Week of Dec 31 2014 – Jan 6 2015 A Time of Social Healing and Bonding



Much needed time of social and family gatherings to heal and bond for the new year. Special interest groups may form, with probable intent for future activity, with Mars in Aquarius opposing Jupiter retro in Leo. Cultural groups bind and celebrate, while individuals may act counter to the program. Watch out for pranks, at best, and lone wolf attacks at worst. Avoid large public gatherings.

Saturn in the first degree of Sagittarius, is important for the zeitgeist of an era now forming. Saturn has authority, control and command. In Scorpio, many received the the punishment aspect for social deviation, debt worries and survival in a social arena.

Wednesday December 31st – The Moon in Taurus trines the three planets in Capricorn. My Taurus friends (those with Sun, Moon or ruler of the ascendant in Taurus) will receive full honors. However, you may also have the task of peace-keeping as opponents are likely to challenge you. The fact is that they are not your enemies, however they are in opposing camps. You chose to keep your distance from either opinion. While receiving honors, you may also be in the midst of controversy. As the time passes, you will also find admirers, friends who are sympathetic to your own cause.

Thursday January 1st – As the new calendar year opens, there is a shift in perceptions of justice. Saturn in Sagittarius can open they way for greater scrutiny and analysis of social ills. Revised standards (Pluto in Capricorn is disposed of by Saturn)seek to implement a shift from punishing oppression of individuals to a more conscientious approach emphasizing the rights of the individual. Assumption of guilt is phased out as a modus operandi in the police procedures. Obligation to protect the spirit of the law gains ascendancy. Individuals are able to use resources to further their philosophical, religious or political viewpoints. The Moon in Gemini opposes Saturn today, seeking modification and adaptation of norms to comply with values in updated directives. Meanwhile, science of the Universe is reaching farther afield, and deeper into our own planet, suggesting new world views of the planet. Not since Copernicus’ discovery of the solar system revolving around the sun, have we been challenged to adapt new attitudes to the importance of human existence. This has greater ramifications for human existence, planetary survival, and realization as one planet.

Friday January 2nd – Social support has been the focus of this opposition, that the individual can transcend and maintain dignity when faced with accusations of moral perpetuate. The plight of child offenders is highlighted, when incarceration is harmful and scares the child for life. So the opposition of Jupiter in Leo to Mars in Aries, a very impulsive aspect and one that can lead deeper into danger, even in the providential sign of Aquarius. Mars begins to pull away from the exact opposition to Jupiter at its station, now moving in retro. Attitudes begin to shift at this impasse. Power of wealth retreats while rights of man increase. We should all gain from this change of emphasis. Mars is disposed of by Uranus in Aries, while Uranus is disposed of by Mars..This mutual reception develops after the Pluto-Saturn mutual reception is released. More progress on issues of individual choice can be expected..Individuals can make significant gains using advanced techniques in electronics and science. Regression is discarded in favor of use of advanced technologies.

Saturday January 3rd – The unconscious collectivity views are expressed in personality and personification. Identification with the status qua may be looking back, as Jupiter retro in Leo. Mars is doubly separating from an opposition to Jupiter (moving in opposite directions, as Mars is direct and Jupiter retro). The forming configuration suggests that the emphasis on acquisition of wealth will be shifting to an emphasis on cultural awareness and breakthroughs in science. Like-minded societies promote social and cultural programs. The Moon completes its transit of Gemini today, with communication channels in full operation, as Mars and Venus are conjunct in Capricorn. Thus, Uranus may be less inclined to promote acts of revengeful violence. Power is expressed in a controlled manner. Progress is made in implementing social programs that have a far-reaching effect. Innovative ideas can be presented and developed now. Standards (Saturn in Sagittarius) are changing.

Full Moon in Cancer January 5, 2015

Full Moon in Cancer
January 5, 2015

Sunday January 4th – As Uranus is transiting to a closer square aspect to Pluto in Capricorn, the Sun conjunct Pluto and the Moon in Cancer, a Full Moon phase is reached tonight (US time zones). There could be a break-through, a release of pent-up energy. A test for new methods of crowd control, use of police force and media reporting, as well as for families. Acceptable channels for communication should be available. Venus moves into Aquarius, adding glamor to the light show. Innovation and glamor mark the day.

Monday January 5th Mercury joins Venus in Aquarius today. In the morning hours in the Middle East, the Full Moon could oppress, as Pluto is conjunct the Sun. Violent conflict continues, although the balance of power seems to be changing. Mercury in Aquarius is sextile to Saturn, opening communication and Internet access, perhaps even in North Korea.

Tuesday January 6th – The Moon enters Leo with an opposition to Mercury and Venus in Aquarius, putting awareness and drawing out the role of peace-keeper, and humanitarian volunteer workers. Mars also in the fixed sign of Aquarius, is less impulsive, being stabilized and pacified. More attempts to heal the cultural gaps are in progress this week. (Chiron in Pisces sextile aspect to Pluto in Capricorn).

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December 30, 2014

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