Universal Soul Mending Week of September 9-15 2015


The coming New Moon on Sept 13th is a partial solar eclipse, while the Full Moon on the 27h -28th (apply time zones) is a Lunar Eclipse, some are calling it a Supermoon, as the Moon will appear larger at his point in its orbit around the Earth it is at its closest distance (perigee). In astrology, an eclipse is similar to the effect of Uranus. It has the effect, to those who planets are exactly conjunct, especially, of a sudden jolt, or awakening, that often results in a personal change of direction.

Of course, to understand how a profound effect as it relates to an individual, the chart of that person must be analyzed. An eclipse on the natal Saturn, for example can indicate the death of a parent, or sudden change of personal status. On one’s natal Sun, it could be an indication of a spiritual awakening, etc. A sudden event within a 2 month time frame of the eclipse is noted for the occurrence. So this is generally not foreseen or read by a chart analysis. However, with other indications of this month being for a shift in orientation, awareness and circumstances, a major transition is being witnessed. Saturn moves into Sagittarius, prompting legal issues to be resolved, and affecting a wide social application. Pluto and Mercury and Venus change direction, this month. Soon after the Fall Equinox, Mars moves into Virgo, as we more vigorously analyze and apply goals to our daily work activity.

In Western concepts (allowing for different forms- no universal), goal-setting is very important. We are achievement oriented. We demand service for our money. Solving the world’s problems, of wars and refugees, global warming trends and economic crisis is making it more difficult for us to just stand by. Mars enters Virgo and Pluto turns direct on the 26th one day before the total lunar eclipse, and taken together indicate that this is a pivotal time, as we face extraordinarily difficult decisions and issues.

Wednesday September 9th – The Moon enters Leo today, as finding joy and friendship seems a lot easier. As a lengthy conflict is impelling civilians to flee to any land that will accept them, in Europe or elsewhere, we witness that the Sun and Jupiter are in opposition to Neptune, the great dispersing energy, and Chiron, the wounded healer. Jupiter is magnifying the impact of Neptune, gaining sympathy for hundreds of thousands of individuals seeking refuge. The back and for th transfer between the planets is symbolic and descriptive of this dramatic and historic human migration. For many of us, this could be a time of stagnation, or a deepening of suffering, perhaps symbolic, such as financial worries and debt increases. Drug abuse, and human loss is staggering in its toll of society. Solutions can be found, although sacrifices have to be made.

Thursday September 10th – The Moon conjunct to Venus and Mars in Leo today, we are now apt to seek distractions, entertainment or perhaps a dose of escapism, to neglect and persistent problems. Certainly we can enjoy comforts that we have and appreciate them more, when we see how fragile it all is. The Moon trine to Uranus in the afternoon could again affect the stock markets, as jitters remain about the economy. The configuration of double opposition continues, as the Sun and Jupiter now individually oppose Chiron and Neptune. Talk of support and offering asylum to the refugees continues, while their numbers and sufferings increase.

Friday September 11th – Turning to our work-a-day matters, we reflect on service to humanity. The Moon leaves Leo and enters Virgo, where we can tend to details, supply and money flow are of concerns. We could even expand our identity to include, and reach out to those in need as Jupiter inclines us to generosity, as the Moon and Jupiter combine for the afternoon hours. This could be more work, but work that involves us wholly and we are therefore happy to work as we gain in some way, especially in gratitude. The Sun quincunx Uranus can also free us from limiting beliefs, as more creative ways are adapted. Virgo is likely to watch the budget, however, and could, outside of a neurosis, limit expenditures.

Saturday September 12th – The lunar transit of Jupiter, and opposition to Neptune disperse gains, as giving generously to causes of concern are highlighted. The more you give, the more you want to give, as the humanitarian suffering becomes a global concern. The imminent New Moon in Virgo, a partial solar eclipse, opposes Chiron, perhaps the wounds we seek to heal are in our own inner self. Anxiety may be the result of too great a need to enjoy, but this can be moderated, if working as a community or family. Over-indulgence most surly leads to a painful awakening.

Partial Solar Eclipse September 13, 2015 5:43 am GMT

Partial Solar Eclipse
September 13, 2015
5:43 am GMT

Please click on the image to enlarge

Sunday September 13th – The New Moon solar eclipse is a t 5:43 GMT, and that is late on Saturday night US time. With Jupiter opposing Neptune today, increase in sorrow or simply reflection, increased vulnerability to illness or psychiatric conditions, or moodiness can afflict some, although others are at ease, so it very much depends on individual personalities. The Sun opposing Chiron can bring out the wounded healer, and show us how to cope with the extremes of the day. The Moon trine to Ceres later in the day, as a sense of universal reflection on the efforts of helping refugees. Our sense of responsibility to helping those in need gives us a warm feeling of completion. It is good to give.

Monday September 14thMercury and Venus are sextile today and, as we are able to identify relate to one another in a congenial mode. Also, to help to heal the suffering of fellowman and understand a bit more about ourselves and our role in life. The Moon enters Libra, and this sign seeks to balance the books or the emotions. Being there for others, for family and friends remains a high priority.

Tuesday September 15th – Today we can continue to understand and grow, absorbing to a greater extent our inner universal roles and the archetypal personalities we are always emulating, as a path that is culturally endowed. There is peace and security in accepting a role model, and one that is a good match to our relations enriches our lives. In Virgo, we are able to adapt to situations and work to improve our lives and the life of others.

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September 9, 2015
Jerusalem, Israel

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