Week of April 13-20 2014- Notes on the Eclipse

Blood Mood Eclipse
Blood Moon Eclipse


I will devote this issue to the eclipse action, and due to the celebration of Passover, I will not do a day by day reading. What is significant, in addition to the eclipse, is that Pluto changes direction of the 15th, as the eclipse takes place. Thus, there could be as weakening, or slight change in impact of the traditional power structure and the wielding of nationalistic ambition beginning now. In a week, at the conclusion of the Passover, the square aspect between Uranus and Jupiter and Uranus and Pluto becomes exact. Pluto slows and turns retrograde, as Jupiter reaches the opposition point. This is the tipping point, and the changes indicated by the eclipse are felt strongly at this time, and begin the unfold as the month progresses, and into the next month.

The effect of an eclipse on a natal chart, when the eclipse point, Sun or Moon location, is exactly conjunct a natal planet, can indicate events as much as two months before or prior to the eclipse. The Flight HM370, the earthquakes and the political reversals, resignations, etc. are now within orb of the eclipse date. The Sun at 25 deg Aries and the Moon at 25 deg Libra on the eclipse day/time.

This week on Tuesday morning, there is a total lunar eclipse. It can be seen in the US, 12:46 am PDT or 3:46 EDT. London would also be in viewing range at 7:45, and may be visible before sunrise.


Author and folklorist Adrienne Mayor commented:

“The night sky is one of the greatest storytelling panoramas,” said Adrienne Mayor, a science historian at Stanford University in California who studies how ancient cultures interpreted data and derived meaning from the natural world.

“Things in the natural world are the hints and clues for the story,” Mayor said. “When you see the moon, you remember the story you heard when you were a kid and you pass it on.” See the article.


The moon takes on this color during the eclipse as it passes through the Earth’s shadow, which is the color of a desert sunset. The Tetrad or  four blood moons will occur in roughly six-month intervals on the following dates: April 15, 2014; October 8, 2014; April 4, 2015, and September 28, 2015.

This phenomena has not occurred for 300years.  Such a rare event may call for invention of stories, rather than recalling stories told as a child. The Red Moon is visible when there is an Umbral eclipse, so the redness itself is not that rare. You may choose to teach your child (depending on age and understanding) with the scientific explanation, such as on websites like  NASA or go to #eclipse on Twitter to share your views and experience viewing the eclipse.

One might invent a story such that the Moon is embarrassed or maybe angry, emotions associated with the color red. A story to explain the color might be that the Moon is upset with what is happening today, with tragedy and child starvation on earth. The moon is related to love, and romance. So the power of love may be stronger and more attractive at this time. These are teaching paradigms that could relate to the child’s experience or perception of the world.

“Why is the Moon red, Mum?”

“ The Moon is red because of all the sorrow on earth. She is angry because there are children starving,” might therefore serve to explain.

“How does the Moon know?“

“The Moon is like our mother, and sometimes feels sad.“

The Moon in astrology denotes the emotional side of a personality. As the physical Moon reflects the Sun’s light, our emotions involve reactions and personal interactions. The Moon denotes the Mother in a chart reading, and can give some clues as to how the personality was formed in relationship to the mother, the primary relationship of the child. The Moon in Cancer, for example, would denote a warm, protective, nurturing relationship. The Moon is Aries would foretell a relationship based on achievement and personal accomplishment. It is the sign of impulsive actions, so the child, the Moon sign is most obvious in childhood, would be difficult to reign in and discipline. The moon is not the mother herself, but the relationship with the mother that develops, such that it is how the child perceives his or her mother.

The Full Moon shows her face, and the Moon is usually depicted as feminine, although we talk about the “Man in the Moon” as a face profile can be imagined at the second quarter phase.

As the child grows to maturity, the Sun, its sign and position by house and aspect, becomes more important, as the psyche develops to maturity. As the moon passes through the shadow of the earth it reflects the light of the sun to a deep red color.

The solar-lunar cycle is a annual transit of the seasons. As Spring begins with the solstice, when the Earth’s journey around the Sun, a constant the tilt of the Earth on it’s axis, reaches the point in the orbit where there is equal day and night. From the spring equinox, daylight gradually increases until the summer solstice is reached, and the Earth rounds the orbit to tilt gradually away from the Sunlight, giving an increase in time of shadow on Earth. The Moon orbiting the Earth reflects the sunlight.

The Moon is important for the calendar, giving us months and weeks, the division of the lunar cycle into four phases. The Moon is a lantern to light the sky at night, except during the new Moon phase, the darkest nights. Thus, the Moon is change, growth and a guidance for our steps and night travels. The Moon gives us direction as well as time. It stands as a marker for the traveler. A full Moon gives an advantage of lightening the night into day, also creating spooky shadows.

Without the Moon there might still be seasons, as the Earth orbits the Sun, though no monthly demarcation and thus no weeks. Time would be only seasonal change, and difficult to grasp. Day and night can be counted by the earths rotation, but still a boring 365 days. We need the Sun and the Moon, the Father and the Mother, for fecund life. Thus the harvest moon celebration, typically, a red full Moon.

Astrology sees all this happening, and divides the sky into twelve spheres or signs. In Tropical Astrology, 0 deg Aries is the spring equinox. The 12 signs depict human relationships and personalities. However, it is the luminaries and the planets that are the actors on the stage of life, in astrology, denoting action according to the nature of the planet.

The full Moon in the Hebrew month of Nisan is the first night of Passover. The Passover Seder is held on the first night of Passover, when the children ask the question”Why is this night different from all other nights?” And so the Passover story, the exodus from Egypt, the giving of the Torah is initiated. A story and tradition passed down from generation to generation as the Haggadah (the Passover text) is recited.

So this Full Moon is special for several reasons, and one that it is the night of Passover Seder, and “different from all other nights”, and it is a Full Moon, the first of the astrological year, the first of the spring season, and a Blood Moon, an umbral eclipse Moon showing a brilliant color for about an hour. This is perhaps a sign, and eclipse has a effect such as Uranus; a reversal of affairs, a sudden change, or an event of significant revolutionary impact on life. A sudden or unexpected turn of fate, as it were. As Uranus is conjunct Mercury and in Aries, a volatile sign, although more than 13 deg from the sun, and therefore not a strong aspect, however, the planets in Aries, The Sun, Uranus and Mercury are all disposed of by Mars, the ruler of Aries. Mare is retrograde in Libra, and will oppose the planets in Aries, and has already instigated revolutionary actions. The full impact of the opposition will continue into May.

Earthquakes are happening with a greater frequency and impact during the two weeks before and after the eclipse.

As noted previously, this event sometimes co-insides with political assassinations and earthquakes.

An Earthquake magnitude 7.3 struck Solomon Islands, April 12, also Chili, Oklahoma, and Nicaragua. (see volcano action on my homepage)

Wishing you a Blessed Week





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