Viewing a Possible Future — December 14-21 2022


As charismatic Jupiter heads to the ingress of Aries on December 21st, at the solstice, as monumental change is breaking around us. You are encouraged to make changes now. Change what you have always wanted to change. A new beginning in community support is one positive note for Jupiter in Aries. This week, as Jupiter moves through the last half of the last degree of Pisces, envisioning a future requires personal courage. Neptune remains in Pisces for another five years, with a 6-month sojourn in Ares in 2025, then back into Pisces until January 2026, as we move out of the fog and into the sunlight, possibly marking a new renaissance area. Saturn ingress to Pisces in March 2023, gives more structure as the lessons learned over the past decade are brought into focus. The Moon in Virgo this week is trine aspect to the planets in earth signs, Capricorn and Taurus, as plans are readied, and bridges built for the future, and the end of the calendar year approaches. The 3rd Quarter Moon phase on December 16th, as the Moon is in opposition aspect to Neptune and Jupiter, then transits to Libra and Capricorn. The solstice on December 21st marks the seasonal change as the darkest night in the northern hemisphere.

Summary of Major Aspects of the Week

Wednesday December 14th — The Moon and Ceres in Virgo occupy half the zodiac, with all other planets posited in signs from Sagittarius to Gemini. The Sun in Sadge is square aspect to Neptune in Pisces, mutable signs in conflict, as the Sun radiates power. Neptune disperses energy, depleting resources. Conflicts arise concerning the use of resources. The Moon in Virgo makes trine aspects to Venus in Capricorn with appreciation of simple forms of beauty, and Mercury in Capricorn for critical communication exchanges. Ceres is trine aspect to Pluto in Cap. making protection of the environment is a priority of the earth natural resources. Mercury makes a square aspect to Ceres in Aries, as experiences may be rejected by authoritative preference. Mercury and Venus as well as Pluto are disposed of by Saturn in Aquarius. Applying critical thinking to a focused ideal may produce results, as humanitarian needs can be supplied through scientific applications.

Thursday December 15th — The Moon in Virgo transits to the trine aspect to Mercury in Capricorn and trine aspect to Uranus in Taurus, for a grand-trine configuration in earth signs.  A flow of material goods, and an inspiration of good-will overcomes any objection. Upsetting details may be explained clearly. As the Sun supersedes the square aspect to Neptune, the narcissistic behaviors are rejected. The Moon’s opposition aspect to Neptune overnight in US time zones while morning hours in Europe, Middle Eastern countries, and all points eastward.  A T-square configuration is in effect, with the Sun at the sensitive focal point, able to empower a reversal. 

Third Quarter Moon Phase
December 15, 2022

Friday December 16th — The Moon in Virgo is trine aspect to Pluto in Capricorn. A recommendation here to practice regenerating health with innovative therapies. Genetic research becomes practical. The Moon is square aspect to the Sun at the 3rd quarter phase of the Moon [see chart image above]. The Moon in an opposition aspect to Jupiter in the final minutes of the final degree of Pisces searches for renewal, maybe an analysis of all social ills and rewards for achievement. Mercury in Capricorn is quincunx aspect to Mars retro in Gemini, bringing unexpected luck, or possibly being vexed by elusive goals, as Mercury transits to a trine aspect with Uranus retro in Taurus. The Moon’s ingress to Libra seeks balance amid controversy.

Saturday December 17th — The Moon in Libra makes a square aspect to Venus in Capricorn, simultaneously an opposition aspect to Chiron in Aries, for a T-square configuration. The Moon is disposed of by Venus, and so gains allies in the legal conflict. Applying wisdom gained through experience is insufficient in application of a legal case yet should be taken into consideration for justice to prevail. The Moon trine aspect to Mars retro in Gemini, indicates a speedy process. The Sun in Sagittarius is square aspect to the midpoint of Neptune and Jupiter in Pisces. The Sun is disposed of by Jupiter, as the expansion of humanitarian assistance gains support. Mercury in Cap is partile trine aspect to Uranus retro in Taurus, as a major reversal of a legal matter is achieved. The Moon is square aspect to Mercury and quincunx aspect to Uranus retro, an indication that the decision is in favor of the plaintiff. With Saturn the dispositor of Mercury (also of Pluto and Venus) the benefits are likely limited to few, possibly those are in specific political circles.

Sunday December 18th — The Moon in Libra is trine aspect to Saturn in Aquarius, and quincunx aspect to Neptune in Pisces, as peace prevails in some quarters, although suffering is more acute overall. The Moon is sextile aspect to the Sun in Sagittarius, while square aspect to Pluto in Capricorn, and later a quincunx aspect to Jupiter in Pisces. More actions may be required if a case can be seen as legitimate.

Monday December 19th — The Moon in Scorpio makes a conjunction aspect to Ketu, and sextile aspect to Venus in Capricorn, quincunx aspect to Chiron retro in Aries and also, quincunx aspect to Mars retro in Gemini for a Yod formation. This is the resolution sought and finally achieved. The Moon in a congratulatory sextile aspect to Venus in Cap, then an opposition aspect to Uranus retro in Taurus, allowing for a readjustment in priorities. The Sun in Sagittarius approaches a square aspect to Jupiter in the final degree of Pisces, ushering in a new Jupiter cycle.

Tuesday December 20th — The Moon in Scorpio is sextile aspect to Mercury in Capricorn at the Jupiter ingress to Aries. Doomsday may not be so close after all, as new level of ingenuity and invention gets underway. The Moon square aspect to Saturn in Aquarius and trine aspect to Neptune in Pisces cautions about the slow pace of development, as the bourgeoning social needs of the planet Earth. The Moon makes a sextile aspect to Pluto with warnings of nuclear proliferation. The Moon ingress to Sagittarius is trine aspect to Jupiter in Aries, indicating an enthusiastic view of the future.

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