Uranus Default or Opportunity — May 3-10 2023


A Full Moon eclipse on May 5th with the Moon in Scorpio. This has the potential as an indicator of economic stability. There may be dramatic shifts in the strength of economic indices in the days and weeks ahead. The Sun transit of Uranus next week could bring more immediate breakthroughs. While Mercury avoided the full conjunction with Uranus by turning retrograde on April 22nd, the Sun will be in a conjunction aspect with Uranus, the planet of dramatic change, that offers opportunity as well as disasters. It is often unexpected change that catches one off guard that is the most devastating. The Sun represents consciousness and therefore awareness. Mercury, however, was in an effective conjunction with Uranus on April 21st, with about 2-degree orb of separation before turning retrograde. Perhaps planned events did not materialize, needing more thought, so back to the drawing board. Mercury will not actually consummate the conjunction until July 1st. However, the Sun now forming the conjunction brings about a more powerful opportunity with full awareness May 8th -10th. What has been under wraps comes to fruition.  This could also include the development of AI programs, as Uranus would be an indicator of AI technology. The misuse of technology becomes of greater concern. Mars approaching the trine aspect with Neptune, the conjunction aspect is completed by May 15th is an indication of deceptive goals.

Summary of Major Aspects of the Week

Wednesday May 3rd — The Moon in Libra makes an opposition aspect to Chiron in Aries as though searching for the balanced solution. The quincunx aspect to Uranus in Taurus that follows could throw your whole project off kilter or at least cause some unease. A square aspect to Mars in Cancer follows, with the Moon as the dispositor of Mars: goal directed forces prevail with the will to succeed. The Moon in a trine aspect to Venus a few hours later brings more enthusiasm to the prospect at hand.

Thursday May 4th — The Moon in Libra, (early morning hours) makes an opposition aspect to Jupiter, requiring that balanced measures be implemented. The Moon ingress’ Scorpio, square aspect to Pluto in Aquarius, as Pluto turns retro. Oppressive measures create a scenario of revenge. Venus in Gemini then sextile aspect to Jupiter in Aries presents a way out: work on improving communication skills (Gemini). Venus square aspect to Neptune in Pisces shows compassion for suffering. Emergency medical treatments, and psychiatric care are indicated. The Moon in an opposition aspect to Mercury retro overnight (morning on Friday in Europe and points eastward). Unsettled dreams, fears of reversals or a disconnect could be disturbing.

Full Moon Eclipse
May 5, 2023
San Francisco, CA 10:33 PM

Friday May 5th — Full Moon eclipse in Scorpio today [chart insert]. The reality becomes clear as many efforts of this cycle are brought to fruition. Contracts, marriage, or business agreements, are intensified, becoming meaningful. In addition, the 15th degree of the fixed signs is considered auspicious (this Full Moon is at 14 deg 58’ for Sabian Symbols it is the 15th degree) of this Taurus/Scorpio opposition. It is the Sabian Symbol of the Taurus 15 deg that indicates great inner resources, in that it is the conscious mind that is aware of the outer difficulties and able to navigate the forces. The Sabian Symbol for the 15th degree of Scorpio is a scenario of playfulness, although with an honesty of expression, while bound to sensual limits. The two symbols are in a relationship of give and take in the opposition aspect, the Sun and Moon relationship. The eclipse gives a transcendent power to the aspect. The Moon makes an opposition aspect to Uranus in Taurus a few hours later, a possible change in the direction of the outcome, as unexpected reversals may then occur. The time of the eclipse for the west coast USA, is 10:33 AM, occurring in the succedent 5th-11th House axis, a sense of continuity is fostered with futuristic programming. A Venus/Jupiter sextile aspect simultaneously with the Full Moon gives a sense of joy in the developments, to add to the playfulness of the Sabian Symbol for the Moon. The roll-out of more AI features seems fitting for the aspects during this Full Moon eclipse. 

Saturday May 6th — A grand-trine configuration brings ease of expression in the water signs, beneficial for those with natal planets in the last decant of water signs. This is followed by a Yod formation as the Moon is quincunx aspect to both Venus in Gemini and Jupiter in Aries, another indication of creative expression. The Moon is void-of-course for about 5 hours prior to its ingress to Sadge (20:05 UT), sextile aspect to Pluto retro in Aquarius and out-of-sign quincunx aspect to Venus, a few hours before Venus’ ingress to Cancer. A Yod formation is activated for those with natal planets close to the cusp of Sagittarius and cusp to Cancer and/or Aquarius. This combination of active planets and slower moving Pluto suggests innovative use of resources as favorable agreements are reached.

Sunday May 7thCeres in Virgo returns to direct (apparent) motion, approaching a sextile aspect to Mars in Cancer. Ceres can aid Mars in Cancer’s goals, that is the ability to preserve home and family. The Moon in Sagittarius makes a trine aspect to Chiron in Aries, thereby accessing deeper wisdom, by correlating experience. The Moon is then quincunx aspect to the Sun and Uranus, as the Sun approaches the conjunction aspect with Uranus in Taurus. Think of finances for planets in Taurus, with the upcoming deadline for extending the US national debt limit, the Sagittarian Moon could indicate a court intervention, or legal issues that need resolved.

Monday May 8thMars in Cancer reaches a partile sextile aspect to Ceres in Virgo, as the Moon in Sagittarius is quincunx aspect to Mars and square aspect to Ceres. Discord exists in the political arena, while initiatives on the home front offer protection to the underdog in court proceedings. The Moon transits to a trine aspect to Jupiter in Aries, indicating just rewards. As the Sun in Taurus is conjunction aspect to Uranus for the following 2 days, disposed of by Venus in Cancer, the risk of foreclosure or default raises tension. The Moon’s ingress to Capricorn (23:34 UT) at 19:34 EDT is an indication that intensive work will accomplish results. The Moon makes an opposition aspect to Venus in Cancer, as dependence on the resolution of the crisis is crucial for household solvency.

Tuesday May 9th — The Moon in Capricorn is disposed of by Saturn in Pisces, sextile aspect to Saturn, and trine aspect to Mercury retro in Taurus.  The Sun in Taurus supersedes the conjunction aspect with Uranus. All the indications are that a remarkable achievement is made. The budget cap is extended, and while there is relief there, the issue may be overshadowed by an agreement that leads to a solution in the conflict in Ukraine. The Moon transits to the trine aspect with Uranus and the Sun late in the day US time zones, early morning on Wednesday in Europe and the Middle East.

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May 2, 2023
Jerusalem, Israel

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