The Hybrid Eclipse November 3, 2013

The New Moon on November 3rd is also an eclipse. It is a partial or annular eclipse that becomes total for part of the duration. Although a total eclipse, plunging the earth into darkness for a few minutes as the Moon’s shadow transits the surface of the Sun, it will be visible in parts of Africa and the very tail of the phenomenon will last till sunset as the earth itself becomes dark as the darkest night, with no moon visible. It’s a sunset eclipse, that may be visible on the western ridge of the Mediterranean on Sunday evening.

The New Moon represents the start of a new cycle in conscious activity, a marker for the division of the year into 12 months. This month the Moon is also in the same latitude as the Sun, bringing them into alignment. The shadow of the Moon covers the Sun in an eclipse formation, blotting out the sun entirely for the duration of the eclipse, and gradually moving across the face of the Sun.

The Hybrid eclipse could represent a change in matters but as it is only a Total Eclipse for a short time, and also the annular eclipse for part of the alignment, it may have an influence such as a ‘working eclipse’, meaning that effort has to be put into the change underway to make that change lasting and or a productive or positive change. This will be valid for the entire world, not just the section where the eclipse is visible.

As change is a universal constant, it is happening all the time, and only some changes can be in our individual control. Human history has evolved to more individual freedom, social and governmental institutions have been guided by philosophies of more freedom in personal matters and economic enterprise. Humanitarian ideals have won over oppressive laws and institutions. However, individuals seem today to be going off track, and misusing freedom to destroy others.

Revolutions by individual acts are not productive and have no value for society. The New Moon Total Eclipse may denote personal change if aligned to an individual’s natal planet. In Scorpio, that change could be a marriage renewal or a financial contract of joint prospects, inheritance and regeneration.

In this watery sign, emotions that are hidden in the sub-conscious may erupt forcefully. This may occur anytime within  two months from the time of the eclipse.

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