly separating (i.e., the two bodies are moving away from each other, increasing the distance), the Moon is Scorpio comes along and forms a square (90 deg) aspect with first Jupiter retrograde and then the Sun, bringing their effect into focus again, briefly. If we are self-absorbed, this will continue for another few hours today. If we are exhibitionist, and creative, this will also continue today. Meanwhile, the effects of Mercury retrograde can cause mix-ups, and delays in implementing programs. You may have to wait for a day or two until you receive the check you expect. That will change, as Mercury turns direct today in the US hours, and tomorrow in Europe and Middle-East. Back-up plans need to be brought into effect, and so it is good to have an alternative route, or your progress could be snagged. With the Scorpio Moon, this could be a financial or earned income issue.

Thursday February 12th – As the Moon leaves Scorpio today, we may become less intense or compulsive about the money matters, or other problematic issues, such as relationship issues, changing to a more positive mood. Just as things start to look brighter, however, some unresolved problems stand in the way. You may have to deal with legal issues, with authority figures, and take a stand on a political issue., as the Moon conjuncts Saturn this afternoon. Your success or lack of with this, depends on your will and also on your own personal configurations in your natal chart, and how the transiting planets are affecting your natal planetary positions. Perhaps a health problem is suddenly diagnosed, or you find that you have put on extra weight recently and need to diet in order to reduce. Binge eating, if its a problem, probably occurred under the Sun-Jupiter opposition. With Mercury now progressing in a direct manner, you are able plan a new diet menu, and eliminate harmful over-eating. It is also a good time to look for professional advice for health or financial or legal issues. You start preparing your income tax report or find some troubling issues with the tax reforms. The sins of the past come back to haunt you.

Friday February 13th – As the Moon forms a trine with Uranus in Aries today, your initiative, or spontaneous action may provide for a new plan, in order to overcome the legal or financial problems. A grand trine in fire signs forms with the Moon trine Jupiter in Leo, and bridging the separating degrees between the Uranus in Aries (at 13 deg) and Jupiter in Leo retrograde ( at 16 deg ). The Moon will trine both of the planets from its transit of Sagittarius. The over-all picture is clearer, as positions seem to work together and plans start to materialize. Legal rulings could then bring out a more compatible solution. The aspects effects of a transit, an aspect can be anticipated or brought nearer, with a penetrating mind. You don’t have to wait for a catastrophe to occur. If you are prepared you can find solutions before a problem confronts you.

Saturday February 14th – The Moon in Sagittarius will be at odds with the planets in Pisces, stirring up trouble in the ranks. Some secrets may be revealed, as the unconscious mind, the universal soul, the Akashic records emerge with hidden victims or secret crimes. Crimes of the past, ancestors forgotten, and deeds we need to recall are a stumbling block for reconciliation with enemies and family. As the Moon is trine to Jupiter, some issues can be absorbed into awareness. Intrigue may be reveled or even covert operations uncovered.

Sunday February 15th – With Uranus inching toward the exact square aspect (90 deg angle) with Pluto, the Moon’s imminent transit of Pluto may trigger some events. Although the awareness may be accompanied by violent acts, it need not be. It will permeate a level of consciousness, to include all conscious beings. Electronic communication is the means (Uranus), while a government may be toppled or an environmental disaster might precipitate a world-wide response. With close to universal Internet connection, we can expect a large outpouring of assistance for any disaster. (Jupiter in Leo is approaching a trine to Uranus. )

February 16 2015 Uranus square to Pluto-Moon

February 16 2015
Uranus square to Pluto-Moon

Monday February 16th – The chart today shows Jupiter alone in half of the sky, while the other planets are within the arc of Saturn and Uranus, a very wide trine aspect. Psychological and emotional pressure is exerted as the Moon in Capricorn transits Pluto. There is also a tendency for escapism, some release through alcohol, drugs or emotional disturbance. The three planets and Chiron in Pisces are an indication of deep issues that may surface now. The pressure from the Uranus-Pluto square is the social-economic medium that influences everyone. The Moon in sextile aspect (60 deg) to Venus and Mars can offer some support that can reassure the isolated and lonely.

Tuesday February 17th – The Moon will transit Mercury in Aquarius in the morning hours today (US time zones), giving courage to the underdog, with sharing of spirit and companionship. The power of the spoken word can release suffering. Late in the evening, the Moon opposes Jupiter, exposing some emotion and a chance to integrate feelings and responses with a community. Mercury is approaching a sextile with Saturn, offering some support or a way to work out a problematic situation.

Blessings to all, and the best luck for the week.


February 10, 2015

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