Week of Aug 13-20 2014 Struggling to Advance in Harmony


A global community is struggling to help the underprivileged.  That seems the most important thing that can be said about the conditions we are living in today, the global socio-economic conditions, whether you are in the comfortable range or the range of poverty stricken and disaster riddled areas, we are all struggling as one community.

This week’s comments on the galactic interactions was written on Wednesday. Due to an unexpected Internet interruption, I was unable to post it then. I have successfully moved to a better apartment, with a new Internet access built-in. Hooray! Also, I am very tired having spent hours packing and moving and dealing with providers of water, postal, air, bank, land, and you name it. Anyway, I have little time at the moment to review what I wrote the, so hope it flies for ‘ya.

Wednesday August 13th – Eagerly, Mars is striding forward to meet Saturn in Scorpio in a few days. Meanwhile, joyous Venus in Leo will meet up with vibrant Jupiter this week. Can the pain of one be appreciated or even noticed by the other? Can the joyous celebration be acknowledged by those who are debtors and imprisoned, victims of disasters? Do they have anything in common? As riches disappear from the coffers, and others feel their life and that of their children’s seeping away, is there a commonality here? Can either forget their sorrows and praise the just be grateful?

Attempts to heal the sick, comfort the poor and homeless, those at risk now, and tomorrow, are part of the work we need to do. The Moon leaves Pisces today, to find a more hopeful theme for the next cycle, as it trines Venus and then Jupiter in Leo. The fire signs are all about exuberant energy and enjoyment. Venus promotes beauty and pleasure, here in Leo is given power to play, and hopefully win. Self-awareness  and spontaneity predominate in the scheme of life. Doing kind acts of charity, will help you redeem yourself. Mars is the dispositor of the Moon in Aries. If your deeds merit praise or blame, it all figures into the sum total of life.

Thursday August 14th – Finding greater enjoyment early in the day. However, plans may be adjusted so keep a flexible timetable or agenda. Exceptional events may put you on track again, if anything seems unworkable, think it through. There is always more than one way to reach a goal. Advancements can be achieved through ingenuity.

Friday August 15th – Claim rewards now, a few days vacation time helps recover lost health and energy. The Moon leaves Aries today, for a more sedate time in Taurus, responding to Venus in Leo for pleasurable times, satisfying needs and appetites. Indeed it seems as though more pleasurable times are ahead of us.

Saturday August 16th Mercury enters Virgo, a sign of its rulership. Virgo internalizes thought and tends to anxiety. Thus, we are more aware, alert to possible dangers. The Moon in Taurus is in a trine aspect with Pluto in Capricorn and at the same hour an opposition aspect to Mars in Scorpio. We can feel called upon to act or remain hidden in our burrows today, refusing the call to respond. This may even be the best way to deal with some situations.

Venus and Jupiter Conjunct

Venus and Jupiter Conjunct

Sunday August 17thVenus and Jupiter are exactly conjunct today, while in a quincunx creative aspect to Neptune in Pisces. Neptune represents all the tragedies of the past few years, the cumulative suffering, the pain of survivors, the loneliness of those bereft and homeless. In Pisces, its rulership, it is vast community of those who are near and far. Relating to the needy through some creative expression can be the way to help today.

Monday August 18th – Continue to find warmth and pleasure in sharing your bounty with the needy today. A caution: do not take from the deserving in order to give to your friends who will give you the most appreciation. This is to gain from your charity, and corrupts the selfless giving that is needed. Mercury opposes Neptune today, setting up a give and take situation, that may in fact be an act of charity, where the needy population becomes more vocal. The Moon in Gemini today, can moderate to some extent and as we try to balance the opposing sides.

Tuesday August 19thVenus sprints ahead in Leo, leaving our enhanced awareness behind. Make the good feeling last, and even a permanent part of your life. No need to give up on something so good. Mercury opposing Neptune begins to wane in influence. There is no gain when when conflict is central to your life. Understanding how to deal with the Universal Unconscious and avoid being a victim or having a victim’s mentality. Uncovering hidden truth can lead to awakening. Neptune can be in the end a path to the Universal soul. Change is and continues to be an essential part of life.

Blessings and hope for a good week.


15 August 2014

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