Venus-Mercury Rendezvous — November 16-23 2022


Venus’ ingress to Sagittarius on the 16th, Mercury follows a few hours later. The conjunction of Venus and Mercury is completed on the 22nd of November, when Mercury supersedes Venus. The Sun ingress to Sagittarius also on the 22nd (8:22 UT). The Moon in Scorpio navigates the scene, attempting to pull together in uncertainty. Mars in Gemini is at the stress point of the Neptune/Ceres opposition aspect. The goal could be to incorporate generational diversity with more empathy. The soul of the world may be at stake. With Saturn in Aquarius, we learn about history as well as make history for the future. Saturn is doubly approaching a trine aspect with Mars in Gemini, as it doubly separates from the square aspect to Uranus retro in Taurus. Four planets and Chiron are retrograde on one half of the sky, Jupiter turns direct on the 24th

Summary of Major Aspects of the Week

Wednesday November 16th — The Moon in Leo makes square aspects to the Sun and Mercury in Scorpio prior to its ingress to Virgo later today. Mercury ingress to Sagittarius a few hours later, trailing Venus. Moon in Virgo is also square aspect to the Venus and Mercury conjunction aspect in Sagittarius. Conflicts between strict religious observance and a secular approach threaten government policies. The Sun approaches the sextile aspect to Pluto in Capricorn, also trine aspect to the midpoint of Neptune and Jupiter in Pisces. Radical approaches to promote healing could be implemented now. Ceres in Virgo makes a quincunx aspect to Saturn in Aquarius, indicating limits for the allocation of funding for humanitarian programs.

Thursday November 17thMars in Gemini retro square aspect to Neptune retro in Pisces mirrors our frustrations as debates are endless. While personal goals may dissolve, goals for global relief could progress. Finding an alternative path could be salvation. The Moon in Virgo makes no major aspects until late in the day, when a quincunx aspect to Chiron in Aries occurs. Mercury, the dipositor of the Moon, is in a continuing conjunction aspect with Venus in Sagittarius as philosophical issues are worked out.  Practical measures could succeed in the defense of humanistic goals.

November 18, 2022

Friday November 18th — The Moon in Virgo makes a quincunx aspect to Saturn in Aquarius, rejecting limitations prior to the opposition aspect to Neptune retro in Pisces, and the square aspect to Mars retro in Gemini, creating a T-square configuration [see image]. Ceres in a conjunction aspect to Moon, joins the opposition aspect to Neptune and the T-square with Mars. The climate summit COP27 makes an impact on international efforts to combat the effects of climate change. Ceres conjunction aspect to Moon indicates the understanding of the need for healing and adaptation. Mars in Gemini promises action, although the situation is overwhelmingly ominous. Critical steps need to be taken worldwide. The Moon trine aspect to Pluto impresses the need for transformation, while Venus/Mercury conjunction aspect in Sagittarius produces encouraging speech.  

Saturday November 19th — The Moon in Virgo in an opposition aspect to Jupiter retro in Pisces early morning US time zones, mid-day in Europe and the Middle East, as the climate conferences end on a more positive note. The Sun doubly approaches a trine aspect to Jupiter in Pisces for successful achievements. Mars retro in Gemini square aspect to Neptune retro in Pisces reaches partile. The Moon ingress to Libra, then makes sextile aspects to Mercury and Venus in Sagittarius. Seeking a balance, between the theory and practical implementations, conversations could produce idealistic policy, although actions are less likely at this time.

Sunday November 20th — The Moon in Libra is in an opposition aspect to Chiron in Aries early today, seeking balance of practical measures with intuitive wisdom, or unable to reconcile differences. The Moon makes a trine aspect to Saturn in Aquarius, and then a grand-trine configuration develops to include Mars retro in Gemini. Air sign grand-trine could lead to rapid progress with developing theoretical agreements. Mars retro in Gemini square aspect to Neptune retro in Pisces remains a strong influence indicating lack of motivation or ability to implement necessary measures. The Moon in a quincunx aspect to Neptune in Pisces indicates that the necessary remedies are not sufficient to meet the extent of the decay. Ceres in Virgo is square aspect to Mars in Gemini, pressing the needs of future generations.

Monday November 21st — The Moon is in a square aspect to Pluto early in the day, possibly disturbing sleep with images of powerful adversaries, then quincunx aspect to Jupiter upon awakening and realizing it was a dream. The Moon ingress to Scorpio brings out deeper emotional responses. Ceres in Virgo is in an opposition aspect to Neptune, maintaining the T-square configuration of the past two days, seeking support for environmental causes.  The Sun ingress to Sagittarius, to join Mercury and Venus prior to the new Moon and initiating the Sagittarius season.  While the future is not assured free of defects, hope is rising that the nations will overcome climate deterioration and ideological conflicts. The Sun ingress to Sagittarius is at 8:22 UT on November 22nd.

November 22, 2022
Sun ingress Sagittarius

Tuesday November 22nd — The Sun in expansive Sagittarius with Venus and Mercury also in Sadg, disposed of by Jupiter retro in Pisces. Jupiter will be changing to apparent direct motion on the 24th, helping us to remain positive about the future. The Moon in Scorpio is conjunction aspect to Ketu, and quincunx aspect to Chiron in Aries early in the day, suggests a possible release of negativity and a chance for renewal, as past experiences lose relevance. The Moon then makes an opposition aspect to Uranus retro in Taurus, as a stressful economic situation could reduce investments. A few hours later, a square aspect from the Moon to Saturn may indicate conflict with authorities. Restrictions may apply.

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November 15, 2022
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