Week of December 17-23 2014 Conformity of Power at the Winter Solstice

GS_seal.refillWe open with tragic events, deaths and hostage taking by militants for Islamic State or Lone Wolf jihadists and martyrs. The violent actions, taking hostages and killing innocent people is thoroughly over on the negative side of the symbolism of the Uranus-Pluto square that was triggered by the transiting Moon in Libra, opposed to Uranus in Aries and squared by Pluto. The reaction of the world’s leaders may lead them to propose new plans of action. A t-square formation. With the fall of the ruble on international markets, Putin seems to be in deeper trouble. Putin’s natal Sun (13 deg 56min Libra) is opposed by transiting Uranus in Aries.  His chart is shown in an earlier post:  http://shoshananeshri.com/?p=253

For more reflections on the astrological configuration of this t-square, kindly refer to my new article December Windup January Breeze.

The Uranus -Pluto square aspect, that was exact on December 15, although has been operating and an influence for several months, in fact, since May 2013, will be less powerful, until March, when Uranus finally catches up in the conflict. Pluto is the underdog or the dispossessed nation, while Uranus is the revolutionary force. Pluto’s flip side is the power that controls, especially in Capricorn, and a dominant force . (http://shoshananeshri.com)

We can see tragic occurrences in smaller individual affairs, that usually are the result of long-time simmering conflicts, and are triggered and expressed by this lunar transit. The powerful square of Pluto (oppression-domination) and Uranus (revolutions– reversals) is unleashed. For most of us, the personal influence is negligible. For the world and humanity it is monumental. Some who are most affected have natal contacts to the major transits. Life is a school of hard knocks, despite the bowl of cherries, and one should not be deluded that he/she can live with both, or not learn to manage the psychological aspects, and/or to protect themselves from outside forces that can trigger their inner conflicts. For those who are more evolved psychologically and spiritually, the aspect can release creative forces, and positive social actions. There are two sides to human nature, and we have the choice to develop the positive aspects of the natal gifts. I’m still learning.

Wednesday December 17th Mercury enters Capricorn today, while the Moon transits into Scorpio around mid-day (US times). This, then is a new understanding, a new reality. We can be more thoughtful, ordered and organized in our thought and activities. You may be impassioned (Moon in Scorpio) toward a goal, concerned about achievement and success, or upset about world events, and determined to increase positive influence on those around you, family, friends an co-workers. You can now see a common goal. Strategy (Mercury in Capricorn) with group participation (Mars in Aquarius) can lead to reforms. Compassion increases with the Moon trine to Neptune in Pisces (the dispossessed people of the world).

Thursday December 18th – Power sharing (Mercury, Venus and Pluto in Capricorn)makes a greater impact on the collective psyche. The adjustment of government, heads of state, dictators and corporate managers, as well as the heads of family are more open to the appeal from the populace. Mars in Aquarius is squared by the Moon in Scorpio, causing loss or increase in power and esp. financial situations. You may feel impelled to give generously to a cause you identify with.

Friday December 19th – As the Moon completes the Scorpio run, this time around, it again meets up with Saturn, a stern master, at the final degree. You are impelled (Moon in Scorpio) to make your budget (Saturn for structure and discipline) for the month or year. Limitations and possibly more expenses are in view. Start saving now. You may also need to watch your weight, as the square aspect to Jupiter contact may lead you to over-indulge. Also then, Saturn may be changing his spots, as the old Scrooge readies for the holidays and the winter solstice.

Dec 20 2014  God's Eye formation

Fig 1: Dec 20 2014
God’s Eye formation


Saturday December 20th – We can wax philosophical today, even before the New Moon event late Sunday, US times. With Venus conjunct Pluto in Capricorn, Saturn’s rulership, skill and motivation combine. Achievement is rewarded, if only by increased status. You may be lucky today to hit the mark, especially for Aquarius and Leo natives. Mars in Aquarius at 12 deg, is exactly sextile to Uranus in Aries and semi-sextile to Pluto-Venus in Capricorn, while the Moon in Sag will also sextile Mars in the afternoon, forming a trine aspect to Uranus. ( see chart above) This can ease the pressure of the intense conflicts, and if well co-ordinated and focused action is applied (Mars in Aquarius), a situation can be defused, and solutions found to bridge the impasse. Jupiter in Leo responds through the opposition to Aquarius, and still the handle of the bucket formation. We are blessed with good fortune. Just maybe, a God’s Eye configuration is formed in the zodiac. (Jupiter in Leo is 10 deg from an opposition to Mars in Aquarius. Semi-sextile aspects are on either side of Mars: Chiron in Pisces and Pluto-Venus in Capricorn). Everything is from above.

Fig 2: New Moon Solstice Dec 21, 2014

Fig 2: New Moon Solstice
Dec 21, 2014

Sunday December 21st – The New Moon is at the Winter Solstice, 0 deg Capricorn, and a stellium in the sign of the mountain goat. That means there are five celestial bodies in the sign, besides the two luminaries, Mercury, Pluto and Venus. While the New Moon is early on the 22nd in England and points east of Greenwich, it will be at 9:37 pm EST. (see chart fig 2). Power is maintained in unity and conformity.

Monday December 22ndUranus turns direct ( apparent motion). A decision taken, the position made clear, convincingly, as the interests are made known to the consortium of power. Are we ready to implement a major change in how we are doing business? Whether it is a response to the economy, or to International power, such as the UN or the NATO powers, some action plans are made. Clear goals are agreed upon, and the shape of the future order is drawn up. The gathering of planets in Capricorn symbolizes a gathering of concern among power figures.

Tuesday December 23rd Saturn, the task-maker, the karma reaper, is finally at the last degree in Scorpio, the last minute of the last degree in Scorpio, and thus, as the dispositor of all the planets and luminaries in Capricorn, has the final word. Nature has a way of pushing things forward according to set rules and timing. The ingress of Saturn to Sagittarius, where it will be in Jupiter‘s sign, represents that last hold on power, and gives way to the shift of energy to work out a new co-ordinated plan between allies. We become a more united world, as we set a goal to eradicate terror so that we can also eradicate hunger and disease. All we have to do is follow the plan of the Universe.

May your troubles be small, have a good week.


Jerusalem, Israel
December 17, 2014

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