Week of Feb 4-11 2015 Jupiter Enhancements for Peace and Justice


Jupiter holds a special position in the sky, and has helped as we sort out fact and fiction. As Jupiter has been named for Justice, and expansion is a mode it operates under, a greater benefic in the sky, as well as the brightest star, ideals can be expressed, and dreams can be implemented. This week I open with the Full Moon conjunct with Jupiter, as we can project our greatest dreams and expectations, and perhaps have some measure of fulfillment.

Democratic systems, operating under the banner of representation and government by the people, are based on a philosophy of justice. Power in the hands of a few or a select class of citizens, is of course the denial of justice to the many, and a corruption of democracy. Restoring justice to a unbalanced system is a major task at hand.

Under this Full Moon, the sun in Aquarius and Moon conj Jupiter in Leo, while all the other planets in the solar system are located between Saturn in Sagittarius and Uranus in Aries, the fire signs are in a position to dominate the actions of the week. Fire signs mean initiation of new efforts, new ventures, creative achievements and legal rulings the affect the way the system operates. Justice may be expanded to include more souls, to alleviate suffering and to advance growth and development for the good of the world.

While these are idealistic sentiments, and certainly justice for all cannot be achieved in a week, it marks a change in the trend. A recognized broken economic, social system, leaves everyman fending for himself. If the Justice system can address these issues, implementing the mechanisms written in the Constitution, there is some hope that repair of the system can begin to achieve results.

Wednesday February 4th – As Mars in Pisces forms a quincunx ( also known as inconjunct-150 deg arc) aspect to the Jupiter- Moon conjunct in Leo, an innovation today can help ignite a change in policy and help reform a situation. Mercury retrograde forms a sextile (60 deg) aspect with Saturn in Sagittarius. Traditional expressions are honored. Protocol is followed in judicial and legal cases. The Sun in Aquarius is the native who receives benefits (Jupiter) from power and also from sympathetic resources (Chiron in Pisces).

Thursday February 5thJupiter approaches an opposition to the Sun today, as the Moon moves into Virgo in a square (90 deg) aspect to Saturn (stability and poise) in Sagittarius (legal or philosophical ) standards are imposed. Limitations are more generous and sympathetic with the Moon opposed to planets Venus and Neptune in Pisces. Health issues for prevention and the spread of epidemics are addressed. Proof is needed to verify claims. Technical support seeks to justify status.

Friday February 6th – The Moon in Virgo can now act independently of the protective Jupiter, as practical matters are attended to. A revision of standards and practices is in order. As Virgo is attentive to detail, directives can be carried out in this transit. A trine aspect to Pluto in Capricorn indicates that actions will have to conform with directives from a power center. Acceptance of group authority, and the power of law, can help to achieve a better status. The details are laid out for the jury.

February 7, 2015 Sun opposed to Jupiter

February 7, 2015
Sun opposed to Jupiter

Saturday February 7th – The Moon travels into the air sign Libra, where issues can be weighed and deliberated upon, as Mercury is in trine aspect to the Moon early in the day. Some consensus can be reached by the sextile aspect to Saturn, a few hours later. Compassion for suffering is evident in a grater measure, as Venus in Pisces paints a clearer picture of the needs.

Sunday February 8th – As the Moon proceeds in Libra, it will opposed Uranus in Aries, a tactical tug-or-war aspect. However, with Pluto in Capricorn at the focal point, the indecisiveness and abruptness can be silenced with a decision from the ruling authority. Documents add power to point-of-view. Medical test results, dental x-rays, financial reviews and DNA give proof of identity. Absolute irrefutable evidence is required for legal rulings in some cases.

Monday February 9th – As the Moon in Libra is trine the Sun in Aquarius today, general good feelings and camaraderie prevails. Yet, the goals are obscure, as the Moon is quincunx Mars in Pisces. Humor may be involved, and not a realistic indication of direction. The outcome of any meeting is indecisive. The key seems to be the mercurial hold on the balance between the extremes and an unlikely solution. Mercury is still retrograde in Aquarius, although almost stationary. The time for implementing wisdom is never more needed.

Tuesday February 10th – By mid-day, the Moon enters the water sign Scorpio, and could bring out hidden aspects and emotional testimonies. Relationship issues may surface under pressure, and may help to resolve or to sway decisions. The trials of the homeless, the poverty-stricken and imperiled members of the population are brought to light. Suffering, healing, forgiveness all have a role in the way future decisions are made. A greater attention to the have-nots of society, and the difficulties facing daily existence for the poor or problematic mental health issues in society are highlighted. A measure of compassion is evoked as a result (Neptune, Venus and Mars in Pisces, as well as the asteroid Chiron)

I hope your week is a good one.


February 3, 2015

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