Tradition Trumps Austerity – Week of December 27- January 2 2018

The transit of Venus through Capricorn begins with a double dose of Saturn, which could stifle the expression of Venus, a planet that induces joy and happiness on many occasions. Celebrations may be muted, or more traditional than usual, sticking to budget and basics. At 0 deg Capricorn, Saturn is opening a new ground-rule era.  Meanwhile, the Moon transits a flamboyant and out-of-bounds Uranus in Aries.  This can even challenge tradition and promote austerity. Uranus remains retrograde until January 2nd. The lunar transit could prepare for a final awakening of a full Uranus backlash. While quiet and hanging low, this may be in respect for tradition with Saturn and Venus conjunct. We do the best to enjoy holiday cheer for now. The holiday display could be as bright as ever.

Summary of major aspects of the week:

Wednesday December 27th – The Moon transits Aries with a trine aspect (120 deg, flowing) to Mercury, as the fleet-footed one again takes to the skies. Also, Mars in Scorpio is trine to Neptune, as complaints flood in. There could also be more exposure of damaging private email or conversations that subvert the role of public figures. The Moon in a trine aspect to Ceres Rx in Leo could then focus on reports of loss among the powerless in society, as Ceres will then be in a square aspect (90 deg, harsh) to Jupiter in Scorpio in the next few weeks.  What is discovered now is magnified then. The Moon transits Uranus to jolt awareness.

 Thursday December 28th – The Moon ingress to Taurus early in the day, with a trine aspect (120 deg, easy) to Saturn brings us back down to earth.  The trine aspect to Venus which follows could be more uplifting. Some satisfaction is assured. Later in the day, a trine aspect to the Sun gives more reassurance. There is a greater feeling of connection to the powers that be. As the Moon is sextile aspect (60 deg, friendly) to Neptune in Pisces, the distribution of goods is made in cases of humanitarian emergencies. Power is realigning, as the Moon opposes Mars in Scorpio, the haves and the have nots of the world become further polarized. World cooperation is reduced.  Jupiter is also opposed by the Moon a few hours later, as the wealth is preserved. Political concerns are taking front seat in world affairs.

Friday December 29th – The Moon in Taurus is trine aspect (120 deg, easy) to Pluto today, as we might be individually or collectively enriched or empowered by the social order. Values may be transformed for collective benefit. The Moon enters Gemini late in the day, quincunx (150 deg, discord) Saturn in Capricorn, as we discuss about and dispense with collective garbage. Perhaps there is a way to reverse the negativity of the situation.

Saturday December 30thMercury and Jupiter have a minor connection today, with a semisextile (30 deg) aspect, favoring neighborly meetings without much context. The Moon in a quincunx (150 deg) to Venus in Capricorn, although an aspect of discord, can be challenging or creative in conversation. More superficial talk promotes friendship at this time, while friction is avoided.  Deeply held convictions (Mars in Scorpio) could erupt today as the Moon is quincunx Mars later in the evening. The Moon quincunx the Sun later in the day, is challenging to the powers and status quo.

Sunday December 31st – The Morning hours are dreamy, however disbelief grows as the day wears on. Protests are gaining power with the quincunx aspect (150 deg. difficult) from the Moon to Pluto today.  The Moon quincunx Jupiter and opposed to Mercury in Sag are aspects that empower dissent. The Moon is disposed of by Mercury, giving us even more cause for dissent.  While each of us is creative in our home environment, the shock waves continue emanating from the world at large. Mars and Jupiter in Scorpio are disposed of by Pluto (secondarily by Mars). While concerns are delayed expression, the buildup of power proceeds. Violence and inebriation may also erupt at this seasonal time. However, we can still celebrate and say Happy New Year!

Monday January 1st– The SaturnSunVenus in Capricorn seems to kick off the new year of focus on austere beauty and simplicity.  Jupiter in Scorpio sextile aspect (60 deg friendly, approaching) to Pluto is also disposed of by the old grouch (Pluto), so could expand personal capacity for oppressive measures. With Mars at 14 deg Scorpio in the mix as well, there could be a build-up for more provocative measures. Mars is the dispositor of Uranus retrograde in Aries, so that long term efforts are underway to dissolve or remove obstruction. Each side of the conflict builds to negate the other.

January 2 2018
Full Moon in Cancer

Tuesday January 2nd – With the Full Moon in Cancer today, we could see intense emotions unleashed, as the grand trine configuration in water signs prevails. Personal grievances connect with social and collective issues that seem to have ensnared us. The Moon in her own sign of Cancer will not delay this time in expressing concern. Ease of expression is only countered by intensity. Increased surveillance and with Pluto and the Sun in Capricorn, as well as Venus and Saturn, controlling forces demand a strong deterrent. Neptune trine to the Moon and sextile the Sun, acts as a lubricant, in any social display of power and angst.

Have a great week. Enjoy it to the fullest. Thanks for reading my forecast for the week.

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December 26, 2017   
Jerusalem, Israel


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