The Pisces New Moon Leads to Resolution — February 15-22 2023


Two major conjunction aspects are forming to begin this week’s review, namely, Venus-Neptune in Pisces and Sun-Saturn in Aquarius. Both conjunction aspects have universal significance in the signs of Aquarius and Pisces and the planets involved. Venus is empowering Neptune in its role of promoting change through destructive events. The Sun empowers Saturn to focus on radical transformation. The Sun’s ingress to Pisces on Saturday and the New Moon on Sunday bring about the closing phases of investigations in the US and rescue and relief operations following the massive earthquake in Tudkiye and Syria. These astrological events indicate that the world is closing ranks, and dissolving leadership roles, while searching for a way to a transformation in utilization for resources and monitoring of powerful leaders.

Summary of Major Aspects of the Week

Wednesday February 15th — The Moon in Sagittarius makes harsh square aspects to the soft conjunction aspect of Neptune and Venus in Pisces. Aimed at gaining influence, politicians with appeals to the indigent and low-income people and their advocates gain resonance. The second major conjunction aspect forming, the Sun and Saturn in Aquarius, receives a sextile aspect from the Moon, for more focused comments on reform. Mercury also in Aquarius, approaches a sextile aspect to Jupiter in Aries. Uranus in Taurus is the dispositor of the planets in Aquarius, and receives the consequences, focusing on the economic issues of the campaigns. Is it good or bad for the economy? And more personally, for the individual’s welfare. Chiron in Aries separates from the sextile aspect to Mars in Gemini appeals to deeper wisdom that can promote reform. Pluto in the final degree of Capricorn signals impending change to government rules and laws, although the uncertainty could cause anxiety.

Thursday February 16th — The Moon in Capricorn makes a square aspect to Jupiter in Aries by mid-day, US time zones. In the first decan of Capricorn, the Moon gathers determined efforts to reach goals, while square aspect to Jupiter means more intensified power is released. The Sun partile conjunction aspect with Saturn in Aquarius reaffirms commitments made.  Venus supersedes the conjunction with Neptune, empowers humanitarian voices against repression. Mercury in Aquarius approaches the sextile aspect with Jupiter in Aries, for more innovation. Speeches about progress for social reform with implementation of progressive programs are likely, with plans for a new social order. The Moon makes an easy trine aspect to Uranus in Taurus, earth signs, seems to resolve active measures by authorities, occurs pre-dawn US time zones, so less likely to be noticed in the USA, although morning hours on Friday in the middle eastern nations, Far East, and Australia. There may be economic consequences and reversals.

Friday February 17thMercury in Aquarius makes a sextile aspect to Jupiter in Aries, inflating talks of an expanded intelligence operation, not of the Earth, rather in the skies. The Moon in Capricorn makes sextile aspects to Neptune and Venus in Pisces, investigations are launched to determine authenticity of conspiratorial reports.  The Sun supersedes Saturn in Aquarius, freeing some limitations. If actual learning has taken place, more advantage can be achieved. The Moon transits the conjunction aspect with Pluto in Capricorn late in the day, early on Saturday in the eastern half of the globe, semi-sextile aspect to the Sun in Aquarius, at the anaretic 29th degree of the two signs. While intelligence matters are suppressed, there could be some leaks, exposing dangers to individuals as well as to massive populations.

Saturday February 18th —The Moon in Aquarius makes a trine aspect to Ceres in Libra, indicating an advanced curriculum proposal for science education. The Sun a 29 deg of Aquarius is semi-sextile aspect to Pluto in Cap, then ingress to Pisces. The Moon in Aquarius is partile conjunction aspect to Mercury at the ingress, and Venus in Pisces is semi-sextile aspect to Saturn in Aquarius. Preparations for existing in a changed world, a new economy, and an altered worldview impact us all. The Moon and Mercury in sextile aspects to Jupiter in Aries expand the worldview of many. With Mars in Gemini semisextile to Uranus in Taurus, the Moon makes a trine aspect to Mars and square aspect to Uranus, late in the day US times, morning on Sunday in the eastern hemisphere. There is little doubt that explosive issues and explosive materials will make a considerable appearance at this time.

New Moon in Pisces
February 19-20 2023

Sunday February 19thVenus at the anaretic 29th degree of Pisces is sextile aspect to Pluto at the anaretic 29th degree of Capricorn. This aspect could be advantageous promoting relief to victims of disasters. The New Moon in Pisces (at 7:07 UT on Monday), occurs late on Sunday in the US. Venus’ ingress to Aries [see image], may indicate escape routes for victims are found. The loss of life is mourned, even as a new era begins for survivors. Turkiye, as a member of EU has a different situation from Syria, which has closed borders so that aid is slow in arriving. Syria’s autocratic government may be forced to accept outside humanitarian aid, Saturn is semi-sextile to both Pluto and Venus over 2-3 days.

Monday February 20thMercury in Aquarius approaches the trine aspect to Mars in Gemini and square aspect to Uranus in Taurus, as Uranus and Mars maintain the semi-sextile aspect. Mercury is disposted by Uranus, so even the trine aspect to Mars has a tinge of Uranus. Radical transformations have begun. The Moon in Pisces is quincunx aspect to Ceres in Libra, could denote unrest due to unknown or obscure factors.  The Moon square aspect to Mars and sextile aspect to Uranus, occurring late in the day US time zones, signals publication of results of radical probes that could overturn precedents. Saturn’s recent transit of the natal US chart Moon focused on the nation’s founding reflexive purpose, holding government officials responsible to the rule of law.  

Tuesday February 21st — The Moon in Pisces makes a square aspect to Mars in Gemini and sextile aspect to Uranus in Taurus, signifies publication of results of radical probes that could overturn precedents. Mercury in Aquarius continues the square aspect to Uranus in Taurus and trine aspect to Mars in Gemini, as publication and communication of investigations promote radical change.

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