The Point of Opposition in Libra – Week of April 12-18 2017

With Saturn’s cycle in retrograde, the world has reevaluated the status of US government policy, of Trump’s presidency, that is. Jupiter in Libra is retro as well and coincidentally, it is conjunct Donald Trump’s natal Jupiter, reversing assumptions, and boosting his popularity. But then, not everyone is happy with the military strikes in Syria. It seems that this action is a reversal in posture for Trump, the America First president. His love of popularity ratings, if the past is any indication, is a reversal of fortune (Jupiter) for him, as none of his proposals were gaining traction in Congress. Trump’s style is evolving as eclectic, and improvisational (Uranus). With the transiting Sun just two degrees from transiting Uranus, and Venus retro square aspect (90 deg harsh) to Saturn retro, we may be in for some rather startling surprises. Vladimir Putin’s natal Saturn is conj (both at 17 deg Libra) Trump’s natal Jupiter, is vibrating a signal opposite Saturn’s field of energy, so it is not a surprise that Putin is disappointed in the action Trump took in Syria. 

Vladimir Putin
Oct 7, 1952

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 (Putin’s ice Faces Obama’s Cool and  King Putin and the Crimea).With Putin’s natal Venus in Scorpio opposed by his natal Jupiter in Taurus, Putin can reinvent himself (has become various offices, PM and President, etc) but will he now? It seems inevitable that the two would clash looking at the Saturn and Jupiter in their respective charts. Putin wants control (Saturn) while Trump wants to expand and make friends if possible, increase personal wealth, and popularity. 

Donald J. Trump
June 14, 1946

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They are both out of balance (Libra) and seek balance, maybe through one another. When Jupiter turns direct later in the year and heads back for another round, the two may very well be again at loggerheads. That would be around August 1st of this year.

Summary of major aspects of the week:

Wednesday April 12th – As the Moon entered Scorpio it was opposed to Mercury retro in Taurus. We can regenerate (Scorpio) our positions and reevaluate goals (Mars in Taurus) as the Moon transits Scorpio over the next two days.  Vladimir Putin has Venus in Scorpio in his natal chart opposed to natal Jupiter in Taurus. He will try to charm his way through the difficulties, however Saturn retro in Sagittarius conjuncts his natal Mars, so he will be definitely frustrated. He is unable to implement his desired action (Mars) so his response will be limited for the time being. Venus retro in Pisces is clearly the sympathetic view that prompted the unexpected reversal in his stated policies. Venus is now in a square aspect to Saturn (90 deg harsh) a consideration that could be a trigger for Putin to act, despite the frustration involved or even with it. Power plays are at work. The ball is in Putin’s court.

Thursday April 13th – The Moon’s transit if Putin’s natal Venus today could moderate his stance, as he applies charm, and likely underhanded power plays. Scorpio is the sign on his ascendant, which then shows the poker face and Venus in the 1st house, his use of charm and denial. With the Moon trine (120 deg aspect) Neptune today, then sextile (60 deg aspect) to Pluto, use of force could now be unleashed, as the Sun is conjunct to Uranus. Whether this comes from Russia or Syria, or the US, is less certain. The major players in this scenario are prompted to act.

Friday April 14th – With transiting Mars quincunx Putin’s natal Mars ( I can’t get away from him for the time being as this week’s transits draw in the world’s most powerful political figures) quixotic or quirky action might result.  Clearly Putin is frustrated, but with the quincunx of Mars to natal Mars, he would probably use subversive or non-direct actions to further his personal ambitions.  A proxy war is a possibility, even as Trump has claimed that the US strike was a one-time thing, and he does not want to open a war front in Syria.  Trump is complacent with the transiting Jupiter conjunct natal Jupiter, however, he might be drawn in to open conflict (Jupiter trine natal Sun and Uranus in Gemini) if his personal interests were involved (Moon opposes SunUranus) or his concept of self-worth was jeopardized.  The Moon entry into Sagittarius today might bring the whole issue into a political football.  Secretive contacts are also coming to light and may have a role in suppressing power moves or in igniting conflict.

Saturday April 15th – With Venus stationary and turning direct (apparent motion) today, in Pisces and conj to Chiron, it is now doubly approaching the square aspect (90 deg harsh) to Saturn in Sagittarius, a more open conflict, suppressing the voice for humanitarian concerns and bringing issues into the open, is likely to take place. Venus is the dispositor of Mercury and Mars in Taurus, where concerns with basic health and security predominate, and with media (Mercury) reflecting those issues, while Jupiter is the dispositor of the Saturn and Moon in Sagittarius. This again points to a complacent Trump and a restricted Putin.  Neither is likely to act openly.  The conflict may be expressed in the media (Mercury) and through allied proxy action.

Sunday April 16th – The Sun has surpassed Uranus in Aries, and is trine (120 deg, easy) to Trump’s natal Mars and trine to transiting Saturn in Sagittarius. This indicates that Trump is feeling the positive vibes of good reviews and higher opinion ratings, and is very self-obsessed with Jupiter conjunct his natal Jupiter in Libra. The lunar transit of the trine with natal Mars as well keeps him in the flow. He gains at least a good golf game or two, and some publicity scores as well.

Monday April 17th The Moon enters Capricorn, with a trine aspect to Mercury retro in Taurus, could mean more critical and focused reviews, as well as a deeper analysis of past motives or policies.  While Trump has been basking in his popularity, Putin has used influence to further his goals (transiting Saturn conjunct his natal Mars) applying pressure and gaining a psychological advantage (transiting Pluto trine [120 deg easy] natal Jupiter).  While on the surface this is a cat and mouse game, the victims (the civilians in the conflict) are likely to be under greater threat.

Tuesday April 18th – Putin’s natal chart, with Saturn in Libra square (90 deg harsh aspect) to Uranus in Cancer, while Jupiter is sextile aspect (60 deg, helpful) he can expand his role (natal Jupiter quincunx natal Saturn and Neptune) by underhanded means and exerting threats (Saturn square Uranus), and now he is likely to play his hand. The Moon conjuncts (19 deg Cap) Pluto in Capricorn and opposes (180 deg aspect) his natal Uranus in Cancer, as he tries to win over his opponent, projecting Uranus (overt violence) on his enemy. He may try to turn the tables at this time with aggression in Syria. Not openly claiming the aggression, but by backing the opponents of regime change. Another possibility is a coup attempt on Putin, and at this point, anything is possible. Venus approaches a sextile aspect with Mars (60 deg friendly) so that a working agreement between parities to a conflict could be made.

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April 12, 2017  
Jerusalem, Israel

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