Transcending the False Messenger – Week of December 14-20 2016


The opposition of Jupiter to Uranus retrograde strengthens. In cardinal signs of Aries and Libra, the more aggressive attributes of the planets are implemented. The closer the aspect closes to the 180 deg opposition the stronger they are affecting one another. Currently one degree apart, we can expect more aggressive intelligence (Uranus) gathering (Jupiter). The fake news phenomena have been exposed, and will be further limited as Saturn in Sagittarius is trine Uranus. We, as individuals, could also expand use of technology (Uranus) and integrate (Jupiter) its use for social contacts (Libra). Awareness and balance (Libra) of the inner and out worlds through technology becomes a greater possibility.  The opposition becomes complete (partile) on December 27th, and by luck or design, Uranus reverses apparent motion to a direct action, making it all the more a reality in our cosmic mind.  For now, the two planets Uranus and Jupiter are moving slowly and Saturn is casting a 120 deg trine aspect on Uranus and sextile (60 deg) aspect on Jupiter.  This could slow reaction time, and deepen the impact to make this an historical turning point.  Power plays could be exposed and actually reversed before the new year.  Saturn acts as a restraining influence, limiting the too rapid change that might occur with Uranus opposed to Jupiter. Jupiter (self-justification) is modified and faces limitations, as legal restraints are applied. The maverick tendency of Uranus is likewise put under a moderating force.

Summary of major aspects of the week:

Wednesday December 14th – With the Moon in Cancer today, we are likely to focus on personal comforts, finding time to enjoy or simply relax in the safety of home. Restoring health to meet the unforeseen, restocking supplies as well as resources occupy the day. Ceres turns direct apparent motion and will add urgency to the unconscious will (conjunct Uranus) to prepare for self-transformation to a future, and spread the good will to fellow humankind. If self preservation comes first, that will enable us to help others as well. Internalizing restraint, finding the path for a future that is self-fulfilling can motivate us at this time.  The trine aspect from the Moon to Neptune puts us in a dreamy mood.

Thursday December 15thMercury in Capricorn opposes the Moon, as an external force of information seems all –powerful, for a brief time, while there is then a sense of transformation into a global community bent on influence that alters the world view of all citizens (Moon opposes Pluto and forms a Grand Cross configuration). The power and glamour of individual figures can undermine or enhance self-esteem.

Friday December 16th– With the Moon in Leo this morning or late afternoon (depending on earthly point of reference), we can even enjoy our lack of reality. The world is rapidly changing.  Making jokes is a human reaction, and sometimes it’s ourselves we laugh the most about.  Should we take this more seriously? Is this our last laugh?  Come what may, children will play. Creative expression can include a critique of our own failings. With more objectivity, we can begin to repair the damage.

Saturday December 17th – The Moon opposes Venus early today, as we enjoy a bit of kindness and shared enjoyment, even as Mercury is quincunx the Moon giving ideas and attitudes the power to shape our views and self-image. Adjustments to find a personal assessment are needed. Traditional alliances may not apply. Saturn trine Uranus and sextile to Jupiter we may more easily follow the crowd on many issues, however paying attention to political reform takes more effort. Discussions with friends and partners are, in the end, fruitful.

Sunday December 18th – The Moon is trine Uranus in Aries, also trine Saturn and the Sun in Sagittarius today, as solutions seem to be agreed on, with Grand Trine in fire signs formations, energy flows rapidly.  Power coalesces.  Mercury will turn retrograde and will not transit Pluto this time. Decisions are delayed.

Monday December 19th – The strong role of tradition, indicated by Saturn in Sagittarius, influencing  both Uranus and Jupiter,  may slow implementation, while the square aspect to Chiron could reject appeals for change in orderly progress. The Moon in Virgo in opposing Neptune draws on the will to dissolve in a spontaneous act. Law and orderly tradition are most likely to win out. If legal maneuvers can be called into action, that could sway the outcome. Mars in the final degree of Aquarius may lead the way to finding solutions that have no precedents. Analysis of legal options is strongly indicated.   

December 20. 2016

December 20. 2016

Tuesday December 20th – As the Moon in Virgo is trine to Mercury retro and Pluto, the delay in decisions could be applied to the electoral process. The Moon in a square aspect to Saturn in Sag is also an indication of rejection or delay.  Mercury retro is often a time of delay and review of recent decisions. The Moon opposes Chiron as Mars ingress to Pisces. A referendum could therefore be called. While I cannot say this is 100% a sure outcome, it does seem a likely path to pursue in order to preserve the democratic process, and ensure that a government free of foreign influence is formed. Mars in Pisces is opening decisions to the widest possible consensus. Jupiter in Libra is disposed of by Venus in Aquarius, bringing these two planets to act together, even as though a conjunction existed between them, while Venus is disposed of by Uranus in Aries. Uranus in turn is disposed of by Mars in Pisces, and Neptune is the dispositor of Mars, also in Pisces, and is the final dispositor.  The previous election results are in question due to the interference mentioned, and should be dissolved (Neptune in Pisces). Blind adherence to protocol seems to be the worst outcome.

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December 13, 2016  
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