Transitions of Status and Power – Week of December 6-12 2017

This week starts with Mercury retrograde transiting Saturn in Sagittarius, as very fundamental issues are re-examined in public discourse as well is in legal systems. We all could look not only at our personal status (Saturn) legal issues, taxation issues, but also how we can implement effective change in the community and internationally. We have a global reach and an effect on global societies. The democratic process requires individuals to participate in the decision making process. Our international status (Saturn in Sag) is even more important this era, as electronic communication brings the world closer together. As the Moon in Cancer on the 6th opposes (180 deg, opposition) Pluto, submerged forces are reevaluated in current times to add depth to our analysis of today. We continue from the Full Moon on the 3rd to the last quarter lunar phase on 10th of Dec until the sextile aspect (60 deg, helpful) to the Sun on the 12th with the Moon in Libra. This last quarter is a challenge to change – personal feelings and attitudes are re-examined as we gain a deeper insight into past assumptions.

Wednesday December 6th – The Moon in opposition to Pluto (180 deg aspect ) and square aspect (90 deg harsh) to Uranus soon after, brings the PlutoUranus square configuration into force again for a few hours. It is a bit of déjà vu, but real all none-the-less. Threats from long-time enemies become reality. Difficult transitions underway (such as Brexit and the US tax plan) are erupting into consciousness and implementation.  The Moon trine (120 deg, easy) to Chiron today, seeks more universal support and wisdom, while Mars in Libra is sextile (60 deg, helpful) to Saturn and Mercury in Sag later in the day, so that some more acceptable adjustments can be made.  However, with the Moon square aspect (90 deg, harsh) to Uranus retrograde in Aries (Cardinal fire sign) there is urgency in the production of the final product. The Moon then transits to a square aspect to Mars in Libra, so that major power players are invoked, involved in the scheme at hand. Mercury retro and conjunct Saturn would slow the progress, and may seek to reverse the flow.

Thursday December 7th – There seems to be promise in the day, as the Moon is trine aspect to Venus and the Sun in Sag. A square aspect to Jupiter in Scorpio would perhaps unveil some secrets, but most likely they revelations are beneficial rather than harmful for a change. New recordings, new publishing and more advanced technology could be unveiled now. Partnerships are energized with the Mars influence in Libra, and the sextile to Saturn helps to overcome inertia in the political arena. The Moon in a trine aspect (120 deg, flowing) to the Sun increases expectations. Anxiety is created is the Moon quincunx (150 deg, problematic) to Neptune could erode emotional health, or provide an opportunity for spiritual growth.

Friday December 8th – The Moon quincunx (150 deg, problematic) Chiron and trine (120 deg, easy) to Uranus early today could be excitement that is harmful for the soul. Responses that are too easily sounded may actually lead us away from our inner truth and faith. Avoid addictive substances and behaviors. All that glitters is not gold. Gain is temporary and often neglects the obligations and the promises of self improvement efforts. As the trine aspect (120 deg, easy) to Mercury in Sagittarius develops, ambitions and dreams seem to be at hand, although this is also a temporary gain. A creative use of time and experiences proves to be of longer lasting value (Moon trine – 120 deg aspect- to Saturn in Sag).

Saturday December 9th – The Moon is in Virgo today at the Mars ingress to Scorpio. Caution against the excessive use of power or spending for pleasure. Careful gains can be made, however, as the Moon is sextile (60 deg, friendly) to Jupiter in Scorpio. Venus is trine aspect (120 deg, flowing) to Neptune in Pisces as creative instincts are deep as well as is the appreciation of music and art. We can draw spiritual strength from meditative experience. Keep in mind the balance of physical and spiritual health. Releasing past pains and sufferings can help to heal yourself and others (Mercury square aspect to Chiron). As the 3rd quarter Moon tonight is trine to Pluto in Capricorn this could be a constructive time for analysis, criticism or a catharsis of accumulated pain that once released changes the structural architecture. The Moon square aspect (90 deg, harsh) to the Sun promotes a crisis in consciousness such that past assumptions are altered as the future begins to take shape.

December 10 2017
3rd Quarter Moon Phase

Sunday December 10th – The Moon in Virgo is now in a square aspect (90 deg, harsh) to Mercury retro and Saturn in Sagittarius, (see the chart graphic above) as new rules and regulations are promoted. More radical views are absorbed more easily into the political mainstream. The Moon opposes (180 deg aspect, tense) Chiron as only spiritual wisdom will help to overcome the crisis. Ceres in Leo is in a trine aspect (120 deg, easy) to the Sun in Sagittarius, for enjoyment of sports and recreation. Families are drawn together in a self-protective mode or for reunion.

Monday December 11th – The Moon will ingress to Libra early in the day, as we seek balance and choice of profit or pleasure. The Moon will then transit to a sextile aspect with Venus in Sagittarius, the Moon’s dispositor, increasing chance for beneficial results. Extreme measures are now rejected, as a more moderate stance is popular. A quincunx aspect (150 deg, difficult) from the Moon to Neptune in Pisces may help to expand your vision or obscure the issues, as Neptune is trine (120 deg, flowing) to Jupiter in Scorpio and square aspect (90 deg, harsh) to Venus in Sag.  More revelations are disturbing while forgetfulness escapism may offer a solution.  Be careful to not over-indulge, and find safe outlets for greater enjoyment.

Tuesday December 12thMercury retrograde in Sagittarius is conjunct the Sun (0 deg aspect) as political and personal views are expressed. The Moon is in a square aspect (90 deg, harsh) to Pluto in Capricorn, as decisions that are affecting large numbers of citizens are debated. Molding policy for the future and for generations to come will result. As this soli-lunar cycle reaches the balsamic stage, the seeds of the future cycle are planted to begin at the New Moon on December 18th. During the coming cycle, the Sun enters Capricorn at the winter solstice on December 21st.

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December 5, 2017   
Jerusalem, Israel




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