The Reflexive Power of Mercury Retrograde Week of May 27-June 2 2015


Reversing its role, communication may bring the message, and that could be indirectly a message of importance, and may actually reverse previous orders.

Mercury retrograde transits Mars in Gemini, where Mercury has increased power as a ruler of the sign, and Mars being the goal directed energy, may be then released of its direction, and actually reverse orders.

With a square aspect to Neptune, Mercury retrograde has more universal goals and sympathies. The prevailing mind will calm events and remind us of obligations to help those unfortunate victims, who deserve large scale support due to increased numbers, either at sea or unfairly incarcerated.

You may now want to revise your decisions of the past few days due to new information. Determination to reach a desired endpoint remains strong as finding a way to manipulate your course, adjusting to the winds of the day and hour is advantageous. If exhausted, try to rest when you can. Taking short day-time naps can refresh your energy.

The Full Moon phase on June 2nd emphasizes the matters from around the time of the New Moon on May 18th. . This week, with the Moon in Virgo, the Quarter Moon phase, it is a perfect time to build on your dreams. The Full Moon impels some of the seeds planted at the New Moon to come to fruition. It is not always the acquisition of all your goals, although it is the time when you can more fully realize what the original plan can lead to. Some legal issues or philosophical ideas may be realized now. You may be able to get your plans and ideas more fully developed, so that a future goal may be reached. Legal issues might be now voiced and acted upon.

With Neptune at the focal point, square the opposition, of the Sun and Moon, a reflection and issuing of rulings, especially in regards to detention of minorities (Neptune in Pisces) is likely. More conditions are taken into account, as new data emerges. Perhaps we can empathize to the extent that we feel locked into some kind of a prison ourselves. It may indeed be a mental prison, with details and debates, or internal conflict, between ideals and actual practice.

Taken to the extreme, we can postulate that this Full Moon could bring about redemption (Neptune), and with the two grand-trine configurations in fire signs that follow, this can implement far-reaching decisions for legal and parliamentary structure, dissolving legal boundaries, and releasing a large numbers of inmates. . This could also be implemented selectively, or according to background information. Or rather, in some circumstances, the wisdom to unlock an enigma may be at hand.

The sequence of events seems to tell a tale, and it is one that is repeated in many different ways, on subtle or overt levels, with various nuances, and may involve political and the powerful in more that one country. It is reverberating through space and time.

Wednesday May 27th Venus is in Cancer, the square aspect to Uranus since Monday and the trine to Chiron today, could bring about the discoveries that could heal many wounds. Mars in a square aspect to Neptune and also square to the Moon in Virgo, could highlight important goals, literary achievements (Mars in Gemini)and or illuminate a deeper understanding of a crisis of the day. Mercury retrograde and conjunct to Mars could be indication of the importance of a thorough review, with-holding information for the time being. A search for documented arguments is ongoing. Details of the research are being processed (Moon in Virgo).

Thursday May 28th – The Moon in Libra today, will be trine Sun, Mercury and Mars. The three planets in Gemini are closely communicating, Mercury passing Mars and then the Sun, as though we are being further advised as to actions to be taken. Information that will activate involvement, perhaps in the media most importantly (Gemini) and affecting power structures, and legal battles, Moon in Libra weighs and balances situations before action.

Friday May 29thLibra‘s ruler, Venus, is in the 22-23th degree of Cancer, and thus the Moon, as it opposes Uranus in Aries, will draw out the more modest Venus, in the sign Cancer, ruled by the Moon. Venus and the Moon are in mutual reception and thus working together to bring about the revelation of the day. The expose could be rather limited, but have significance enough to upset a career or status of some individuals, perhaps in politics or economic resources such as stock market values.

Saturday May 30th – As the Moon enters Scorpio today, more secrets might be spilled, more lives upset, as financial markets or shared assets become known. Secretive deals or behind the door agreements are made, or exposed as the the Moon trine to Neptune (nefarious deals) is squared by the Gemini Mercury and Sun (news media or broadcast information), exposing hidden demons Moon is disposed by Pluto in Capricorn). The mystery, and suspense-filled accounts are tabulated and revealed.

Sunday May 31st – The Moon is now in sextile aspect with Pluto, as well as in mutual reception, working to tell the story as it will be acceptable to the socially-minded readers, the inside wheeling and dealing are made public. The Moon will be square aspect to Jupiter and quincunx Uranus, possible igniting a hail-storm of public opinion.

Monday June 1st – The Moon trine aspect to Venus and Chiron, a grand-trine configuration in water signs, could indicate efforts to make amends, explain away the trouble. We can enjoy the rapid exchange of dialog the sharing of secrets, until the Moon joins with Saturn retrograde in Sagittarius, a legal stop-gap seems at hand. A gag order, perhaps, or an indictment that could be delayed or for matters in the past that became revealed over the past few days,.the retrograde motion puts the actions into a slower, more measured realm, dwelling on past issues, and soon to move back into Scorpio, where purging begins. The legal system is on the hot seat, and actions taken now would be critical.

June 2, 2015  Full Moon with Grand Trine

June 2, 2015
Full Moon with Grand Trine

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Tuesday June 2nd – The Moon enters Sagittarius, encountering Saturn retro at the door. A precipitous change is required, is over-due and waiting for the final decree on the matter, the messenger, Mercury retro in Gemini opposes the lunar transit this morning. Jupiter and Uranus are in a 3 deg trine aspect, at this juncture, the critical Full Moon phase, with Mercury retro and Mars conjunct the Sun in Gemini. The news could be radical, unnerving or stimulating.. Spontaneous actions are taken, while generosity is shown to overwhelm the odds.

Please have a Powerfully Great Week.

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May 26, 2015


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