Underlying Values Surface to Confront the World – Week of June 8-15 2016



This week begins with the Sun-Venus conjunction in Gemini, and MarsMercury in an opposition, so attractions can be alluring, although it is often an approach-avoidance situation. Mercury rules Gemini, so is therefore the dispositor of the Sun and Venus. In Taurus, Mercury is enjoying a heightened role, concerned about comfort of a more earthly type. Mercury’s dispositor is Venus in Gemini, giving the nod to the future role of a candidate as Venus and Mercury in mutual reception, a candidate with intelligent (Mercury) and graceful (Venus) attributes.  For us all, thinking and planning for future, such as investing for retirement or just summer fun, is indicated by Mercury in Taurus with Mars in opposition. Mars is retro in Scorpio, so here you are not sure whether to act or to run, whether to invest or enjoy now.  Jupiter trine Pluto gives a depth of appeal, so that admiration from a distance, a cultural icon, a political or entertainment or sports star could be perfect for all the glory.  The Moon in Leo gives the tendency to glamorize or romanticize the idol. Saturn is in a harsh aspect to Neptune, as more particularization and refinement of issues that affect millions, especially the indigent segments of the world, helps to reduce the overwhelming expansion of the cultural unconscious that surfaces now.

Summary of major aspects of the week

June 8, 2016 An Historic Day

June 8, 2016

Wednesday June 8th – We are enjoying freer expression now, having relinquished the conflict with the SunVenus pair. Mercury, in mutual reception to Venus, moves forward to the opposition with Mars. This is illustrated, for example, with the primary disputes settled we can move on to pave the way for the elections. The greater quandary, the role of individual in conflict with a continuously eroding world, an all engulfing sense of vulnerability (Neptune in Pisces), yet lurks, if only in the distance. The Moon in Leo prompts the arrival of creative works, a view of life is it is or can be, beyond conflict or a post-conflict world.  A shifting grandcross configuration is operating, becoming a set-in or in some cases a conflict from all sides, leaving individuals without support or options for a viable future.

Thursday June 9th –   It is difficult to resolve outstanding issues, such as complaints of service, as a lack of responsible actions predominates. This is a good time to enjoy the earthly pleasures (Taurus) and pastimes with friends and neighbors (Gemini).  Problems that can wait are pushed to the background (Neptune in Pisces.) Whether you enjoy spectator sports or theater, avoiding the conflicts can actually increase energy and the power of individual choice.  With a sextile from Mercury to Chiron is Pisces this can be a healing as well as an empowering opportunity.

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Friday June 10thVenus moves ahead of the Sun in Gemini, while the Moon transits into Virgo. Practical options are considered. We can take action now, as Mercury moves away from the opposition to Mars. A way ahead presents and action proceeds.  Adjustments can be made in personal relationships as conflicting goals are able to be resolved. Health and mental health issues that arise are also addressed. Medical breakthroughs are also likely to be revealed this week, with Jupiter trine to Pluto, and Mars trine to Chiron, with the potential to benefit large populations.

Saturday June 11th – The Moon opposed to Neptune and also the square aspect (90deg) to Mars a Tsquare configuration is formed. Saturn retro in Sag could be an indication of a significant court ruling, possibly shifting legal issues and affecting many. The Moon then transits Jupiter and is trine (120 deg) aspect to Pluto within a few hours. This can certainly have a wide effect for past and future generations. As Venus moves to form a sextile (60 deg) aspect with Uranus in the following time-frame, reversals of policy and traditions, especially relevant to women (as Venus represents the feminine side of nature), are likely.

Sunday June 12th – The Moon will be in trine aspect to Mercury, before moving into Libra. Relief is found as balance is sought. The remedies applied could be successful now. Catastrophes are averted now (hopefully). While the right medicine at the right time is advised, new issues can be averted. Venus and Moon combine with Chiron to being greater relief.  Integrating the feminine side of human nature (or yin) can be a big step forward for humankind.

Monday June 13thMercury moves into its home sign of Gemini. New voices are heard in the national narrative. New issues brought to the fore, as legal balances are adjusted. Greater acceptance of social normalcy and greater integration of diversity can be achieved (Jupiter trine to Pluto).   Saturn continues the square (90 deg) doubly approaching, and therefore strengthened, to Neptune in Pisces, as the move to define and reduce indigent homeless and incarcerated (Neptune in Pisces) populations with social reform (Saturn in Sag).

Tuesday June 14th – The Moon in Libra will oppose Uranus. There could be an effect here of the Moon’s transit of the 90 deg (square aspect) with Pluto on the same day. This could be a general movement sparked by the incidents of the past few days. Mars is quincunx (120 deg) to Venus in Gemini and quincunx Uranus in Aries. The two aspects are creative and especially regarding to the Taurus opposition degree (imaginary or indication action and intense involvement for those with planets at this deg).  This could bring about issues of inheritance or legacy, possibly relating to spousal issues.

With blessings for a secure and enjoyable week,
June 7, 2016

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