Week of April 29-May 5 2015 Full Moon Resolution


This week opens with the Moon in Virgo, and 4 planets in Earth Signs, grounding us with a grand trine in Earth Signs. The eruptions and earthquakes have put us on edge, and Earth herself at times seems less friendly to its inhabitants, We become more united in the knowledge that such tragedies can occur almost anywhere. The initial shock is followed by calls for help, beckons assistance, emergency supplies and funds are immediately sent, however the time to help the injured, mourn the dead, find shelter for the living, is lengthy.

This week, finding the living and some security as we assist those whose lives have been shattered, occupies the aid givers. Our prayers are with the injured and those who mourn their dead.

Elsewhere, violence erupts, challenging the power of the status qua. Legal issues and police tactics are under scrutiny throughout the USA.

Wednesday April 29th – Emergency work continues, as the Moon in Virgo, the mutable-Earth sign, provides relief, care and universal empathy through the opposing sign of Pisces. Pluto in Capricorn turns from destroyer to provider, trines the energy planets in Taurus (Sun, Mars, Mercury) to provide life-saving substances to those affected. Universal Neptune in Pisces denotes large-scale suffering and need of life-saving assistance, humanitarian relief. The Sun in Taurus is sextile to Neptune, a working trine (easy) aspect, as emergency relief is sent from around the world.

Thursday April 30th – Expanding outreach, our lives connect universally, as Jupiter is edging closer to a doubly-approaching quincunx aspect with Pluto, the grand master of ceremonies. Jupiter adores beauty and preserves wealth, while Pluto disregards anything in its path, to maintain power and control (esp in the sign Capricorn). Capricorn is the cardinal-earth sign, demanding order and obedience. Weaknesses are not respected by Pluto in Capricorn. Strength and domination are its realm. Capricorn, as a earth sign, is of the feminine polarity, and seeks perfection. Pluto, as the destroyer, and transformer, in Capricorn can be totally eliminating. The terminator in form. Having turned retrograde on the 17th of April, Pluto is now in more of a soul-searching, reflective mode. This can be as powerful, although often reactionary rather than direct. (Indonesian executions, for example.)

Friday May 1st – The Moon entered the sign of Libra at 14:04 GMT on April 30th so a change in responsive attitudes is taking place, as the Moon will oppose Uranus today, a shift in universal awareness proceeds. Mercury enters Gemini, as more discussions are necessary, helping to integrate new material into the media. The Sun in Taurus moves toward a square aspect with Jupiter in Leo, as an awakening awareness responds, a wealth of goods and commodities becomes available.

Saturday May 2nd – As Mercury’s opposition to Saturn in Sagittarius becomes stronger, conflicts can reach a climatic point, as the media continues to bring out social problems for review. The focus on the deadly police actions in the US is based on legal requirements, following the push for incarceration and quick resolve of social problems using the police. Saturn in Sagittarius in retrograde views an unwinding of the philosophical and legal basis for the use of force and deadly weapons.

May 3, 2015 Full Moon

May 3, 2015
Full Moon

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Sunday May 3rd – Exposing bias in the establishment reaches a high point. The Moon in Scorpio transits opposite the Sun and Mars in Taurus. The Full Moon aspect is reached in the afternoon US time zones (early morning on the 4th: GMT). Jupiter is square the SunMoon opposition, as we find social power (Jupiter) is instrumental in backing the establishment, and the challenge to the role of police and use of force becomes a social issue. Juries selected from local population are given a voice in application of law. The cohesiveness (Jupiter) of the society is at risk.

Monday May 4th – While the jury deliberates, the media discusses. New powers may be applied only within the framework of the Constitution (Saturn in Sagittarius) requiring a legal backing. The strength of one’s loyalty to a social or genetic group (Sun trine Pluto) could be challenged by the cohesiveness of society and the legal structure (Jupiter in Leo square the Sun in Taurus). While the Moon in Scorpio is sextile and dispositor of Pluto in Capricorn (police use of force) it then moves to oppose Mars in Taurus, the legal and street battles continue. Power is destiny, and in some cases, the indiscriminate use of power can provoke revolution.

Tuesday May 5th – It is a bold Tuesday. The official stance of legal limitations and the authorities supervising police actions is due. The Moon conjunct Saturn in Sagittarius today, then opposing Mercury, as legal issues and pleas for calm are made. The cultural values of justice must be upheld in the eyes of the aggrieved. A change in personnel in power is likely. Limitations imposed must apply to authority figures as well.

Hope you have a peaceful week. Please send your responses to my newly configured email address: Gimelstar@shoshananeshri.com

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April 28, 2015

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