Week of April 8- 14 2015 Uranus Leads to a New Awakening


It is so good that the conference to end nuclear proliferation will take place in Israel, bringing together Middle Eastern countries. This, I have just learned, will convene in a week’s time. The following paragraphs from April 8th and 9th were written two days ago.

Wednesday April 8th – The transformative measures taken during the past week are now formulated, actualized and put into practice. The announcement of the agreements reached, the decisions taken and the plan for future goals, starts to take root. Because of the radical departure from the past, disciplinary precautions must be enforced. The decisions that are made on behalf of a group must be accepted by the population involved. The Sun has moved beyond Uranus, although Mercury transits exactly conjunct to Uranus. The Moon is transiting in Sagittarius, and is conjunct to Saturn today, indicating the responsibility of the individual to accept the Uranus-Sun-Mercury in Aries departure or revolutionary measures.

Thursday April 9th – The Moon is to trine Jupiter in Leo and then Uranus, Mercury and the Sun in Aries, forming a grandtrine that is active, flowing and accepting of the situation, as a celebratory mood sets in. Jupiter in Leo turns direct apparent motion today, marking an end to the retrograde phase, and a step forward for social awareness. Mars, in the fixed sign of Taurus is the dispositor of Uranus, Sun and Mercury, adding determination and stability to the triple Aries planets. Venus is also in Taurus, inviting a gathering and improving stability. Mars is moving forward in a revolutionary mode, yet needing backing and stability from international leaders.

Friday April 10th – The Moon’s exit from Sagittarius, and sojourn in Capricorn begins late in the afternoon . At the moment, everyone seems rushing to present his new updated plan for a peace agreement between Israel and the Palestinians. The age-old battles continue, while the time seems right for a regional peace proposal. Mars in Taurus is aggressive in a self-protective mode. This gives foundation and endurance to the initiatives at hand.

Saturday April 11th – As it nears the middle of Capricorn, the Moon is in conjunction with Pluto, adding powerful voices that command respect. Nature has a energy-rich core, and nuclear energy is atomic power. Venus moves into Gemini later today, and this will add a flexible element to the initiatives at hand. The initiatives to control and enforce restrictions can take place in this climate of urgency.

Sunday April 12th – The Moon square to the planets in Aries, the triple conjunction of Uranus, Sun and Mercury, while drawing on the power of Pluto can bring this aspect into fruition. If it remains in the hands of responsible leaders, we will all gain from the debate, although sparking outrage among the leaders is also an element to be dealt with. Working for the common good of all mankind is imperative for a successful meeting.

Monday April 13th – The Moon in the fixedair sign of Aquarius today, can show there is a voice for accomplishing goals, as it will be sextile to Saturn in the morning hours in Israel, and later will square Mars, possible to deflect aggression, and then oppose Jupiter in Leo, to command the gathering of nations, and social awareness for embarking on a new path for humanity. While the Moon in Aquarius is in the sign ruled by Uranus, and Jupiter in Leo is in the sign ruled by the Sun, Mercury in consort will help add a communicative element to the day, the enemies may sit down under the fig tree and talk peace. The Lion (Leo) and the lamb (or Ram – Aries) are negotiating an agreement.

April 14 2015 Venus opposes Saturn

April 14 2015
Venus opposes Saturn

Tuesday April 14th – By mid-afternoon, the Moon is sextile to the Sun in Aries, a more compatible relationship is formed. Details may be worked out, with Venus in Gemini, there can be a double-meaning, and a multiplicity of points of view. Venus opposition to Saturn can force us to focus on current realities, and may be able to pare down interpretations. Mercury prepares to leave the combustible pair in Aries, and moves into the more grounded atmosphere of Taurus. Now the conversation seems to shift to the PlutoVenus venue, a contentious argument may be in the offing.

Have a great week! Thanks for reading my astrological forecast.

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April 7, 2015

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