Week of December 24-30 2014 A Search for Perfection


With the stellium in Capricorn this week, the drive to perfection was optimized. Whatever perfection means to a person, he or she may have be driven to express that cause or action to achieve a better or more complete world within his or her mental framework. At the New Moon, the individual can feel more empowered to implement what has been withheld. For some that may bring about a positive change, for others the change is destructive. While ultimate perfection is not achievable, the greater good can be realized. New year’s resolutions can help one advance one’s personal goals for health or harmony with family and neighbors.

The Moon moves ahead through the signs of the zodiac, and can be testing the ground for reality, or finding how to apply one’s resolution for change. Aquarius is the consortium of friends whose feedback we respect and respond to. They will offer the first arena of implementation. If you can change your life, your friends may be able to help or hinder your goals. If you believe in yourself, you can convince even the doubters.

Wednesday December 24th – As the Moon enters Aquarius today, Mercury is advancing to form a conjunction with Pluto in Capricorn. This can challenge leadership roles, seek change or revolution, as the square to Uranus is activated, Uranus now turning in the direct motion (apparent motion from the vantage point of the Earth). Individual actions may be directed at contributing to that revolution, whether or not they are in fact effective. Saturn, the dispositor of the planets in Capricorn, and therefore, of increased importance, has moved to 0 deg Sagittarius. A general screed, a political conflict between peoples may be expressed as a rational for disparate and desperate acts. Conformity with one’s will or power of existence can out-weigh conformity with the majority. Mars and Uranus are in mutual reception, making for a volatile situation. The Internet, as the Uranian element, can be a focus or a means of conflict. As the Moon conjoins with Mars, some flammable situations can result. Care should be taken to avoid accidents, plan for first aide measures and emergency fire prevention.

Thursday December 25th The Moon in Aquarius opposes Jupiter in Leo today. One can balance personal pleasure with community gatherings. Efforts to overcome succeed and differences can be bridged for the day. Neptune in Pisces allows for universal suffering to be heard as well. Humanity as a whole must work to overcome the huge problems of disease and starvation. Generosity is required to give, specifically to like minded groups (Aquarius), which is then reciprocated. A celebratory mood.

Friday December 26th – Today we are able to achieve an act of kindness, empathize with the nations of the third world, struggling to survive. The Moon in Pisces is conjunct Neptune, and can raise the level of awareness, with an inclination to reach out to the needy. Revolution seems to be the act of desperate individuals, rather than an organized movement. Uranus is in a sign of personal power, Aries. Organized group actions, Pluto in Capricorn, are actually in conflict with the individual. Organized revolutionary movements such as ISIS abolish individual choice and needs.

Saturday December 27th – The Sun in Capricorn (organized social will) is in sextile aspect with Neptune ( universal solvent) in Pisces (emotional fluctuation). Boundaries, therefore, can be transcended. Traditional powers are strengthened when recognition of suffering is made stronger. Respect is increased thereby. The Moon transits Chiron, adding more empathy for the sick and powerless individuals in the world as a whole. Jupiter in Leo holds the handle of the basket, containing the remaining planets. While there is expansion and some concern here, there is also self-preservation in maintaining the balance.

Sunday December 28th – . The Moon moves into Aries, as we can look forward to starting new projects or feel renewed in spirit. Disruptions in communications (esp Internet) can again occur close to 9:00 pm PST. The Moon is in square aspect to Pluto at this time, igniting the Pluto-Uranus aspect (harsh 90 deg aspect). Mars is the dispositor of both Uranus and Moon in Aries, and in Aquarius, Mars can be leading a political protest, as there is an opposition forming to Jupiter, championing the rights of the individual. This is aimed at forcing change in the social or political atmosphere. It can be evidenced world-wide, although more freedom to demonstrate is allowed in the US (ruled by Uranus).

Monday December 29th Saturn in Sagittarius has the task of defining the limits of rights allocated legally (i.e.. by the Constitution), and this should be taken up in the next 2.5 years, as Saturn transits the sign of Sagittarius. Today the Moon in Aries is in a harsh square aspect with Mercury, igniting discussions on legal issues: Mars, now sextile to the Moon and semi-sextile (30 deg) to Mercury. Finding the median ground can be difficult, where a revolutionary (Mars in Aquarius) goal is expressed.

December 30, 2014 Mars opposes Jupiter

December 30, 2014
Mars opposes Jupiter

Tuesday December 30th – The Moon in Taurus today could calm tempers, settling emotions in the material well-being, the trine (helpful) aspect to the Sun in Capricorn could help to settle disputes, and keep the peace, at least for now. While proponents for change are facing off with the social norm, the gathering of energy in the opposition of Mars to Jupiter, the aspect becomes exact on January 1st. The major battles are yet to come.

Happy Chanukah!

Merry Christmas!

Happy New Year!


December 23, 2014



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